Sensitive Men, what does your girlfriend do that upsets you, unknown to her?

Edit: Yes the phrasing of the question was not the best and i did not mean to upset/offend anyone, so i am apologizing for that. In the comments down below you can find an explanation from me about how that phrasing happened.

Edit 2 for the added explanation from down below:

I read the same question with “hypersensitive women” on askwomen and found it to be super interesting and really wanted a male perspective on it.
i agree that it is unfortunately less common for males to share their feelings. i thought that if i phrase it with sensitive instead of hypersensitive, maybe more males would feel open to talk about it, and don’t feel off for being “unusal” even though they are not.

Also on the female thread a thing i noticed was that alot of the behaviours getting pointed out aren’t hypersensitive, they are just made felt like they are being hypersensitive to push responsibility away from their partners.
That’s why i decided to say ‘sensitive’ instead of hypersensitive, not to make people feel like they are wrong for having feelings etc.

i do agree tho now that it can sound a bit mocking and it was not intended to be this way. Simply wanted shared feelings of getting upset , without silly answers such as ‘she wont suck my dick 24/7 huehuehue’

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