Has anyone ever wrestled with guys and be surprised just how much stronger they are?

My guy and I were at the climbing gym this morning and after our session we ended up on the mats where they wrestle while we cooled off and stretched. I started messing with him like I was wrestling and then I put him in a headlock and laughing telling him there’s no way you can get out of this. He says you got me. I guess I was feeling full of myself and told him to at least try. He just stands up with me on his back, pulls my arm off his neck like nothing, then reaches behind and grabs me. Before I knew what happened he has me upside down in a hug asking me “what are you going to do now, tough girl” Then he puts me down and did a flexing thing. I think he thought I was mad cause he asked if I was OK. I was fine, happy, but still processing how easy he overpowered me. I honestly felt really small in that moment (not in a bad way or anything, just a reality check of sorts on how strong guys are.)

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