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Words Women Use

The other day, I received this email about Words Women Use. I couldn’t find who the original author is, therefore I’m NOT taking credit for it. 1. FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when theyare right, and you need to shut up. 2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, […]

How to Ruin a Date by Having an Amazing Memory

Most people read tons of magazines and books. Most guys read about literature, cars, newspapers, science, technology, psychology, philosophy, Greek philosophy, European philosophy, politics, who thinks this or that, and what’s happening here and there. Information, information, information Unfortunately, our society teaches us to consume information; useful and useless information. We are taught to accumulate […]

13 Things PMS Stands For

For most women PMS is that time of the month in which they experience a roller coaster of emotions, physical pains and psychological fluctuations. These fluctuations are experienced as mood swings accompanied by irritability, headaches, depression and fatigue. Despite psychologists not been able to identify mayor mood differences, gender clearly is the reason for this […]

He Says, She Hints

Last night, a friend asked me for some dating advice on how to understand men. Well, as we all know understanding men is not an easy task. As a representative of the male gender, I have to say, yes it is difficult to understand men but slightly easier than understanding women. Hopefully, I didn’t push […]

Five Signs She Is Not Into You

Most communication is corporal. Woman say more than meets the eye … In this case the ear. What is that she really means? Observe her body language. She crosses her arms – When a woman on a date places her hands in front of her body — especially if they are crossed — she is […]

No Smooch Signals

After my Smooch Signals blog post I received an email from a Guest Writer. I thought it will be great to share what she has to say. Read the following article about written by our guest writer Denise. She has a comedic and interesting angle on what’s women’s reaction to his advances and attempts to […]

Smooch Signals

Last night I was at a get together with my friends comparing notes about the dating scene 20 to 30 years ago versus today. The question came up about when to kiss a woman. Well, that is the wrong question. The real question is; how to know when she is she ready to be kissed. […]

9 Dating Tips for Guys

Difficulty: Moderately challenging (especially for some guys out there; geeks, frat boys, for example). 1. Timing is everything – There will be certain days of the month in which you are going to be a jerk anyways, no matter what. Therefore, always wait until she decides when to go on a date. Be her friend […]

No Low Fat

Female intuition … I could write book about it. The sixth sense we guys haven’t developed because we are so preoccupied thinking about sex we missed the sometimes too obvious signals. On the other hand, women are never pre-occupied with sex. They know is not really a challenge. Now, the challenge for women is; from […]

He Says, She Hints

Hints – The encrypted way of women to metaphorically ask for something Last night, a friend asked me for some advice on how to understand men. Well, as we all know understanding men is not an easy task. As a representative of the male gender, I have to say, yes it is difficult to understand […]

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