Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Here’s Why He Won’t Commit To Getting Back Together

When it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back, you’ve probably had your ups and downs. Sometimes he answers the phone when you call, which makes you happy. But then you hear he’s been out with some other girl, and that makes you sad. He might even text you sometimes without you texting him first, and sometimes he even seems like he might want to get back together. But other times days can go by and he won’t call or answer your calls.

The problem with these ups and downs when it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back is that they leave you hanging on. You are thinking about how you want your ex boyfriend back constantly. And some days it seems like you’re making progress, which is the only way you can get through the down times. Why does it seem like sometimes he wants to get back together, while other times he won’t give you the time of day?

The truth about why your ex boyfriend won’t commit to getting back together is this: you aren’t making him work for it. You’ve become the girl he calls when he’s lonely or bored. You’re the one that he knows will always be there! And you prove it every time you answer the phone. Every time he calls you and asks you to come over out of the blue and you go. And every time he needs emotional support for a problem but has no one else to talk to.

You might think that being the girl he can always lean on is a good thing. But clearly, it isn’t working. You aren’t any closer to getting your ex boyfriend back now than you were when you first broke up. It’s not your fault, because you love him and you want to have a connection with him. But he’s going to keep using you for this until someone else comes along. He’s getting to date other people while still treating you like his girlfriend… when it’s convenient for him.

You have to start putting yourself first if you want to have any hope of getting your ex boyfriend back. You have to play a little hard to get. And you have to let him know (through your actions, not your words) that it isn’t okay to treat you like this. That you have a life too, and that he isn’t entitled to taking up so much of your time if he isn’t going to commit to getting back together.

Source by Penny Bartholomew

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