How to Win a Girl Back – Effortlessly Get Your Ex Girlfriend Running Back to You

You’re probably reading this article right now because you’ve tried everything to get your ex girlfriend back and you’re, well… stuck. As men we are taught to work hard for what we want. But this “fight for what you want” mentality is exactly what is keeping you from getting her back. It’s time to consider an alternative approach… a way to win your girl back that will ultimately require little effort on your part

What Women Want

Men tend to be more focused on physical looks than women. Women on the other hand, tend to be attracted to a man who makes them feel a certain way. This means you’re going to have to go back to acting like the man you were when you first met.

When you first met your girl, you were probably confident, independent and easy going. Ask yourself if that’s how you’re acting right now. If you’re afraid of losing her, there is a strong chance that you’re acting a lot differently.

Are You Acting This Way?

Acting in any way that could be considered desperate, needy or insecure is going to be a major turn off to your ex girlfriend.

Behaviors that will push her away…

– Calling her all the time

– Sending lots of emails and/or text messages

– Sending flowers, gifts or love letters

– Declaring your undying love

– Getting mad, jealous or arguing about the relationship

– Trying to make her feel sorry for you

– Apologizing for everything

– Promising you’ll change

Are you starting to get the picture? These behaviors make you look weak and insecure… the opposite qualities that your girlfriend is naturally attracted to.

Wake Up Call

I’m not trying to sound harsh here, but it’s important to have a wake up call about how human nature works and use this knowledge to your advantage. Your ex girlfriend isn’t being mean or uncaring… she just can’t help how she feels when you act this way… it’s just the way she’s hard-wired. It’s your choice… either work with human nature or struggle against it and get nowhere.

The Best Way To Win Your Girl Back

It’s time to go back to being your true self… a man who is confident, secure, strong and independent. It’s OK to let her know you still care, but you need to stop chasing her. Give the relationship a break and stop contacting her for a while. Give her some time to miss you. Show her you’re OK with the breakup and develop a detached attitude. You’ll be amazed at how differently she starts acting toward you.

I’m not going to give you false hope and say that giving her space is all it will take to win her back. But it’s a powerful first step that will set the tone for everything else you do. Getting your ex girlfriend back should not be an endless cycle of chasing her and getting constantly rejected.

Source by Matt Olson

5 Steps To Seduce A Woman And Get Her Into Bed

It can’t get much easier than this! Check out these 5 steps how to seduce a woman and get her into bed even before she realizes it.

Is there a certain girl you know that you would love to get into bed with?

Or do you occasionally come across a girl who is completely irresistible?

It doesn’t matter if she is a complete stranger or you already know her.

If there is somebody you want to seduce, all you need to know is how attraction works so that you can use it in your favor.

What you should know before seducing a Girl:

First of all, if you want to attract and seduce a girl you will need to be the type of guy who knows how to get her attention.

After all, it’ll take a few steps to know if you’re going to wind up in bed with her. So what’s the harm in trying, right?

If you’re not the type of guy that knows how to make a good impression, you still might have a chance of seducing her however it will be more challenging to get to flirt back with you.

All women look for certain qualities in a man, but if you act a little mysterious and play your card’s right, you could seduce any girl you like and make her want to have sex with you within a few days!

How to seduce a girl before she even realizes it

It’s is not difficult to read a woman. Most guys simply fail while attempting to seduce a woman. They make the same mistake over and over, they try to hard and usually say all the wrong things and make their intentions clear too way too early in the interaction.

The first step to getting a woman to sleep with you is to focus on building chemistry with her. Don’t make it too obvious that you’re trying to get her into bed, make her wonder what’s on your mind.

And while she’s still wondering what your intentions are, you could bypass her defense mechanism and make her want and desire you sexually.

5 smooth steps to seduce a woman and make her want to sleep with you

Simply follow these steps, and you’ll certainly be in a better position to get her into bed.

Use these moves one step at a time, and as long as you play your cards right, you’ll get her into bed even if there are other guys competing for her attention at the same time.

#1 Get Close to Her

If you intend to seduce her, the first thing you should do is make an effort to get to know her better. Don’t take things slowly or she will be freaked out and may be bored of you.

Talk and text her every now and again, and be gentle and friendly. Don’t hit on her just yet. However don’t behave like a doormat either…

#2 Be Likeable

This is pretty important phrase. And this is where you could actually tell if she’s warming up or moving away from you. When you talk to her, try to get to know more things about her and what her interests are.

Send her a text how and again and try to bond over something that both of you are interested in. She will start to enjoy your company a whole lot more if she likes the things that you say to her and she will want to spend more time with you.

But if you come across as a bore, she might want to stay away from you or she could take hours to reply back to your texts. Eventually at some point, she might get bored of you and avoid you completely. If you ever noticed that she takes a while to get back to you, you really need to talk to to keep things interesting.

#3 Get Active During the Night.

The best way to get sexually intimate with a girl is to text her late at night if you know she is up for it, or you could call her when she’s in bed.

Keep the first few texts clean, and flirt without making it obvious that your trying to turn her on.

You just need to get her to firth back. Don’t try to get her into bed so soon, or there’s a chance she blow the whole thing off completely.

#4 Remain a Secret to Her.

A lot of guys make this mistake listed here. They tell the girl early on in the relationship that they have feelings for her. And it’s obvious you like her. You text her at times and both of you have flirt all the time, and she can feel the chemistry.

Just as you about to say something, run her hands over her fingers while you speak to her. Put your hand around her waist and while complimenting her, or give her a hug for more than a second longer before you walk away.

#5 Phone Sex

You have been playfully flirting, teasing, texting and seducing her every night. And she has enjoyed every moment of it the entire time; the next step is to launch into dirty talk over the phone with her. Begin simple, and ask her a question that seems upright innocent but would most likely result in something dirty, before you know it, you will both be engaged in phone sex.

If you use the above steps discussed in this article you will definitely be able to seduce women and get them into bed. So take it easy and watch her reaction, then make your move!

Source by Justin Kay

Dating Beautiful Women – Keep Her Wanting More of You After Your First Date!

Men all around the world do read on if you would like to stand out from the crowd and capture that special woman’s heart. The first date is vital you literally have 3 minutes to impress her and leave a good impression. Make the wrong move and you might as well and the date it will be impossible to turn the situation around.

OK let’s talk about first contact. I recommend always calling, text message or email is just not the same, girls today are famously impressed with the confidence of a call to break the ice. Be natural, fun, cheeky, mysterious and keep the conversation short and sweet wanting more, plan it or at leave have a few fresh venues in mind to suggest or activities to make her wonder if it is a date….women love to guess and be kept on their toes initially it creates excitement!

The Date

Being old fashioned always wins! Women love a man that is in control. Today so many women work long hours have huge responsibilities and time and time again are looking for a man that can make her feel looked after and cared for. Pick her up for the date, surprise her with a bunch of flowers, select the restaurant, know your wines or if it is an adventurous date plan the location if she see’s you know what you are doing she will have great confidence in you and will be able to let go of her barriers which is exactly what you want!

The Conversation

Women love a man that is funny, responsible when required but can see the lighter side of life. On a date, don’t talk excessively about your career, instead keep it light, holidays, your adventures, where you see yourself, engage together and highlight any similarities that you may have, having common ground is a good foundation to establish a stronger connection. Stimulate her mind, play up your good attributes. Never talk about your ex, anything negative, hardships or previous disaster dates or lies to impress her! Knowledge is power, the more questions you ask her about herself the more ammunition you will have for your next dates and you could flirt by challenging her to a competition with one of her favourite pastimes. Teasing her a little is a great way to bring out your boyish charm, it will take you along way!

The End of the Date

Keep it mysterious, even at this stage if she is unsure about you, you can still make an impact. Don’t reveal too much, let her wonder if you would like to see her again she will be intrigued by the challenge. Thank her for her gorgeous presence and tell her you had a great time getting to know such an interesting person. And wish her a good night. I don’t recommend going in for the big passionate kiss, instead a slow sensual kiss on the cheek, squeeze her hand, look into her eyes, smile and walk away… the anticipation will heighten her senses particularly the next day when her friends ask her about the date and whether she will see you again. Women love mystery, and it will be a waiting game to see if you will ever all and when you do she will be pleasantly surprised!

Source by Samantha Jayne

Top Ten Courting Tips

Hi! I’m going to share with you some of the well known courting tips. Some might agree, others might not, but I suggest just go over these tips and who knows you might learn a thing or two.

1. Make an Impression

Making an impression means not showing your interested the first time you meet the person. Most of the time when a guy meets a gal of his dreams, they immediately give in and show signs of affection. Sometimes it pays to hold back what you are feeling and be a little bit mysterious.

2. Presence

Presence! Presence! Presence! I can’t emphasize it more. Just make sure that the girl you’re courting knows that you’re always there for her. You can do this by: (a) giving her a ride home, (b) talking to her at least once a day, the more you talk the better your chances are, (c) text her, just make sure that you ask open ended questions, those that are not answerable by simply a yes, no, alrighty, or K.

3. Listen Well and Listen Good

This is really important. It is by listening that you’ll get the juiciest information you’ll ever need. It is where you’ll learn her likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests, what makes her happy or sad, and it is by knowing these minuscule details that your courting becomes a success. Most of us overlook this and fall short of expectation.

4. Be Creative

Be creative in your own little way. For example if all of her suitors are bringing her expensive gifts, dozens of flowers and imported chocolates, offer her something different like a simple choc nut plus your time, effort, thoughtfulness and a whole lot more.

5. Be Friendly, Befriend Everybody

When you’re courting someone, you’re not only courting one person you should also consider everybody around her like her friends, officemates, family members and especially her best friend. These people are important to her. They have great influence over her. By being close to them and letting them know more about you, you can get the assurance that will nod in your favor.

6. Make her Laugh

Humor “breaks the ice” and can help you get to know each other more easily. In making her laugh, proceed with caution. Don’t tell jokes that are offensive or engage in topics that can make her feel offended.

7. Never say “Can I court you?” This is a big no-no. It takes away the mystery and the thrill of courtship. You’ll immediately lose 50% of your chances. Look here’s the thing, if a girl likes you it’s fine and she might say “yes”, but what if she doesn’t that’s when you lose your chances.

8. Be Honest and Sincere

Be honest to yourself don’t be someone you are not, just be yourself. Next is being sincere with your intentions. By combining these two qualities you’ll never go wrong especially when you’re already proposing.

9. Timing is Everything

During courting, knowing when to do things is very critical. It is very important, from a simple knowing when to throw a joke to a more difficult planning when to propose. Knowing when the time is right is a personal decision. This is done after assessing yourself and the girl you’re courting. You’ll surely know it if the right moment comes. You just have to trust your instincts.

10. Patience is a virtue

Being patient is one quality that is taken for granted nowadays. In courting, patience is always the name of the game, which is why the courting phase and usually stretch from weeks or even months. Take your time, there are no shortcuts. All good things come for those who wait.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Always live a marvelous life!

Source by Justin Jospeh Quilon

Master the Art of Dating: First Date Dos and Don’ts

Not everyone excels at dating and relationships. Starting with the basics, what’s one to do on the first date? What are the dos and don’ts?

When it comes to the ‘art of dating’ and especially the first date, there are certain protocols to follow, which I will outline below in this article.

Be punctual. Yes, I know you may be thinking this is a given but you’d be surprised at how often this gets overlooked. Failing to show up on time for a date aside from some ‘act of God’ is a complete and utter form of disrespect for the girl. To avoid this from happening, always show up 5 minutes early. And if by chance you show up on time and the girl isn’t there, wait for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes if there is no text or phone call from her telling you that she will be late or is close by but can’t find you, you leave. And we don’t just leave. We leave and don’t contact her ever again.

Wear a suit. Nothing impresses most of the female population more than a man who knows how to “dress for success”. If you need to consult a fashion consultant, do it. If you don’t own a suit, now’s the time to go out and buy one. And another word of advice. Shine your shoes or get them shined for you.

Treat her. This is mandatory for any first date. Unless she is begging and pleading with you to pay for some, half or all of the bill, you handle the expenses and kindly refuse her money by saying something similar to the tune of “you can pick up the next one”.

Coffee shop or cafe. This is the standard first date location (notice how treating her isn’t such a big deal now). The coffee shop or cafe is the ideal spot for a first date. Great lighting, conversational mood, not overbearing by any means, and just plain comfortable.

Shake hands. This is what you do at the end of the first date. You walk the girl to her car, bus stop, train station, etc. and shake her hand while saying, “I had a fun time”. And then what do you do? You walk away. Don’t look back. Just walk away and keep walking towards your next destination whether it be your car, home, office, etc.

These are just a few of the dating tips to follow for a first date. Just like with a first date, there are proper steps (different in nature) that should be taken with second, third, and fourth dates, etc., respectively.

Source by Jeff D. Harris

Why Is My Ex Girlfriend Still Texting Me?

So she dumped you. It hurts, it stings, it’s the most crushing feeling in the world. You spend hours upon hours telling her how you love her. How much she means to you, and it only takes her seconds to tell you she’s no longer interested. She’s finished with the relationship, and she’s moving on.

So why in the world is she still text messaging you?

When an ex girlfriend is still texting you after the break up, there’s a definite reason behind it. Actually, there are several. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, but all of them can be used as indicators as to where she is mentally and emotionally.

And if you want to get her back? You’ll need to know exactly what these texts mean, and how each of them should be properly handled.

Reasons Your Ex Girlfriend Still Texts You

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s always hard to let go. Even if she’s the one who broke things off, you and your girlfriend shared time together. You have memories, you share special feelings that still exist. Nothing can change that except TIME.

For this reason, time is certainly of the essence. The longer you wait before acting, the further away your ex girlfriend will go. Mentally, emotionally, she’ll drift away if you don’t do something to keep her interested, which is why moving quickly and acting properly is so vital to making her want you again.

Back to the texting… an ex who texts you is still thinking about you. This is undeniable, but don’t get excited just yet. There’s no guarantee she’s interested, or even thinking of wanting you back.

Yet your ex can’t bury her feelings so quickly. Those feelings are still there, and there are specific reconnection techniques you can learn to bring those feelings back to the surface. This is one of the later – and most important – of the steps to getting her back.

So yes, it’s good that she’s texting you. But should you text her back? Well… that’s where things get sticky…

What To Do When Your Ex Girlfriend Texts

An ex who keeps texting after the break up is leaning on your old relationship for support. She wants you to be “there” (in case she needs you), but not THERE (romantically). This does you absolutely no good, but it benefits her for several reasons:

  • She gets the comfort of still talking to you
  • By answering her texts she feels secure that you’re still interested
  • Your ex girlfriend gets to know exactly where you are (i.e. not going anywhere)

All of these things give her strength. They give her willpower. Worst of all, they give her the confidence to continue with the breakup.

This is the complete opposite of what you want. After a girl breaks up with you, her first priority is to make sure her decision was the right one. She’ll attempt to justify that decision to herself, to friends, and sometimes to family. In short, she wants to know she DID THE RIGHT THING.

By seeing how much you’re still into her, and by talking to you through text messages, she’s ratifying that decision. The more you chase her by answering her texts, the easier it is for her to run. Why? Because she knows SHE HAS YOU. She can go out, see other people, and eventually drift away… all with the confidence of knowing you’re a fallback plan in case something goes wrong.

“But I don’t mind being her plan B. I can wait for her… “

That’s what you’re thinking, right? This is what you told her?

Well forget that. That type of thinking is lame and desperate, at a critical time when you need to be as strong and Alpha as you possibly can.

Best Thing To Do When Texting Your Ex

Want to know the greatest thing you can do when an ex girlfriend text-messages you? Totally ignore her. Yes, I know you want her back. And yes, I know ignoring that text will probably be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. But believe me, writing her back is only justifying her decision to stay broken up.

She’s pushed you away, but she wants to keep you at arm’s length. She wants the comfort of realizing she can have you back at any time, but with that knowledge comes the authority to go out and give some other guy another try.

There are 12 irreversible mistakes people make when trying to win an ex back. Texting with your ex is one of them. Learn what the rest of them are, because the sooner you can avoid making these errors the faster you can put your girl back in your arms again.

Source by Anthony Malibu

How to Make a Girl Addicted to You

If you’ve been infatuated with your hot friend (who happens to be female), or you’ve just gone to a bar and wanted to pick up an irresistible girl, you might have felt intimidated. Scared. Even nervous.

But overcoming that fear isn’t hard when you learn how to pick up girls in a natural, charismatic way. To attract a woman, you need to understand a few basic principles. You need to be someone who can get her attention, impress her, and seduce her.

This means building chemistry and rapport – but doing so under her radar, so you don’t come across as pushy or weird. You can use these simple moves to get her into bed with you in no time.

1) Get physically close

Seduction can only happen if you are physically close to someone. The first thing you need to do is get close to her, introduce yourself, and be warm and friendly with her. You don’t have to start off by coming on to her – that will just turn her off. But do project authority and confidence, and that you really care about your life and your own interests.

2) Ask her questions and get to know her

Being likable is important. The only way to do this is to bond with her over common interests. Talk to her and get to know her, asking questions about what she’s into. And what’s more, you should really take an interest. Be sure to remember what you hear from her. If she’s into sports, clothes, makeup, whatever – just find a way to connect with her on it. If it’s a topic you don’t know about yourself, don’t fret; just ask her more questions.

You can send her texts when you get her number asking her about her latest purchase or makeup choice, or maybe how she’s gotten her hair done. Try to keep the conversation on her, but if you find something you’re both into, more the better.

3) Introduce a little intimacy

The best time to text her is to talk to her at night or when you know she’s in bed. Why? Because this is her most comfortable, sexy time – and when she’s likely to let down her guard with you. You can start out with just light flirting and chatting in the first few conversations, then progress to a little more suggestive conversation and get her to flirt back with you. If you see her responding in the positive… that’s a clear sign she’s into you.

4) Live a double life

Be a sexy naughty flirt at night, but when you see her in the day, don’t even mention the flirty stuff. Just talk casually and be cool – especially if there are friends around. You only should bring up flirtation when you two are alone – which convinces her that the two of you have a secret passionate love affair going on.

And no one needs to know but you two.

5) Don’t mention how much you like her

A lot of guys make this mistake, but the key is to not let on how much you like her. The second you tell her that, you’ll lose the suspense atmosphere you have created.

She already knows you like her from the flirting, the texting, and the attention you pay her. Her curiosity and excitement are what make her addicted to you, and you don’t want to kill that off by revealing too much too soon.

Source by Scott Shepard

How to Get Your Girl So Wet That She Will Scream Your Name Uncontrollably (And Beg for More!)

Is your girl satisfied with your performance in bed? Are you looking for more tips to become even better in bed? If yes, you are a lucky boy today. Today, let me share with you some easy tips to get your girl so wet in bed that she will beg you for more.

To get a girl wet, you MUST NOT start intercourse before she is wet. I know this sound a little confusing – to put it simply, a girl when fully aroused, will be wet before intercourse. Many men make the mistake of starting intercourse before a woman is wet. If you do this, you are not going to give her a wet and satisfying orgasm.

The reason why nature makes a girl wet before intercourse is because the fluid makes intercourse smooth and enjoyable for the lady. If you penetrate her when she is dry, you are causing more pain then pleasure!

Now, let us move on to the reliable methods to make a girl wet and orgasm:

1. Create sexual anticipation. Sexual anticipation is your best ally to give your lady a wet orgasm. Women are very different from men – as men, we can rush straight to sex after jumping into bed. On the other hand, women take more time to get aroused and get ready for sex. For most women, sex starts well before getting into the bedroom. To increase your chance of getting her aroused, create sexual anticipation by sending her naughty text messages to start her thinking of you during the day. During dinner, engage in some discreet touching, which can be a real turn on for the both of you.

2. Tease her during foreplay. Foreplay is an important process of a good lovemaking. You MUST engage in extended foreplay if you want to give your girl a wet orgasm. Undress her slowly and move your hands all over her body as if it is your first time seeing her naked. Make circles around her breasts with your finger or tongue before sucking her nipples. Kiss and caress all her erogenous zones such as spine, neck, breasts, inner thighs, collar bones, earlobes, etc.

3. Spend more time on the neck. A woman’s neck is extremely sensitive to lick and kisses. Almost all women love their men to kiss their neck as it is a real turn on. Kiss her neck and slowly move north to tackle her ears. Most women can’t resist this.

4. Go down on her. Cunnilingus or oral sex for women is one of the best ways to give a girl an orgasm even before intercourse. This is because a woman’s clitoris is the most sensitive part of her body as it contains more than 8,000 sensitive nerve endings. Lick her clitoris and when she is about to climax, flick your tongue quickly to see her gush into a mind-blowing orgasm.

5. Learn how to finger her. Use your finger to locate the g-spot and apply pressure to it. If you stimulate the g-spot correctly, you will drive your lady totally wild.

6. Be masculine and manly. Women love their men to take control during lovemaking. Push your lady against the wall and penetrate her from the back. Take control by being strong and she will surrender and succumb to orgasm easier.

However, knowing these tips may not be enough – you must give her a last long enough during intercourse in order to fully satisfy her in bed. To be able to satisfy her during intercourse, you must last at least 5 to 10 minutes. Are you lasting long enough? If not, check out the bonus tip below to find out more.

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Make Him Text You Back – How To Make An Unresponsive Guy Start Texting You First

How do you deal with the frustration of an unanswered text message? Are you wondering what you’re doing wrong since he rarely sends you a text after you text him? Would you like to find out what you can do to get him to text you back? If you’re into texting back and forth with all your friends, you know how easy it is to stay in touch without being tied up on the phone. So when he doesn’t take a few seconds to text you back, it’s frustrating and annoying and maybe even a little bit hurtful. The question is what do you do about it.

Before you jump off the deep end and read all kinds of bad things into the fact that he doesn’t always text you back, here are a few possible reasons why he isn’t.

1. Do you send too many messages too often? If that sounds like something you’re guilty of, you may have way too much time on your hands. Just because you have the time to stay velcroed to your keypad doesn’t mean that he’s in the same situation.

A text message can be a great way to stay in touch, but every text message is also an interruption. If he has a job that requires a lot of concentration or if he’s studying or doing an assignment, he has to stay focused. Every interruption breaks that concentration and it takes time to get it back. So he may have just gotten into the habit of ignoring these distractions and choosing not to read or reply to every text that comes in.

Don’t take it personally because it’s not personal. In fact, because it’s you, he may make an exception to his no text rule and read and reply to yours, if you’re not flooding him with messages.

2. Are you giving him time to reply or panicking when he doesn’t get back to you right away? Guys don’t always find it easy to communicate with women, especially one he likes but is just getting to know. If you send him a text, don’t necessarily expect an instant reply. In fact, if he waits to reply it could mean he was busy when you sent it. But it could also mean that he wants to think of just the right thing to say.

When you get his text read it over carefully, but wait a bit before you get back to him. You don’t want to start making him feel pressured with having to come up yet another reply right away.

3. Does he know what to say to you? You can help him figure out what to text you. This goes back to figuring out what he wants to say to you. You could help him out a bit by asking him a question when you do text him, so he has something definite to reply to.

Think of texting as carrying on a conversation. You both need to contribute something to the conversation to make it work. The same goes for texting, but you can help things along by adding things about shared interest, whether it’s your favorite band or a movie you saw.

Knowing why you’re having trouble getting him to text you back can make the frustration easier to deal with. If you’d like help getting rid of this frustration, then I’d love to help out!

Source by Evangeline K Harris

How To Hypnotize Her Into Wanting You Through Simple Text Messages

If you understand the structure of human emotions, it becomes to engineer them. Of course, this is neither good nor bad. Just because you can build something doesn’t mean it’s going to be good or evil. You can build a hospital, or you can build a torture chamber.

Both would use the same tools and engineering techniques.

Keep that in mind when putting the tips in this article to use. They are very powerful, and based on the incredibly irresistible subconscious power of hypnosis.

First, let’s discuss love and attraction. For a guy to feel attraction, she’s gotta be hot. Easy. Takes less than a second. For a guy to fall in love, it takes a little longer. Maybe two seconds.

But for girls, it’s different. Why? Mathematics. Guys have billions of sperm. It doesn’t matter if we miss with a couple.

Girls, on the other hand, only have so many eggs. And when one gets fertilized, she’s out of commission for a few years. Naturally, she’s been programmed by DNA, mother nature, and evolution to be extremely picky, on an unconscious level, who she falls in love with.

The good news is that you can use some simple techniques to put the whole process on the fast track.

For a girl to fall in love with you, she’s got to convince herself that you’re a good partner. This means she’s got to be thinking about you, on her own, when you’re not around.

How do you get her to do that?

With texts.

Most guys use texts completely wrong. They use them to get approval, to arrange hook ups, to set time and places, and send cute texts back and forth.

This is wasting a huge opportunity.

Instead, consider only sending her one text every couple of days. And make sure that text is no more than a few words.


Remember, the purpose is to get her thinking about you. If you text her every five seconds asking if she still likes you, she’ll be thinking about you all right, but not in the way you want her to. She’ll be wondering why you won’t leave her the heck alone.

On the other hand, if you send her short, mysterious texts every couple days or so, she won’t be able to help thinking about you. Wondering what that text meant. She’ll text you back, asking you what you meant, but never, ever answer it.

Remember, your job is to get her thinking of you, not to spark a conversation.

Naturally, this is best used in tangent when your dating her once or twice a week.

It goes like this. She sees you, and has a good time. Then she gets a mysterious text from you, which pretty much forces her to think about you.

Then she sees you again, (where you definitely DO NOT explain your texts) where she again has a good time. Then she gets another text from you, increasing her tendency to think about you, which will increase her interest.

Instead of maybe falling love with you in a couple of months, she’ll positively fall hard for you in a couple of weeks.

How you use that is up to you.

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What Is the Scrambler Dating Technique for Men and Does It Work?

If you have ever wondered why some guys seem to have all the girls chasing after them and you don’t, then you might want to read on, because dating experts dating experts Rob Judge and Bobby Rio have released the secrets of what they call the Scrambler technique, which they say can greatly improve a man’s chances of dating beautiful women. Here’s how the Scrambler technique makes use of what is called the chase reflex and how it might be able to help men become more successful at dating women.

Rob Judge and Bobby Rio believe that men who are successful at dating women do what they do naturally and they don’t even realize they are doing it. They are using the chase reflex, even though they don’t know it, to its full advantage, and dating skills really just come down to effective communication. Here are the four main areas that Scrambler technique focuses on.

Creating a feeling of uncertainty

The first technique to learn is how to create a bit of mystery about you. Women, it seems, like a bit of a challenge so don’t give everything away about yourself the first time you meet a girl, and then she’ll want to meet with you again so that she can find out more about you.

Show the power

As soon as you get a chance, you should show your strength of character and take control of the situation with a woman. By showing her that you are able to take charge and take the lead, you will be going a long way towards gaining a woman’s respect. If you allow a woman to take the lead in everything, you will quickly lose that woman’s respect.

Don’t look for validation

According to Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, this is one of the areas where a lot of men go wrong. You shouldn’t look to gain validation from a woman, because that will make you appear to be needy. What the dating gurus say that you should be doing is trying to make her become the one that is looking for validation. This will help to keep her interested in you and, maybe, even start to make her chase you.

Build the anticipation

The final part of the Scrambler technique deals with building the anticipation, which is done by developing further on the points mentioned above. That means building on the interest a woman has in you to the point where you can confidently take things to the next level, without blowing your chances!

There is no doubt that some people do just seem to have the knack of dating and it can’t all be down to looks or money. Perhaps you can learn to be better at attracting at women, just as you can learn how to get better at most things. If that is true, then a dating and relationship course would certainly beneficial for some people. What is for sure is that anything like this will need a lot of effort on the part of the student. There certainly is no magic potion that will make a man instantly attractive to women, whatever the men’s body spray manufacturers would like to have us believe.

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How to Tell If a Boy Likes You – 5 Signs That a Guy Likes You

One of the important things to observe from guys is the body language. Every single body movement represents your needs and desires. These are the significant signs to know if a guy is attracted to you. Some guys are too shy to express out their true feeling although they are attracted to some girls. Thus, it is important for you to know some signs if a guy falls for you.

So, how to tell if a guy like you?

Eye contact

The first thing you have to be alert with is eye contact. The first apparent sign from a guy who falls for you is his stare. Of course when a guy is attracted to you, he will love to see you as much as he could. Initially, he will try to look at you without you realizing it. When you catch him looking at you secretly, he will look away at instant. This can be an early indication that he is interested in you. If you catch him doing that for more than three times, you can be rest assured that he is attracted to you.


It is actually pretty easy on how to tell if a guy likes you. It is not enough to look at you furtively from far if he plans to develop further with you. The next step is to communicate with you. For the first time, you will notice that if a guy is interested in you, he will ask a lot about yourself such as your contact numbers, your family members, your hobbies, your favorite and others. All he wants is to get to know you better and decide if you are the one for him.

Text messages and Calls

If he misses you, he will keep on sending text messages to you from time to time to show his concern towards you. This could an early stage of prediction that he is interested in you. Whenever he sends text messages to you, he will be very happy to receive your reply. And whenever you send him a text message, he will reply to you at instant. Whenever he misses your voice, he will call just to hear your sweet voice. Sometimes, the duration of the chat might take a longer period than other normal calls. Observe his initiative for one to two weeks. If he continues doing this almost everyday, it shows that he is interested in you.


When a guy is attracted to you, he will always want to hang out with you. He wants to enjoy every single moment with you. Sometimes, he might bring you out to meet his friend as well. This indicates that you are someone special for him and he is really into you. Once in a while, he will plan for a romantic outing so that both of you can have a memorable outing together.


If you want to test him out, when he asks for an outing, you have the option to reject him. See what is his response. If he questions a lot, just tell him that you are going out with other guy friends. If he feels jealous, it is clearly shown that he likes you a lot!

All these are actually the signs on how to tell if a guy likes you. Some guys are actually shy to confess but their actions are easily detected. Think twice if he is the one for you. If he is, give him some hints that you do like him as well!

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Flirting on Text – How to Create a Strong Bond With a Girl That You Just Met

Most guys don't now how flirting on text works when it comes to a girl that they just met. As such, they tend to use boring language that will not make any girl want to keep texting them. The main reason why guys fail when doing this is because they don't stand out of the crowd or win over a girl's attention. What you have to do instead is make her long for you while maintaining your power in your blossoming relationship at the same time. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

1. Never apologize through text.

If you pay close attention to how flirting on text works for guys who actually succeed in the dating game, then you should notice that they never beg or grovel, and they definitely do not apologize. Despite what your mother might have taught you when you were younger, being kind to a girl is alright, but you don't need to be so apologetic all the time. The truth of the matter is that girls don't want to be with guys that are easy to push around. So, if you want to suck up to a girl, don't grovel or apologize. Just talk about what's important in a way that makes it sound like you are apologizing even if you aren't. This will ensure that you maintain the attraction and the power while flirting on text at all times.

2. Be more comforting than sexual.

The majority of guys out there drop too many sexual innuendoes in their texting conversations with girls. Unfortunately, these texts do not arouse girls; They make them put up walls around themselves instead. Remember: your first priority should always be to seem comforting, so that a girl can get comfortable around you. To do this, control your sexual self and focus on making her laugh more than anything else. Once she is completely comfortable around you, you can start sending a few sexual comments her way without phasing her.

In fact, if you get flirting on text down pat, you might even be surprised to learn that the girl will start the sexual conversations with you on her own. She might even turn into the aggressor and gladly take on the role of seducing you. Keep in mind that this won't happen until she is completely comfortable around you and actually likes you a little bit, though.

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Text Conversation Starters With a Girl You Like in 5 Easy Steps

The secret to dating more hot girls is to create attraction, i.e., turn her on, and make her excited to see you again. Sexy and fun text messages is a powerful tool to do this…if you know how.

Here’s 5 Easy Steps To Text Conversation Starters With a Girl You Like

Step #1: You need to communicate on her level and create a feeling that stimulates a girl’s feelings of excitement and anticipation when you talk to her.

Step #2: Your texts must be short, playful and flirty. Most guys text long messages and sound nice and B-O-R-I-N-G.

Step #3: You need to tease her. Think about what she wore or did that was a little embarrassing that you busted her on when you met her and use that in your text message.

Step #4: Your texts must involve her and give her a chance to be playful back.

Step #5: Never invite her or ask her out. Instead, tell her what your fun plans are on Thursday or Saturday night and suggest that she join you.

Here’s An Example of a Text Conversation Starter Using the 5 Steps

TIP: These types of texts can set a girl up for a date in a MATTER OF HOURS from first meeting you.

Yes, you read that right…forget waiting 2 to 3 days. That’s baloney. Strike while the fire is hot!

Let’s say you met a real cutie at a coffee shop at lunch time and got her number. You teased her about taking forever to make up her mind about what she wanted to order while you patiently waited in line behind her.

Remember, you’re going to be playful and tease her when you text her later in the day…

YOU: “Hey, did you leave the cashier a big tip in the jar for taking an hour to pick your mocha, mocha, frappa, frappa, whatever, coffee today?”

HER: “Ha, ha. I was just in the mood for something different and they have a lot of good choices. Bet you got a plain old cup of joe.”

YOU: “Oh, you do mind reading for a living?”

You playfully challenge her.

HER: “You looked kinda straight laced. Am I right?”

She’s playful, too…good sign.

YOU: “Only when I’m on the clock. After work I like to put on my stripped pants and loud Hawaiian shirts.”

HER: “Ha, ha, I’d like to see that sight.”

YOU: “Are you asking me out on a date? You’re kinda forward.”

HER: “Ha, ha, brat.”

YOU: “Tell you what. I have plans to get a bite at this sushi place tonight. I’ll let you buy me dinner if you promise to order my fav dish in less than 1 minute.”

HER: “Ha, ha. Sounds fun.”

YOU: “I’ve got to get going now. I’ll call you in an hour with the details.”

You control the conversation and let her know you’ll be calling her…because real men pick up the phone to confirm the date.

HER: “OK Mr Hawaiian shirts.”

She likes to tease, too. Your date’s gonna be fun and sexy.

You just scored a date with a beautiful girl after a few hours of meeting her. It was short, fun and flirty. Women love it.

Just apply these 5 steps to your text messages with that girl you like and you’ll never spend another week without a hot date or two or three – unless you need some rest!

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How to Start a Conversation With a Girl – Learn How to Stop Being Shy and Chat Up Any Hot Girl!

What is the art of chatting with a girl? many would ask. It comes naturally to some and they know how to start a conversation with a girl and keep the girl interested. But with the majority of men, the basic step of engaging in a conversation with a girl is the most dreadful act. I have seen many bodybuilders who could attract women like bees, getting nervous in front of women. So, one thing becomes clear at the outset. How to keep a conversation with a girl going is not dependent upon your physical attractiveness.

The first thing that I have noticed is that women like men who are confident and make the first move, though there is no dearth of women who like shy men to play the role of their mother. The best way of knowing how to stop being shy is to observe men who do not have to make any special effort to impress girls. They do not behave any differently with women; it’s just that they appear natural and confident. Even when they appear to be making physical moves, it all looks natural and smooth and logical.

If you are not a glib talker, leave it to the girl to do most of the talking. Be a good and responsive listener. This is the first step to learn how to stop being shy. If you think it is difficult how to start a conversation with a girl, apply the golden rule of praising the girl in a variety of ways. This is bound to please her to no end and you will earn her confidence in no time at all. How to start a conversation with a girl will not remain a problem if you learn what pleases her quickly.

Never compare your girl with any other girl. This is the most important thing you will learn in the process of how to keep a conversation with a girl.

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The End of a First Date

The end of a first date can be confusing for a lot of guys as they’re dating women. You might be asking yourself (but not limited to) the following:

*Do I try to kiss her?

*Do I try to get invited in?

*Should I walk to her to the door?

*Do I ask her if she had a good time?

*Do I talk about another date with her?

*Is it appropriate to text her that night or Facebook her and let her know I’m thinking of her?

*Should I send flowers or another gift the next day?

Let’s take these one by one.

Do I try to kiss her?

Unless you’re not sure if she’s into you or not, then go for the kiss. I bet that sounds like advice that is the opposite of what you’d expect. The idea is to always take women that are into us and have them ANTICIPATE the next time that we are together with them. If she has laughed at all (or most) of your jokes, focused completely on you, brushed your arm or leg several times, and had those “lit up” eyes as she looks at you, then don’t try to kiss her. Wait until date 2 to go for the kiss. If she’s really into you, she’ll be at a fever pitch anticipating that “first kiss.”

However, if you have a girl that is acting kind of distant, doesn’t laugh or touch you, and is looking around the room as you’re talking, first of all end that date early and second, if you really want to make sure that she’s not into you, go for the kiss. I bet you get a turned head and then you can delete her number.

The kiss at the end of the first date should only be used to disqualify a girl you suspect is not interested.

Do I try to get invited in?

This article is for guys looking for a relationship. If a relationship isn’t something you’re into, then this advice isn’t for you.

For you guys looking for a relationship, the answer to the invited in question is NO. First of all, most every other guy tries it, and second, if you do get invited in, you think she’s a good relationship candidate? No, think you were the first guy she ever did that with? Right! I have a bridge to sell you if you believe that you were the only guy to check out her apartment after date 1.

Should I walk her to the door?

Wondering what to do at the end of a first date? Well, you better get by the first date! Getting a second date starts with employing a dating women strategy that works and you can do that by getting THE SYSTEM, which is the definitive guide for dating women and relationships, written by dating women expert (and my dating women radio co-host), Doc Love.

Yes, because you’re a gentleman.

Do I ask her if she had a good time?

No, because that shows a lack of confidence and you are telegraphing that you need her approval. You know she had a good time because she was with a true gentleman that made her laugh! Just tell her you had a good time.

Do I talk about another date with her?

NO! Women respond to CHALLENGE and MYSTERY. Think she can anticipate another date with you if you try to set it up as you’re dropping her off? When you ask a woman out on a date while you’re still on a date, do you know what she hears? “I like you, do you like me? I want to make sure you like me, please!”

That’s what she hears! And as she’s hearing that, she’s imagining your head on a puppy’s body panting your words out.

Be a MYSTERY, be a CHALLENGE and she’ll be thinking about you (in spite of her best efforts) between dates.

Is it appropriate to text her that night or Facebook her and let her know I’m thinking of her?

First of all, stay off of social media! You cannot be a mystery to her if she knows what you had for breakfast on your social media page. She might look at your page and think “he likes pop tarts? I hate pop tarts and guys that eat them.” All right, that might be an extreme example but the more information she has on you BEFORE you can be face to face with her is bad. You are a stranger to her and you don’t need to be putting information about yourself that could disqualify you before you even make it to date 1!

As far as contacting her right after the date, I’m sure you know that I am against that because it kills MYSTERY, CHALLENGE and her anticipating another date with you.

Should I send flowers or another gift the next day?

You know what one of the only categories of books that are still doing well is? Romance novels for women. The guy with the flowing hair that charges up on the white horse and scoops her up is what a lot of women are buying and eating up these days.

Think the man on the horse sends roses the next day to her work with a card telling her how much he likes her?

I think not.

Again, this kills MYSTERY and CHALLENGE!

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What to Say to a Girl While Texting So She Thinks You Are Fun and Flirty

Do you have any clue how to text hot girls so you sound fun and flirty?

No! Well, I’m gonna hook you up with a Magic Texting Formula so you can start dating a lot more hot women.

Here’s the 3 Rules That Go Into the Magic Texting Formula

Texting Rule #1: A sexy text to a girl should be playful and flirty

So skip the overly sexual content. It’s really a turn off – at least in the beginning. Be patient grasshopper.

Texting Rule #2: A sexy text should convey that you are a challenge and unpredictable

This means you are not too nice and B-O-R-I-N-G.

Texting Rule #3: Keep it short

You can have a short texting convo and still convey these traits about yourself. Save the conversations for the phone and face-to-face time.

Why Does This Magic Texting Formula Work Like Nobody’s Business?

Women focus more on personality, self esteem, power, and other intangible qualities. Women also love men who can make them laugh and that are a challenge to them while giving off a confident vibe. That’s why you see hot women on the arms of even average-looking, short, pudgy, balding guys.

When attractive women meet a guy that is charming, funny, un-needy and in control of himself and the situation, attraction in a woman gets triggered. Hot women find it rare to meet these kinds of guys.

So if you convey this vibe in your text messages, a hot girl will eat it up!

Here’s a Sexy Texting Conversation in Action Using the Magic Texting Formula

Let’s say you were shopping the other day for a pair of shoes and the clerk that came to help you was a real knockout.

She brought you a pair of shoes to try on. As you put the shoes on, she enthusiastically squeaked,

“WOW THOSE SHOES LOOK GREAT ON YOU!!!” You teasingly mocked her in the same hi-pitch tone, “YOU’RE ON COMMISSION, YOU NEED TO SAY THAT!!”

She gave you that playful little slap on the arm and told you that you were “a little sh**.” You teased her for 5 more minutes and got her number before leaving.

You decide to send that knockout a sexy text in a couple of days

You: “Hey, I hope your shoe store carries insurance for injured customers.”

Your opening text plays off of your exchange at the store.

Her: “Why is that?”

You: “I have pinched toe disorder from those shoes you hustled me into buying.”

You tease her and challenge her.

Her: “Ha, ha. Sensitive toes, huh? I thought you looked kinda soft.”

She laughs and banters back with a challenge for you.

You: “I bet even Superman gets a pair of bad hero boots now and again.”

Her: “So you think you’re Superman?

You: “I’ve had to rescue a damsel here and there. Of course I wore a comfortable pair of shoes.”

Her: “I’ll put a cape icon next to your name just in case.”

She knows how to be playful, too. Great.

You: “Sounds like you might have a hero fetish.”

You find another thing to tease her about to keep up the banter.

Her: “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

You: “Are you asking me out? That’s kinda forward.”

You just switched the tables by making it seem like she is pursuing you. This is sexy and women love it.

Her: “Ha, ha. Brat.”

You: “Tell you what. There’s a fun hang out at the beach I go to after surfing on Saturdays. If you give my feet a little rub, I’ll let you buy me a drink, too.”

You never ask or invite her. Instead, you suggest she join you somewhere you like to hangout. Women love that you are in control and can take the lead this way. It’s VERY SEXY!

Her: “Ha, ha. Sounds fun.”

You: “I’ll call you later with the details.”

(Real men pick up the phone to confirm the date. Yes, that’s sexy, too.)

Her: “Can’t wait.”

See how easy, flirty and sexy this exchange was?

All women love this type of flirty, sexy, texting. You’ll have the really hot ones eager to be with you when and where ever you suggest. Why?

Because most guys don’t have clue about sending sexy texts that trigger attraction. You’ll be a breath of fresh air – and make her a little hot, too.

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Build Trust With Text Messages – How Text Messages Can Make a Girl Like You

Did you know that text messages can build trust in a relationship? Often we think of text messages as less intimate forms of communication. Surprisingly, if you use it right, it can plant seeds of care and rapport that can help build trust and show her that you are thinking about her. Here are ways in which text messages can build trust.

First off, texts show her that you keep her in mind. When someone gets a text, it reminds them of the person who sent it. This has a couple of effects. First, it shows her that you were thinking about her and wanted to communicate with her, which is a compliment. More importantly, studies show that the more we are exposed to someone, the more we are inclined to like them. Even better, if you get her curious through texts, she may even start chasing you a little. This shifts her mentality because, the more she invests in you, the more she trusts you. It’s helpful to think of texts as icing on the cake. They do not build the relationship, but they tip the scale in your favor. By making her aware of you, you become a familiar name in her mind, which always helps. And believe me that these little things make a big difference. One side note is that you do want to make sure she is reciprocating. If her texts are way shorter than yours or if she rarely answers, then you will come across as needy as opposed to charming.

Secondly, texts can create a mutual reality when they are creative. For example, fun texts can offer her memories that you both share together. What is interesting about the mind is that, if you feel a certain emotion about someone, it doesn’t matter if it is made up or not. For instance, joking that you are both going to rob banks together in order to start mischief can create an unconscious bond since she is thinking of you acting together. This “us’ mentality is important for trust since a successful relationship relies on communication and a team spirit.

Finally, texts can help open up her playful side to you. In order to do this, you want to be playful yourself. For example you can text her something absurd such as asking her to send a you a helicopter so you can skip traffic. Making her laugh is the secret to creating comfort. The more comfortable she is with you, the more she will trust you. Try these text messaging tips to get the girl of your dreams! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and text her!

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How Long Should I Wait Before Contacting My Ex Girlfriend?

Your girlfriend broke up with you, you’re heartbroken, and you want your ex back. So far though, there’s been no contact at all.

Is there a set rule for how long you should wait before calling an ex girlfriend? And when you DO call her, what exactly should you say?

Contact after the break up is one of the most confusing things to figure out. It’s a mystery that always leaves you wondering if you’re doing the right thing, no matter how you choose to handle it.

On one hand, you want to talk to her. Hell, you miss her like crazy. You need to hear her voice again. And besides, you don’t want her to think you’ve forgotten about her, and possibly move on with some other guy, do you?

But on the flip side of the coin, she hasn’t called you. Calling her might seem needy, or desperate. And you wouldn’t want your ex to think those things of you… especially not if you’re trying to somehow win her back.

So is there a middle ground? A time when it’s okay to call or contact your ex girlfriend without looking like a fool? Some kind of conversation that actually makes sense, rather than stumbling and tripping over your own lame words?

Even better: can you get HER to call YOU?

What it Means When She Won’t Contact You

First, understand that your girlfriend not calling you doesn’t mean she’s not thinking about you. The fact is, she’s probably thinking about you quite a bit.

What your ex is doing right now, is ignoring you for a very simple reason: detachment. She’s decided she wants you gone, and the best way to keep from caving in and taking you back is not to see or hear from you at all.

This is because during your relationship the two of you formed some very powerful emotional bonds. Love, sex, intimacy; all the fun you had, the places you saw together, the family and friends and holidays you shared – these things forged thick connections that can’t be easily severed. And some of these connections remain in place, even after she dumps you, for a very long time.

Getting your ex back requires simple reversal techniques that are geared toward making her face those emotional bonds. You want her to SEE what she’s losing, rather than turn her back on those feelings and pretend they’re buried.

So what does she do? She loses your phone number. She unfriends you on Facebook, detaches from Instagram, stops talking to your friends and tells her own friends not to provide any information about her. In this way, she can move on

Should You Call Your Ex After the Break Up?

No, not immediately.

There are several steps to getting back with someone. The first step is always the no contact rule. It’s exactly what it sounds like; you need to promise yourself that you won’t call (or text, or email, etc… ) your ex girlfriend no matter how badly you want to. This is hugely important.

What this does is create distance between you and your lover. You might think that’s bad, but in the beginning it’s actually very good. It’s human nature to want to be right; your ex wants to think she made the right moves when she ended your romance. So to verify this? She’ll often look back at you to see how you’re doing.

If you’re doing bad? That’s a good sign to her. It shows that she’s better off without you because you’re worse off without her. Sounds messed up, right? But again, it’s human nature.

Now if you’re doing good? That’s not what she wants to see. It actually reverses her way of thinking and makes her question whether or not she should’ve let you go. A guy who’s doing well without her is a guy who’s got his stuff together. You’re suddenly valuable again, simply because you didn’t care (or appeared not to have cared) when she tossed you away.

Which brings me to the next big rule of human nature: you always want the things you cannot have.

When To Call Your Ex

If you’ve stopped ALL contact, and your ex hasn’t called you, there’s an acceptable time during which you can reach out to her. While this varies from case to case, as a general rule you’ll want to wait about four to six weeks.


Yup. It is. And it’s going to feel like double-forever to you, because your heart is breaking and you desperately want to hear from her again.

But you know what? Waiting this long is going to do something very important: make her curious. It’s going to make her wonder where you mysteriously went, and how come you seemingly haven’t looked back.

This makes her ripe to hear from you.

Understand something: calling your ex too early, within the first few days of the breakup, is a BIG red flag. Not only doesn’t she want to hear from you, but even worse, your ex girlfriend hasn’t even begun to start missing you yet.

Wait four to six weeks, and not only is she going to listen to anything you say, but your ex will already be at the point of nostalgia. She’ll be missing you. Hearing your voice will take her back to the relationship, and probably to the GOOD part of the relationship when everything was all unicorns and rainbows.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Time heals all wounds’. It does, but it also blurs out the bad and accentuates the good. As time goes on, your girlfriend will forget all the fighting and nastiness and other bullshit that broke you up. When she thinks back to what your relationship was all about, those things will have faded.

What’s left? The GOOD STUFF. All the happy times and cool things and great sex. Her heart will tug on those strong emotional bonds I talked about earlier, playing them back in her memory.

Okay, I Called Her. Now What Do I Say?

Before you even think of calling your ex girlfriend, you’re gonna basically need a script. You’ll want to know exactly what to say, and more importantly, what subjects to avoid at all costs.

If you think you can just pick up the phone and go totally solo, you’re going to crash and burn. In other words, you MUST know what you’re doing. A step by step plan always beats a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type of approach.

Source by Anthony Malibu

How Will A Filipino Girl Learn To Like You?

You will not find it that necessary to know how will a Filipino girl learn to like you unless you are you enamored by her beauty, charm, or wit. Well, you certainly are not alone. Men from different countries and all walks of life are just as interested in Filipino girls as you are. Filipinos do have that kind of charm that magnetizes men. Sometimes, all it takes is one look and you know there’s nothing else you’d want more than make her learn to like you.

Well, Filipina girls are not hard to please, so don’t feel intimidated. But it doesn’t mean that getting a girl from the Philippines to like you is a walk in the park, either. You cannot be overconfident. Learning how to balance your actions is very critical.

The first step to getting a Filipino girl to like you is to be a gentleman. If you’re not exactly the gentleman type of a guy, you must work on it to increase your chances of winning the heart of a Filipina. Feminism is now being given importance in the Philippines, and being a gentleman does not have to change that, all. Actually, to be a gentleman in these modern times does not mean rescuing a lady in distress or making the girl feel she needs you all the time to do stuff for her. To be a gentleman simply means being there with her, not necessarily, for her. To be a gentleman is not to go overboard with your actions to the point that they become insulting or even revolting to the opposite sex. It doesn’t sound very easy now, does it? Well that makes the whole process of getting the Filpina to like you more challenging, more exciting.

You will increase your chances of a Filipina liking you when you show her in any way that you’re thinking about her. An easy way to d this is by sending her text messages. Texting in the Philippines has become a favorite pastime. The girls actually look forward to their cellphones beeping, alerting them of an incoming message. Send her something that will put a smile on her face. You don’t have to say a lot for as long as it is something that you really mean to tell her. But you wouldn’t want to fill her inbox with text messages coming from you. Keep the excitement going by sending her messages in the morning, at midday and once at night time.

You may want to give her flowers, too, to let her know that you think of her as someone special. But keep in mind that not every Filipina loves to receive flowers, especially from virtual strangers. Determine first if the Filipina is the flower type sort of girl and find out what her favorite flower is before sending her a bouquet.

Be in your best behavior while being yourself at the same time. Don’t change who you are. Just be yourself and show your best qualities. That is how will a Filipino girl learn to like you.

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7 Thai Phrases You Should Learn to Impress a Thai Girl

So, you’ve decided to take my advise and find a Thai girlfriend. Great! That is the first step to a very happy life for you. So the first thing is to go out and find a girl. My past articles have given some great advise on how to do that and there will be plenty more advise in the future. But once you do find that special Thai girl, you will want to impress her by knowing a few words/phrases that will come in handy when impressing your new Thai beauty.

Today, I’ll go over 7 Thai words/phrases that you should know when dating or trying to date a girl either online or when traveling to Thailand. Keep in mind that these are rough English pronunciations to the actual Thai words. The good news is that most Thai girls can read at least a little English and will be able to understand these English written Thai words and phrases if you are chatting online using IM or on Thai dating websites. Let’s get started!

1. The first thing you should learn is to tell your Thai girl that she looks beautiful. This can be said as the following: Sway mak. The word “sway” means beautiful and “mak” translates into very. Alternatively, you can say: “Narak mak” which translates to “very cute”.

2. Next, you should know what she might reply to you when you tell here she is beautiful. She may just say “hob khun ka” which is Thai for “thank you”. Or she may be sassy and say “pak waan” which means “sweet mouth”. This is a cute and flirty way of a Thai girl that means she doesn’t fully believe your sweet words to her.

3. If you are just meeting your Thai lady, you might want to ask her if she already has a boyfriend or kick, To do this, say: “Khun me faen mai?” This literally translates to: “you have boyfriend?”

4. When you are starting to get serious with your Thai girlfriend, it might be time to start calling her by the name that Thai ladies love. The word is “tirak”. When you call her this, she’ll literally melt with happiness. But just be sure that you mean it first!

5. If you are talking to a girl and it’s late, you might want to tell her “sweet dreams”. To do this you can say: “Faan dee”. She’ll really like that and go to sleep thinking of you. Trust me.

6. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly is the first night you go on a date. If you are in Thailand, make sure to go to a nice romantic restaurant and bring a bottle of wine. Raise you glass and say “chon gaow”. If you are drinking from a bottle, say “chon cuord”. “Gaow” means glass and “cuord” means bottle.

7. The final phrase you will want to learn when dating a Thai girl is the big “L” word. To say I love you, simply say “Pom rak khun”. I’ll leave the rest up to you!

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What to Text a Girl to Make Her Want You Really Bad

Are you like most guys, chasing Hot girls away with B-O-R-I-N-G text messages?

I’m gonna tell you what makes a hot girl want you AT ALL – and then we’ll apply that to your text messages.

5 Key Factors That Make a Woman Want You More Than Someone Else

1. You have high value in yourself compared to other men and she senses that.

2. You are confident which reveals itself in your body language, tone of voice, and communication style.

3. You are a challenge to her. Men and women are universal in the fact that we want what we don’t have.

4. You are not intimidated by her beauty. In fact, you find ways to playfully tease her about her weaknesses, whether real or imagined.

5. You make her feel something (excitement, curiosity, interest) when you communicate with her.

Most men do not have these qualities or traits. So when an attractive girl encounters a guy who does possess these qualities, it triggers her attraction and she wants that.

Let’s see these traits in action that are a turn on by using the texting style, which is short, fun and flirty

Let’s really raise the stakes and say you met a stunningly beautiful girl at a bar on Saturday. She knows she’s hot. Guys are falling all over her.

She was closer to your buddy at the bar and she turned to him and asked, “All these guys are staring at me. Do you think I’m cute?” Your buddy didn’t know what hit him and he just babbled something.

Instead you played it different and had a fun time teasing her when you answered her question by saying, “Actually they’re looking at that big pimple on your forehead.”

She turned toward you; laughed and hit you in the arm. Well, you easily got her number that night.

Now, you’re going to play off that funny exchange when you send your first text in a day or two.

Flirty Texting Convo That Will Turn Her On

You: “Hey, I hope your skin doctor was able to remove that growth on your forehead people were staring at?”

You continue to tease her about the “pimple” she had on her forehead and pull her into the conversation in a playful way.

Her: “Ha ha. I was able to tame that beast with my own home concoctions. I thought that growth might have scared you off.”

She knows your teasing and banters back. That’s a good sign.

You: “I’m not saying it wasn’t scary looking but I’ve also looked down the mouth of a volcano before and stood my ground.”

This is a fun way to challenge her or qualify her and women love this.

Her: “Ha, ha. So you think you’re Indiana Jones?

She knows how to play, too, and gives you a challenge.

You: “Sounds like you might have a whip fetish.”

You don’t have to answer all her questions right then. Control the convo. She’ll be more curious about you – curious enough to see you again if you finish this texting exchange right.

Her: “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

You: “Are you asking me out on a date? You’re kinda forward.”

You just switched things up on her, implying that she is pursuing you. Women love this flirty banter and it triggers attraction.

Her: “Ha, ha. Brat.”

You: “Tell you what. If your forehead looks presentable, I’ll let you buy me a drink at a sportsbar I usually stop at on Tuesdays.”

You don’t ask her or invite her on a date. You suggest she join you on your plans. Women love a man who can take the lead. It’s a B-I-G TURN ON.

HER: “Ha, ha. Sounds fun.”

You: “Cool, I’ll call you later and let you know when and where.”

You kept the convo short, fun and flirty and you triggered a deeper attraction in you.

HER: “Can’t wait.”

You will call her with the details because real men pick up the phone to confirm a date.

See how easy, natural and flirty this exchange was?

All women love it. You’ll have the really hot ones eager to be with you when and where ever you suggest.

Why? Because most guys don’t have clue about triggering attraction with texting. You’ll be a breath of fresh air…and she will really want some of that!

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Examples of 1st Text To Send a Girl

You just met a girl, you had a lot of fun with her, and you actually got her telephone number… Now what? You are thinking continually in your head is what to text her. Maybe you actually start texting; then think to yourself that it is not good enough then started deleting it.

There are lots of things you have to bear in mind before sending that 1st text. First of all, you ought to keep in mind that the text you sent assist in a continuous conversation. You have previously met each other, so you really should try to keep on that conversation. Here are examples of 1st text to send a girl after you have first met her:

1. “Do you know what? You are truly the 1st girl I have met that is not stalking me with text messages after 1 day already. However, this usually falls for bad girls simply because I am so-so sweet and innocent…”

Rather than directly letting girls know you’re a bad guy by making a vulgar comment, you are indirectly letting her realize by over-emphasizing you are Mr. Perfect so, it’s unbelievable.

2. “OK, let’s imagine for a second that you are a guy and I’m a cool girl just like you. What will you do to try and pick me up?”

This example works similarly as the previous one, the difference is that after she admits what she will use on you? You tease her by then applying it on her and questioning if it worked.

3. Seriously? I like you. You’re so much fun to be around and you’re quite attractive too, so let’s go someplace together!”

4. “Hey you. Are you ready to keep a secret?”

Obviously if you text a girl this way she will be eager and reply “YES” and ask why, and then you’ll say:

“Don’t tell anybody, but I met this incredibly cute girl the other day. Her name is NAME OF THE GIRL YOU ARE TEXTING. Do you know anyone with that name??”

5. Uh hello… you? Who is this again? I saw this number on my phone but I do not know who owns it!”

6. Hey (Girl’s name), it’s (your own name).

(Store this number, it’s the most essential one you will ever get:- )

You tell her your own name, however there’s a chance she will laugh or smile when she gets the text.

7. Are you by yourself there? This question is meant to find out if she is alone in her home. You definitely can’t flirt, tease or talk cute if her mates or close friends are with her. Text something courageous like “I wish I can be with you over there”

8. What are you doing now? Play it perfect and slow. This could help you to be assured that she’s alone and bored enough to give her full attention.

9. “Hey (HER NAME), Let’s do something tomorrow. What do you say?” or “Hey (HER NAME), what are you doing now? Do you want to meet somewhere?”

10. “How many guys stopped you today and asked you for your phone number? If u say more than 15, I will know you are lying. I am just teasing you.”

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6 Ways You Can Get a Girl to Want to Call You!

So let me paint the picture – you see a hot chick at a club, shopping center, or the tennis club. You build up the guts to talk to her, make her laugh and somehow manage to get her number. You think to yourself “SWEET! I’m in”.

You end up calling her a couple of days later, like the rule book suggests… to ask her out on a date. She doesn’t pick up. You think, “Hey she is probably busy” and you try again later that same day. You still don’t get a response. So you call again and finally you get an answer. You talk to her expecting that things are going to pick up where you left off and are utterly stunned when starts making excuses as to why she can’t meet up with you. She says that she will get back to you and she never does. You are left scratching your head, thinking to yourself “Where did it go wrong?”

Rule # 1 – Contact Her No Earlier than 36-48 Hours

I know it sounds hard doesn’t it? But you have to stick by these rules. Because when you wait for the 36-48 hours you have a less likely chance of appearing needy.

I’ve seen instances where, a few minutes after the date a text message arrives. Not cool. You know why? Because you just through all the mystery out the door.

Just make sure that when you follow this rule that you don’t wait too long after 48 hours. Anything more than four days and the girl (if she is interested in you) starts to get pissed because you didn’t call her within that “calling period” and she assumes that you are not interested.

Rule # 2 – Send Warm Up Text Messages

You know scoring a date is kind of like making a sale. Except the item that you are selling is yourself. So, in other words, you are going to have to look like something that she would want to date or buy.

Now that doesn’t mean being something that you are not. But it does mean that for the moment you operate within a certain guidelines until you have internalized all this “game stuff”… so bear with me ok?

So as part of this, stick to the rule of messaging her first before you call her. Every girl is comfortable with messages. In fact we like them more to begin with. See its great for us and it’s great for you too. It means that you can actually think about what you want to write, you don’t have to think on the spot.

Now, the main agenda with text messages is to warm her up. Let her know that you are on her radar and that you will be in contact with her soon.

If a guy messages us within two days of us handing out our number then that is sufficient enough for us to know that you are interested without appearing really needy and wussy.

In general rule you want to keep messages short and sweet. Banter is always acceptable, but long ended 10 messages in 1 are not. Do your best to be the one to end the messaging conversation. So, when you see the conversation is nearing to an end, let her have the last say and don’t message her back.

Some of my friends have trouble with this, because they feel in control by being the ones to have the last say. But you have to look at it from the point of view that YOU are the one in control because you have the strength to stop the messaging first.

Rule # 3 – Message To Get Her On The Phone

It’s that straight forward. If you find that the woman you are interested in is not picking up your calls but she is texting you back, then straight after a text message give her a call. More than likely she will be right by her phone and will have to pick up!

Rule # 4 – Keep It Light And Keep It Casual

When you first call a woman, it’s not the best time to get into a deep and meaningful conversation with her. You actually want to keep things fairly casual and brief.

The first thing that you want to do when you call the girl is to break the ice and get her laughing. Essentially, you want to get her back into the same state as she was in when she gave you that phone number. The best way to do this, is to refer to something that happened when you last saw her. Maybe refer to a joke that you had previously found funny with her and give her updated content on it. This will bring her back to that place and help her feel more comfortable with you.

That’s the thing with phone calls. You want to be able to establish comfort before you can even consider asking her out. If a girl doesn’t think that she will be comfortable with you or will be able to trust you then she will not even consider going on that date with you.

So remember the rule, keep it light and keep it casual. Break the ice and get her to laugh before you even consider asking her out.

Rule # 5 – Keep It Short and Sweet

This kind of follows on from the other points. But seriously don’t talk too long. Like five minutes. As a general rule with this whole gaming and dating thing… Less is always MORE!

You don’t have to get an update of what this chick has been doing in the past two days. She doesn’t have to know about all your past relationships before you guys go on a date.

All you have to get a chick to do.. is know you, like you and trust you and then you can get her to go anywhere and do just about anything with her.

Rule # 6 – Leave one voicemail – that’s IT!

If you have to leave a voicemail then make sure that its only one. When courting a girl, you need to remember to give her the space to think about you. If you are constantly trying to impede on her space then she is totally not going to appreciate it.

So, with a voice mail you need to remember to keep it short and sweet. You don’t have to repeat your number and all that boring stuff. Just leave a short message and then hang up.

So, what should you say? Something that entices her to give you a call back usually works. It can also be an opportunity for you to present a challenge to her. For example: “Hi, Susie. It’s John. I just wanted to let you know, that I’ve tried and tested your voicemail and it’s in good working order. A thank you phone call would be appreciated.”

So, when calling a girl, keep in mind that you may get her voicemail, so know what you are going to say if this does happen. There is nothing worse than a long winded voicemail message with a guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about, who is wasting your time and YOUR credit!

Trouble Shooting

  • Before giving up try these things first. Message first. If the girl messages back, then your chances of getting to talk to her again are much higher.
  • If you message a girl and she doesn’t message you back.. and this message contained some call to action on her behalf. Then you need to know that you are going to have to do some major work on getting this girl to go on a date with you.
  • Persistence is not the only tool you need. There is no point in doing the wrong things over and over hoping that you will get a positive result in the end.
  • Remember to warm a girl up to you. You can tell that a girl has warmed up to you when she is laughing at your jokes and the conversation is flowing.
  • When a girl talks with ease, it means that she is comfortable with you. If you find her being more quiet that usual, then there is something up and she is not comfortable, because A = she thinks that you are a freak or B = she hasn’t warmed up to you yet.
  • In regards to what you should talk to her about… you main aim be cocky funny, make her laugh and have a good time.
  • Keep it short and sweet and always leave her wanting more.

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What to Text a Girl – Cocky, Funny and Other Texting Tips

A lot of guys have no idea what to text a girl when they first meet her. Most guys use average safe language, making her not want to continue the conversation. What they are missing is that it really isn’t hard to stand out just that little bit to gain her attention. Not only that, but this can be done without the usual Pick Up Artist (PUA) lines. My goal is for you to be authentic, keep your power and make her desire what you have to offer, not trick her into “falling” for you.

When I think of how to text a girl I remember tons of little tips and tricks that I use get the conversation flowing. Here are a couple of things to help you get you moving in the right direction!

Cocky, funny texting

This is an old school PUA routine and it does work. However, I would like you to adapt the style a bit. The misunderstanding is that Cocky = Jerk this is not the case. Unfortunately, jerk does work but you really aren’t going to feel good about yourself or make many true connections this way. Remember, women are people too.

Being funny is killer and adding a bit of cockiness is brilliant. Why? Because it communicates that you are strong, that you don’t need approval. I can’t tell you how many times I have had girls give me hell over this. For example:

Anna: God, you are so full of yourself

Me: Thank you, so happy you noticed

Anna: You know that is not very attractive

Me: Of course it is! It’s as attractive as that dress you wore last Friday

Anna: Can’t believe you brought up the dress, it was a DARE

Me: I am not the one that put it on!

Anna: Gonna make you wear it next time

Me: Only if this is a private thing

Anna: sounds interesting…

This interaction was not super aggressive but it was cocky since I didn’t back down and it was funny playful because we brought up the dress. The key to this interaction was not apologizing after she said “you know that is not attractive.” This simply is not true and is the equivalent of her saying “you being so handsome doesn’t make me like you more,” lies… all lies…

Purposely misunderstanding in a text

What to text a girl? Purposely misunderstanding is a blast. I like this simply because it is funny and cute. It communicates to a girl that you are pretty smart and it makes them have to think in loops to keep up with you. Everyone is attracted to intelligence and if you can text with humor, you have killed two birds with one stone. Imagine her being impressed with your mind AND feeling wonderful because she is laughing. Beautiful…


Anna: Going out with Rachel tomorrow

Me: You are going out with Rachel? I thought you were strait?

Anna: Shut up dork

Me: It all makes sense now, the short hair, the bad attitude

Anna: Didn’t I tell you to shut it!

Me: Hehehe!

This is pretty tame but it still illustrates the point. Purposely misunderstanding is just so much fun but try not to use it too much. Overuse makes it a bit tedious and obnoxious.

Source by Michael Craig Masters

Thumbs Up! How to Text Flirt With a Girl

Are you clueless when it comes to knowing how to text flirt with a girl? Do you have trouble thinking of things to say that will hold her attention? Would you welcome some advice on flirting through the use of technology? Texting has become the communication tool of choice for many people today. It has almost replaced phone calls for people under the age of 35. But as with any kind of flirtation, text flirting requires skills that don’t come naturally to everyone. Before you get thumb-tied, try these tips on how to text flirt with a girl:

Keep it short.

The first rule on how to text flirt with a girl is to make your text messages short and sweet. Text messaging is not designed to send long, detailed narratives. The shorter you keep the message, the more you’ll keep her attention. Several short messages work better than one overly long text that she stops reading halfway through.

Keep it light.

The second rule on how to text flirt with a girl is to be light on your feet. Text messaging isn’t the ideal forum for talking about philosophy or the fate of the Western world. Send punchy texts that are light-hearted and even humorous. No knock-knock jokes, please, but use your own quirky world view to send texts that will make her smile or laugh.

Keep it going.

The third rule on how to text flirt with a girl is to use strategies to keep the conversation going. One of the best ways to do this is by asking questions – and ones that require more than a simple yes or no. Engage her in some quizzing back and forth. You’ll have her attention, and you’ll both learn more about each other in the process. You can also play word games to keep the fun creative juices flowing – but only if you’re both a little geeky.

Keep it positive.

The fourth rule on how to text flirt with a girl is to spread positive thoughts. A text message is a perfect way to give a girl a compliment, because she can’t see you turn red in the face! Don’t be gushy, but feel free to tell her that you liked the outfit she wore today or her new haircut. Never try to use text messages to argue a point — or to argue, period. Anything you text is preserved in stone – well, at least electronically. You don’t want her scrolling through your messages again and again, wondering how she thought she ever liked such a jerk.

Keep it clean.

The fifth rule on how to text flirt with a girl is to avoid being vulgar. You may have the best dirty joke in the world, but sometimes things don’t translate well when they’re in stark black and white on a screen, without benefit of your smiling, innocent look! Also, see rule #4 above. You don’t want to have preserved forever the photos of your six-pack or your best Howard Stern imitation on a text video – do you?

Now that you’ve got down the rules of how to text flirt with a girl, you won’t feel all thumbs the next time you try it (sorry!). If you follow these simple tips, you’ll find that text messaging is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get and keep a girl’s attention.

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Who Should End The Conversation First When You Text Your Ex Back?

When you first start to text your ex after a breakup, your ex will respond in one of four ways:

1.) No response at all
2.) A neutral response
3.) A positive response
4.) A negative response

When you get a reply from your ex, the next question becomes how to properly handle their response in a way that won’t ruin your chances of getting back together. It sounds easy enough, but you need to have restraint here or you can really mess things up.

Why restraint?

You need restraint and self-control because when you haven’t spoken to your ex in a while and they suddenly reply to your text messages (especially if they do so in a positive way), your first instinct will be to get into a long drawn out conversation with them. You’ll be so happy to hear from them that you’ll want to keep texting them for as long as they’ll talk to you.

This seems logical, right? I mean they’re talking to you and seem happy about it so why would you want to end the conversation?

It may seem logical, but it’s not a good way to conjure up the feelings in your ex that will make them want you back. Whenever you’re attempting to text your ex back into your life, you always want to be the one to end the conversation first. Here’s 3 reasons why…

1.) By being the first to end the conversation and by ending it early (before it dies on its own), you make your ex miss and long for you more. They can’t quite get their “fill” of you which makes them look forward to the next chat.

2.) Ending the conversation first gives you the power to end things on a high note.

After you and your ex just shared a funny moment or positive memory, you can end the conversation and their mind will focus on those positive feelings toward you. If you wait too long or draw out the conversation, then you risk having it end in a fight or having it become boring and monotonous which then causes your ex’s mind to focus on those negative or neutral feelings toward you.

3.) It makes you come across as confident and not needy or desperate.

When you text your ex and end the conversation first, you come across as a confident individual who has places to be and people to see. It shows your ex that you’re not just sitting around being desperate and needy trying to eke out every last second you can with them or begging them to keep talking to you.

Source by Derek Blandford

How to Pick Up and Date Women

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Texting a Girl – How to Start a Text Conversation With a Girl Without Being Creepy

I can see you sitting there with your phone in your hand, wanting to text that hot babe that you managed to talk into giving you her number. You were getting along great last night and now you want to chat her up and ask her out, but you aren’t sure how to start a text conversation with a girl.

It is understandable and pretty easy for you to say something that a girl would interpret wrong via text message. Texting a girl isn’t rocket science, but you do have to have some basic skills to do text flirting and get it right.

The payoff of course, is her being totally into you and begging to go out with you. But if you don’t know what to text a girl, the complete opposite can happen just as easy. That girl that was hot for you the night before, will shut you down and delete your number if you text her the wrong thing.

Here are a couple of pointers on how to text a girl and build her interest in you so that she will be open to going out with you.

Confirm that she isn’t busy.

Don’t just text, “Wassup” or something lame like that, but you do need to find out if she is busy or if she has time to pay attention to your flirtations. No need to fight for her attention when she is with family or at work!

Text her once then let it sit.

Once you fire off that first text, wait before you send another. Don’t sweat it if she doesn’t answer right away. Text flirting is a patience game, so relax and be cool.

Don’t spam her phone.

Once you are in a conversation, don’t keep blowing her phone up if she stops answering. She may have been able to text then something happened. Texting a girl over and over without her replying is definitely high on the desperate creep factor.

Start slow and keep it casual.

You need to build up her interest when you are text flirting before you jump into setting up a date. The better you are at texting a girl, the faster you can close for a date, but don’t lead off with “Remember me? Want to go out tomorrow?”

Don’t get romantic or sexual too early.

You may think the girls want to hear you professing your undying love like some sappy romance movie, but if you lead off with this sort of drivel they are going to drop you into the creepy stalker category and you will be done!

Knowing what to text a girl takes practice. I also suggest getting as many guides on how to flirt with a girl and doing as much research (and practice) as possible. While you can learn a lot on your own, getting some good reference material is a great way to put yourself on the fast track to being a text messaging super star!

Source by John R Cliff

Your Same Night Adventure — Chris Sixty | Dating And Relationship Advice For Men

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When All He Texts About Is Sex

When a guy predominately texts about sex and very little else, it makes a girl wonder. Is sex all he is after? It sure seems that way. If you have engaged him prior in sex talk or sexting, it’s hard to take it back. Guys don’t like the rules changed in the middle of the game. If he is texting you about sex, I am assuming that you did in fact participate once upon a time. If you didn’t and he is still doing it, get rid of him.

First no one dates to not have sex. It’s normal. It’s not really normal though to text a woman about it all the time. He does it because you have allowed it. Most guys will at least try to go there. They do this often as a qualifying process. They want to know if the woman they are talking to is relationship material or a fling material. The women that engage in this sexting and put up no boundaries are the ones they usually categorize as a fling.

If you did it all in fun, but regret it now and want to turn it around, there are several ways to go about it. The first way is more back door type. You can try this before you actually address it. When he texts you about sex, just don’t answer him or when you do, change the subject. No explanation is needed. Trust me, he knows what he is doing wrong. He should slow it down after a few attempts that aren’t met with reciprocation. He should get the hint.

Ah but a lot of men just don’t get the hint and you will need to be more direct about this. The first thing you can text back is “Is it normal for you to talk about sex all the time with women?”. This will make him evaluate. It also calls him out in a non blaming way. You are just asking a question. How is he going to answer? If he answers yes, then he looks like a douche bag. If he answers no, the door is now open for you to ask, “Then why do you do it to me?” If he answers with a lame reason, just send back, “Oh”, or don’t answer.

It’s up to you to break him of this and establish yourself out of the fling category. If he stops texting you have your answer. He just wanted sex. I would be willing to bet that you will get an apology out of him if you handle this correctly, not to mention move out of the fling zone.

Source by Robin Cockrell

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Should a Guy Text a Girl First Or Wait Indefinitely For a Message? Here Is The Right Answer

There are no rules on sending the first text message to someone you like. You may have met some interesting people at the show last night and you found one especially stand out in the crowd.

If you managed to get her number and wish to contact her again, you should send her a message to help her connect with you.

She has your number on her phone and you are wondering if she will text you first.

Should a guy text a girl first or wait to see if she will send you a message? It is a good idea to text her within 24 hours of meeting her.

Send her a short message reminding her of the topic you discussed, the food you commented on or a joke you shared. A girl generally waits for a guy to send her a text message before she responds.

This is because she feels that she may sound too pushy or interested. Girls like to be wooed and here is the difference between men.

Men like to pursue and charm and do not mind being rebuffed now and then. They take it in their stride but girls do not.

How to get her to respond to your messages –

Once you have made the connection, wait for a few days to see if she replies. Your message after a few days should be something that makes her smile or laugh out loud.

You can start off by making a witty remark or just making fun of yourself. You should not let yourself down but make a playful remark about yourself.

You can also sound cheeky by asking her if she was busy looking for apt texts to send you and were unable to come up with something that described you! Banter and fun is something every girl likes so tease, cajole and be witty.

It is important to remember not to over-text a girl. Your equation in the initial stages should be one on one.

You should not sound desperate but on the other hand she should know that you are displaying a lot of interest by taking time off to text her.

Flirting is alright when you are texting a girl. Asking questions is also a good idea as it is bound to get a quick response.

You can ask her if she would have texted you if she did not receive the first text from you. She may have been waiting to hear from you after last night.

You can start off with asking her if she enjoyed the evening. Keep the conversation open, vague and debatable. This way, you will be able to carry on a small conversation in the next few days before you set up that date.

Points to remember when you text the girl first

You may be pondering on the question: Should a guy text a girl first? Well, if she is waiting for you to make the first move, it is up to you to honor that. It is important that you keep the text message short and refrain from sending flowery quotes or silly jokes.

Your text messages should fascinate her and she should soon let you know that she would like to see you as you are so much fun.

Sending emoticons are cool especially if they are in context with the subject. You can download these from the internet. Flirt using these emoticons or if you are not sure how she will respond to a certain line, send her a cute emoticon.

Watch your grammar and avoid boring her with too many text messages. You will not worry about “Should a guy text a girl first?” when you find that she is responding eagerly to your messages.

Source by Alex J. Stevenson

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What To Text A Girl

It’s so frustrating. You’re sitting there thinking “come up with something clever… come on… what should I SAY to her?” Knowing what to text a girl isn’t rocket science, but trust me – I know how annoying it can be. That’s OK – there IS an easy, proven way to make her laugh and like you. And that’s why you’re here. My name is Race, and after years of texting girls (hundreds of them), I’ve seen everything. So if you want to know how to text girls – and if there’s one in particular who you really like – then I’d bet my pair of flip-flops that I have the answers you’re looking for.

Let’s start with some stuff about how to approach it. Most guys screw up when they’re texting a girl for one of three reasons:

  1. They don’t stand out from other guys texting her
  2. They “give away” their power by being over-eager, not being challenging enough, etc.
  3. They try to be “too cool” and prove something

So with that in mind, how do you reverse it?

Texting Principle 1: Show Some Personality

I remember I used to spend hours thinking of the perfect first text. And then it’d usually end up being something like “what’s up?” or “hey, good to meet ya”. I didn’t want to risk it with a girl I liked. But every guy texts her like this, and what does this give her to go on? Why should she get enthusiastic about responding to something like this? Instead, your mindset with just about every text message you send should be “how can I make her smile with what I’m about to write?” If you can just keep this in mind then you’ll start doing a LOT better with texting girls. Learn about the first text message to send to a girl.

Texting Principle 2: Be A Challenge (But Playfully)

I know you like her and you want to move things along. But hold your horses, cowboy. Don’t make things too easy for her. She’s going to think that you’ve got nothing better going on. In the early stages, don’t text her back immediately – wait about the same time it took her to write back to you. And when it comes time to ask a girl out, tease her – “OK, we can go out, but just don’t embarrass me with any tube stockings;) ” She’ll love the playful challenge. You also might want to learn how to flirt with a girl over text.

Texting Principle 3: Don’t Try To Prove Something

A lot of guys screw up here. They try to show the girl that they are “cool” because of the party they’re going to, the people they know, the things they’re doing. That is all well and good – sometimes I will text a girl that I’m “only going to the most fun bar on planet earth” – but notice I said fun – not most exclusive or coolest. Big difference. If you find yourself thinking “she’ll be impressed by this” then don’t send the text message. Remember – how can you make her smile?

Source by Christian Hudson

How to Text a Girl – Text Seduction Formula You Must Not Miss at Any Cost

A lot of the time, you may find yourself in a situation where you get a woman’s mobile phone number and wish to make her fall for you through text messages.

Flirting through text happens to be a skill that would need proper expertise, though, without which it might be fairly hard to succeed – especially in today’s world of technology. However, there are several points you can keep in mind to help you in text message seduction.

How to Text A Girl – Text Seduction Formula You Must Not Miss At Any Cost

How to make sure you succeed: Make sure that the first text message you send a woman produces an unforgettable impression on your woman’s mind. Naturally, there is always the chance of her deleting your text message from her phone, but there are also chances of her thinking about nothing but your text message all day through. The first thing you need to learn, therefore, is how to make that unforgettable impression in her mind since first impressions are the best ones you can make when it comes to text messaging.

How to flirt with text messaging: You need to become an expert at text message flirting to make women drool at your feet. One way to do this would be by sending short text messages that hint at your actual intentions. It would also be smart to assign a sweet pet name to her to make it seem like you are already in a relationship, even though you aren’t yet, and to mention special personality traits or features that made you take interest in her in the first place.

How to show what you have to offer: After sending some text messages filled with flirting and light banter, you need to ask her out properly. Make sure you do this in an informal manner, so you don’t scare her away, and make sure that your text message does not offer up any chances of rejection from her part.

How to hypnotize her: The tips mentioned above are sure to succeed, provided they are executed the right way. However, there is yet another alternative you could try out: hypnosis. With hypnosis, you simply have to send hypnotic words through text messages to gain a woman’s interest so much that she longs to go on dates with you. This tip is guaranteed to succeed, as well.

All of the tips mentioned here are sure to help you succeed at female seduction through text messaging. You simply have to use the right kind of psychology while keeping a slow and steady pace at the same time, in order to elicit positive responses from your woman of choice.

Source by Derek Rake

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6 Great Tips on How to Text a Guy – What You Should Not Text Him

Learning how to text a guy you like is easy enough. Besides focusing on what to do to impress him, you can also try to learn what not to do. The “don’ts” of flirting through text messages are important for every girl to learn. You don’t want your guy shutting his phone every time he sees a text message from you, do you?

•Don’t text him during inappropriate times such as the middle of the night or early office hours when you know he’s in a meeting. Remember that there is a time and place for everything. Wanting a text conversation during sleeping hours is not the definition of flirty or fun.

•Don’t immediately respond to his text messages. You can play hard to get even in exchanging SMS. Failing to respond can work to your advantage. It makes you more
intriguing and it sort of shows you’re not really “into” the conversation. Therefore, his natural reaction (if he’s into you) is to try a little harder.

•Don’t always be the one to text first. Every once in a while, let him send the first text messages. Being the first to text him all the time will make you look desperate or even easy. He’ll know you’re really into him and that won’t do wonders to your mystique.

•Don’t be boring and just ramble on about uninteresting things. Try talking about something you know he’ll enjoy as well. Better yet, keep it random and short. Just say hi and “I was thinking about you” and see where it goes from there.

•Don’t bombard him with text messages. You may enjoy it at first, but too much of anything can get boring and, eventually, annoying. If you’re constantly overloading him with text messages, then it’s a possibility he wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. He’ll grow tired of hearing from you and wouldn’t want to continue flirting with you through text messages.

•Not being desperate or pushy is a great tip on how to text a guy. If he doesn’t respond immediately, maybe there’s a reason. Maybe something came up, who knows? So don’t act all clingy and nag him to respond to you. Being clingy and showing him your desperate will make you lose your appeal.

Source by Crystal K. Jones