Flirting Tips For Shy Girls! Here is What Every Shy Girl Should Know Before She Starts Flirting

Contrary to popular belief, even shy ladies can get a guy’s attention, without having to do something they are uncomfortable with. Flirting is a skill that not only liberated women can perform – ladies who are feel awkward about showing interest too forwardly. So what does a bashful lady do about panicking before a handsome new friend? Here are seven flirting tips for shy girls:

Put on a bright smile. You may be the most shy person in the world, but it always works to put on a bright smile especially when you see the man of your dreams. Women who have a contagious smile are guy magnets, and even if you are the shy type, the man you want will come to you in no time.

Take everything slow. Doing a complete turnaround when it comes to your attitude would only make you look desperate. When trying to win the heart of the man you want, take things slow. Show the man you want to flirt with that there is more to you once he gets to know you better than being the shy type, and it will make him crazy for sure.

You can be shy but be approachable. Even if you are the woman who is not fond of getting near people, make it to a point that people can approach you. This is a characteristic that men want with women, instead of dealing with snobs and mean girls.

Do the body language. Sometimes being shy actually works for other men. This is because some men find it hot to have a shy girl with them because they think they have no experience with anything which makes them believe that they are your first. Surprise your man by doing the body language. Make sure you send the message you want him to receive by your actions.

Resort to technology. If you are too shy to tell the man how you feel and to share him your thoughts, you can chat with him online or send him text messages. This will really boost your confidence, and when you and the man you want have already warmed up with each other, everything will follow accordingly.

Flaunt what you have discreetly. Because shy women are reserved, imagine the man of your dreams going crazy by showing him your assets discreetly. Make him use his imagination and he will approach you for more.

Converse properly. Even if you are shy, make sure when he talks to you, you answer him properly. Some girls stutter or lose concentration when they are conversing with the man they like, and this will be a complete turn off.

Source by Russell Jackson

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