How to Attract and Date Vietnamese Women With the Asian Seduction System

How to Date a Vietnamese Woman.

Vietnamese women tend to be very shy, and not as impressed by western culture as Korean, Chinese or Japanese women. Whereas other places in Asia, a foreigner might be an intriguing sight, it is not as true in Vietnam. The Vietnamese culture is somewhat conservative. Every culture in Asia is so unique, it’s really hard to compare or contrast, but Vietnam in particular is an amazing and unique country with some really interesting and beautiful women.

Any man who travels here should know that they are going to have to make more of an effort than other places in Asia to attract the women in Vietnam, and also go about dating in a slightly different way than what they might be used to.

Because Vietnamese women are more shy, it means that you have to be more aggressive. With Asian women in general, you don’t want to be too aggressive (although most guys are still not persistent enough).

There is a difference between being too dominant, or persisting to get past her initial shyness.

Asian women from China and Vietnam in particular will almost never make the first move. It’s up to you as a man to know how and when to do this.

They aren’t going to kiss you first, and you need to know when the best time is to try and kiss a Vietnamese woman. Now an overly aggressive guy might screw up his chances by trying to shove his tongue down their throat (which is bad, don’t do this!) when they first meet the Vietnamese woman.

Whereas a smart and persistent guy might realize that Vietnamese women are shy, and they still like him, even if they if they turn him down for the very first kiss. Thai women, for example, are very similar and will almost never kiss you on the first date – but expect you to be persistent, and will look at this as a test of how much you like them.

Dating Asian women is different from wherever you come from originally, I can guarantee that, but there are so many different countries and cultures in Asia, and oftentimes these different cultures produce different dating norms. It’s not always easy to seduce a Vietnamese Woman, especially if you aren’t used to her dating norms, and you don’t really know how to attract her.

Good luck and have fun attracting Vietnamese women!

Source by Richard C Zhang

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