I just got rejected for the second time by a girl I’ve been dating and really like, and i actually feel okay

Started talking to this girl, conversations were great. After a couple weeks her response time gets longer, eventually she tells me she started seeing someone else and she was sorry. I told her if things change hit me up and we can see where we are. About 6 weeks later she messaged me saying things changed, we started talking again and agreed to meet up to have a drink and watch our favorite hockey team play. Second date we went to a brewery (which she loves), great conversation and afterwards we make out by our cars (we were also both a little tipsy), third date we go walk my dog on a nature trail. We have great, long and in depth conversations about our lives, our past, and our futures.

My last real relationship ended almost 4 years ago after i was cheated on and dumped. It hurt me for so long and i was finally feeling ready to get serious again. This girl was beautiful and i really started picturing us together. The frustrating thing was that she always took so long to reply, like at least 24 hours. Not a huge deal, I’m not a fan of texting all day everyday but constantly waiting 1-2 days got tiring and made me anxious, especially when she told me about all her group chats and how active they are and how she gets mad at her sister for not replying quickly. Oh well, we’re still new to each other’s lives so no big deal. Yesterday i ask her out for a date next week and she responds saying she had fun and loved our talks but didn’t see it progressing beyond friends, due to feeling no romantic connection. Naturally I’m really hurt. But I’m quickly starting to feel better about it. I was more attracted to the idea of this girl i built up in my mind rather than the actual girl. I’ve come to realize what i deserve out of a potential partner, and it’s not waiting 1-2 days for them to even bother to speak with me. I deserve someone who’s excited to see me and takes initiative to do so. I still think my perfect girl is out there, and one day I’ll be laying in bed with her looking back on everything and saying “damn I’m sure glad it never worked with anyone else.” Sure I’m still hurting right now, but i know time heals all wounds. I’ll get better.

To anyone in my shoes, you deserve better. Don’t waste time on someone who won’t spend any time on you 🙂

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