3 Things You Must Do If Your Ex Girlfriend is Ignoring You

She loved you, she constantly called you, you saw each other every day… and now, from seemingly out of nowhere, your ex girlfriend seems like a complete stranger to you. She’s cold, she’s short, and no matter what you do she just won’t give you the time of day. So what exactly happened?

If this situation sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. Your ex girlfriend has adopted one of the most common post-breakup attitudes – one that pushes you away every time you try to get close to her again. Such behaviors make it nearly impossible for you to win your girlfriend back, as long as she’s still keeping you at arm’s length. This is why you need to quickly reconnect with your ex at some fundamentally emotional levels, if you want any chance of keeping her.

If your ex girlfriend is ignoring you right now, there’s actually a lot you can do. But before we get into that, there’s also a lot that you cannot do. Let’s start there first:

* Chasing after your ex girlfriend

* Calling your ex to see where she is

* Excessively contacting, texting, or emailing your ex

* Asking your ex’s friends how she feels about you

* Trying to stop by and see your ex girlfriend, even when she told you not to

* Leaving desperate messages, or writing long letters to change your ex’s mind

All of the above behaviors lead to absolute ruin. Not only won’t they work, but they’ll actually make things worse by causing your ex girlfriend to lose all respect for you. Without such respect, you can never win your girlfriend back.

At the same time though, there are methods and techniques you can use to turn the current situation around. By creating an atmosphere where your ex girlfriend actually starts missing you again, you can seize control, re-open the lines of communication, and pave the way for eventual reconciliation.

To get your ex girlfriend to stop ignoring your every move, make sure you do the following:

Walk Away Cleanly – Following Your Own Path

Nothing’s worse than a clingy ex boyfriend who won’t let go of the past. You can’t get your ex back by holding onto her leg, because eventually she’ll shake you off as she walks away.

For this reason, you need to walk away in your own direction. While it may seem you’re giving up on the relationship, what you’re actually doing is establishing a life of your own. When your ex sees that you’re not chasing her anymore, that’s when her interest will be piqued. Your girlfriend will soon realize that your life goes on without her, and this is something she’s not expecting to happen so soon after the break up.

Break Up With Her As Well

Remember when your ex told you that you’d be better off apart? And you shook your head, begged, pleaded, and did everything you could to get her to reconsider?

All of those actions were bad moves. They made your girlfriend even more sure she was making the right decision, and they reaffirmed her as being correct in breaking things off. After all, why would she want to date someone who needs her more than she needs him?

Instead, the best way to handle being dumped is to dump the dumpee. Sounds confusing, but imagine your ex breaking up with you. Now imagine you nodding your head, telling her she’s right… telling her that you are better off apart, and that you agree that things have been really bad lately. Now imagine giving her a hug, saying goodbye, and walking away as if the breakup really doesn’t bother you at all.

This is the best way to handle an unwanted break up. And even if your breakup already happened? There are still ways you can let your ex know that you’re fully and completely in agreement with her decision to end the relationship. There are some really cool methods for agreeing with the break and moving on, confusing your ex girlfriend and making her think twice about what she’s doing.

Don’t Allow Your Ex To Remain In Your Post-Breakup Life

Finally, one of the biggest tricks a girl will pull when she breaks up with you: keeping you around. A girl will usually do this when she’s unsure of the breakup, because keeping you within easy reach is a reassuring way of being able to go back to how things were, should she feel like it.

Instead of playing the chump, it’s always best to remove yourself completely from your ex girlfriend’s life. Instead of answering her platonic emails, it’s always better to ignore them. Instead of being friends after breaking up, it’s always best to refuse the friendship on the grounds that you’d rather not see her at all.

Losing you is one thing. Losing you all at once? That’s quite another. If your girlfriend broke up with you, chances are good she expected to let go of you little by little. So when you take yourself away all at once? It’s a great way of getting her attention, especially if your ex girlfriend is currently ignoring you.

Don’t risk losing your girlfriend for good by doing nothing. To make your ex miss and want you again, you’ll need a step by step plan. Shrugging your shoulders and hoping for the best is never a good way to approach any breakup, especially if you haven’t had much in the way of ex girlfriend contact.

Source by Anthony Malibu

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