Why Would She Call If She Thinks I’m Cute

Allan R – they say that women mature faster than men, but why is it that most men don’t play games like women do, example: you are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute, call me really soon, you call them, and they never call you back.

If I hear 1000 POSITIVE comments from women, then I’ll change my opinion for SURE!!!

Me – 95% of the time women are very mood oriented. Whenever you call, tell (don’t ask) them you are doing something fun and she is invited. Most women don’t know what they want, they only know what they don’t want once the figure they don’t w…ant it. NUTS !! It is the nature of the beast. Remember they don’t have to go looking for guys or relationships. Those have been offered to them since they were in their teens. They had to develop a mechanism to screen you out (80/20 rule). Make an irresistible offer twice. If it doesn’t work out or she calls back, move on.

The Best Compliment

– The Best Compliment – Today I received the best compliment a stranger has given me. I went to the UMC (CU cafeteria) today to buy a banana. The cashier (around 50 yo) told me; “It is $42.00” – I said; “sure charge it”. She then asked me if my parents get the bill and that’s why I don’t care. She tought I was 24 years old. LOL and thank you lady


dancing signals

Scientists say if you suck at dancing, it signals to women that you’re a bad mating partner. It’s a subconscious sign that your testosterone levels are lower than average, which means you’re not up to a lady’s baby-making standards. And your awkward moves on the dance floor may have evolved as a neon flashing sign to warn women to steer clear of you and your inferior DNA.

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Why Guys Don’t Call

Why Men Don't Call

One of the ethernal questions about men’s behavior. Recently, like I always do, I made it about me. Yes, why do I do the things I do. It is NOT someone else’s fault but mine. I have decided to go on the difficult task of explain why men do the things they do. No, it is not just sex what drive us. Other reasons will be uncovered in this Pachanga Diaries series; Undertanding Why Men Are Jerks

Why Guys Don’t Call

Like women, guys also send missignals and miscommunicate. Different from women guys, won’t test your character just to see if you can handle it (tricky women). In an attempt to be considered and polite most guys will try not to be jerks and handle situations with a minial confrontation.

– That is fine but we had the best time during our date, and then he doesn’t call – you might be thinking.

If the women is looking for something more serious than what he wants, they probably won’t call.

– Wait a minute !! Women have done this to me too – . Exactly, it is called “You are fun but not serious enough” syndrome.

Are we really that different? Discover the reason behind;

Why did he go back to his ex when things were going well?

In tomorrow’s episode of “Why are Men Jerks” series

Coming Up

  • Why doesn’t he open emotionally?
  • Why he never makes plans?
  • Why is he obsessed with me after I have broken up with him?

Any other questions? Please, ask in the comment box below

Why I’m Naughty but Nice. Hoping for this Christmas Gift

bouncing bed

Pen and paper at hand, I sat down and wrote a letter to Santa a few weeks ago;

Dear Santa,

This year I have definitely tried to be good.

But … some naughty girls have taken me away from the path of becoming a good boy. Like one of those girls would say; “what to do?”.

At least I have tried. Hopefully this counts towards some good boy scout points. Here is a picture of what I would like to get for Christmas. I’m pretty sure my naughty friends will appreciate this gift as well.

P.S. I made some “happy brownies ” instead of cookies. They are under the Christmas tree next to the bag of Doritos and colorful caleidoscope. I know these “happy brownies” really make you go Ho, Ho, Ho !

Merry Christmas,

Pachanga Diaries

Spring is back in the (smelly) air

Insomnia is surprised by spring. Pachanga Diaries

I’m a morning person … well, my brain is anyways. On a beautiful Sunday my restless brain wakes me up with the right amount of happy chemical substances and started to feel uncomfortable. It went on and on about the logic of this or that.

I took a quick shower, grab my jacket and laptop and out the door to the coffee shop.

– “Good morning. Can I have a café au lait medium skim milk to go?” –

I already love it, plain English with a little French. A few minutes later a get my beautiful cup of coffee in a bright beautiful morning in Boulder … without having to use some “Fritalian” or having to stare at an overpriced-way-too-many-options-in-different-languages menu. By the way, it is just coffee.

After listening to some Spanish music (http://www.pandora.com/ ) and observing people falling into the magical spells of the coffee shop couches, I went to the bathroom.

I suddenly open the door of the men’s bathroom and … slap, smack to the nose.
Spring is in the air. A smell of rancid dry sweat and coffee beans hit me out of the blue.

People, it is ok to start taking showers again … it is spring and I’m in love again.

He Says, She Hints

She might be hinting you of something she doesn't like

She might be hinting you of something she doesn’t like. Learn the signs

Hints – The encrypted way of women to metaphorically ask for something

Last night, a friend asked me for some advice on how to understand men. Well, as we all know understanding men is not an easy task. As a representative of the male gender, I have to say, yes it is difficult to understand men but slightly easier than understanding women.
Hopefully, I didn’t push the buttons of those feminist women out there with that comment above. Anyways, as I’m trying to explain to Marisa the psych of men and how much more simple than women think it is, my thoughts started to come together :

After some more observations on human behavior, discussions, squeezing the stress ball by my desk, making fist-size paper balls and shooting a few into a trash can nearby, I decided to begin a perhaps controversial series of articles that I’ll call; Women on the Second Floor


The following might or might not represent the author’s opinion on whatever he is writing. The purpose is to look at life from different point of views, NOT to insult anyone. So, DON’T take it personally. There might be some strong content but I’ll try “PG thirteening-it” as much as possible. For example, instead of the penis I’ll replace it by a little banana word.

Of course, there will be always someone who is gonna come up to me and say; “why did you write that warning about not taking it personally? Are you taking about me?” Exactly my point. All right, let get started, go crazy, stupid or whatever the Black Eye Peas say. Continue reading