How to Get Him to Text Back – Enticing Ways to Get Him to Reply to You Quickly! Read This Now

Are you frustrated and mad at him for not replying to your messages? Have you ever stopped to wonder if you are doing the right thing by sending him a thousand messages in the first place? If you haven’t, then it is about time you did! These tips will help you to do the right thing and will even make him reply.

Don’t be persistent in messaging

Stop badgering him with your messages. He has started to take you and your messages for granted and will not bother replying to them as he knows that whether he does or not, you will still bombard him with more! If you stop sending him messages he will soon begin to wonder why and will become curious.

Stop sounding desperate

The fact that you are desperately trying to get him to respond to you will be obvious in the tone of your messages. This will make you seem even more clingy and he might pity you instead of want you! If you do want to message him once in a blue moon, you should make sure that you sound just friendly.

Be casual in your tone

If you are just casual and matter of fact in your messages, you will make him feel that you are getting over him and are just being friendly, that’s all! He will begin to miss having your undying and adoring attention and will try to get you interested in him again and that will make him reply to your messages.

Let him know what exciting things you are up to

It would do good if he began to see you as someone who is having the time of her life, not someone who is desperately trying to cling to the past. Let him know that you have your hands full and no time to waste and he will start to wonder who is getting to spend time with you these days. He will text back the next time you send him messages.

Send a message that seems like it was meant for someone else

This is a ruse that could put him on the spot and make a decision about you. If you send him a message that obviously looks like you meant it for someone else and sent it to him by mistake, he is going to wonder who the new guy in your life is. You could call the next day and apologize for the mistake. You can be sure he will start asking you questions.

Make him curious by being vague

One way to make him very curious about you is to be vague and mysteriously abrupt in your messages. Don’t let him know everything about you and make it seem like you are reluctant to let him know what’s going on in your life. Curiosity always kills the cat!

Don’t reply to his messages for a change

One thing he is not going to expect you to do is not reply to his messages. Since you have been plaguing him with desperate messages he feels that there is no way you are going to ignore his! Be silent for a change and don’t get in touch with him. Become unavailable and he will desperately want to know why!

Source by Krista Hiles

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