How to Build Attraction With a Woman Via Email Flirting

Email flirting is pretty much commonplace nowadays, whether it is with a woman in the office, someone you have met online on an internet dating site, or maybe a girl you met in a bar at the weekend and exchanged business cards with. Just like flirting with women in person there are a few things to pay attention to in order to be successful with your efforts in flirting with her.

First of all, as with any situation, you want her to be comfortable with it and not feel like she is being stalked by some complete weirdo. Therefore, just because you fancy a girl you work with, don’t plague her like a virus in her inbox. As you would in person, you want to play it cool, whilst at the same time giving her subtle signals that you like her.

Don’t think that because you’re hiding behind your monitor, you can act how you like without consequences. In fact, be even more careful at work as this could be seen as sexual harassment and even end on you losing your job. It’s always best to keep work and pleasure separate, so I would advise that if you want to flirt with a woman in your office, you get her personal email and not do it on the work system.

Another factor to always remember is to treat her with respect and don’t say anything to her you wouldn’t say to her face. In fact many of the same rules apply as with face to face flirting. You want to make sure that you are confident and humorous, at the same time being complimentary to her and not coming across as insecure of needy.

Now when I say be humorous, also remember what I have said about being respectful, so generally unless you know more about each other and get each others sense of humor, don’t make jokes about her. This is a fast track to it all going horribly wrong as jokes can get lost in translation through text. Therefore, it’s also important not to use sarcasm as it’s very difficult to interpret and will more than likely be taken seriously when she reads it.

That being said, adding easy to understand jokes is a definite must as it will show your lighter side and make her laugh. This is good for you, as she will associate you with laughter and her feeling happy. If you can make her smile or laugh with each email you send, the picture of you in her head will be a very positive image and she will therefore be more likely to see you, either for a first time, or meeting up again if you’ve met before.

Finally as I touched on briefly earlier, also be sure to compliment her in the emails your share too. If she is someone you’ve not met, but you found via an internet dating site, find something in her profile to comment on and again your aim with this is to make her feel happy. If you have met her in person, you can compliment her on something that happened when you met, or maybe what she was wearing at the time and this will show you that you treasure that memory and have been thinking about her.

These are just a few simple pointers on how to go about email flirting to get the best results. For more tips on successfully flirting with women via email visit Flirting for Guys by clicking the link below now.

Source by T Matthews

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