The 9 Clues That You He Will Eventually Cheat On You

If you have just started dating a guy, you may already be thinking that he is the one for you. At the very least, you can see the relationship lasting and who knows where that will lead? However, you have to be careful, especially if you have been cheated on before, that he is not going to let his attentions wander. So, how do you know if he is going to cheat on you? You want to find out, as early as possible, to save yourself from a lot of pain and heartache. There is no guarantee that any of these signs means that he will definitely cheat on you, but they are worth considering.

Cheating Sign #1. Did he cheat on his ex-girlfriends?

You may not have got to the stage of asking about previous relationships, but you can still find out from other people. Your friends may know that he has a reputation for dating more than one girl at a time. This should set alarm bells ringing. Of course, if he happened to be cheating on another girl when he first started dating you, then you know that he has definitely done it before, and could do it again.

Cheating Sign #2. Does he seem over friendly with other girls?

When you are out together, is he constantly flirting with waitresses, or other girls? This might just be his way, but it is certainly not something that you can ignore. If his attention is easily distracted by other girls and he is not focusing on you, then that should be taken as a potential problem. You should also see how he acts around female work colleagues and you will soon be able to tell if he is looking at them in another way than just work buddies.

Cheating Sign #3. Is he overly secretive?

Now this can be proof that he already is cheating on you, or that he has it in his nature to do so later in the relationship. The kinds of signs you need to look out for are text messages, phone calls or other type of communication that he seems to be particularly cagey about. These might be from another girl who he is dating at the same time.

Cheating Sign #4. Does he have a lot of nights out with the guys?

These may well be harmless, but they could potentially be used as a cover to see another girl later in your relationship. Of course, if he started out spending more time with you than the guys, and this suddenly changes, you need to find out if he really is telling the truth.

Cheating Sign #5. Does he work late a lot?

Again, just as in the last point, this might be totally innocent. However, if the pattern changes for no apparent reason then he may well be seeing a little more of one of his female colleagues than he should!

Cheating Sign #6. Does your sex change?

This is one that might not happen very early in the relationship, but it can do at any point if he is cheating on you. If you have enjoyed frequent sex, and he suddenly becomes tired, or just doesn’t want to, it can be an indicator of a number of things. He may already be cheating on you and be too worn out from his other love making to have any energy left for you. He might not be enjoying sex with you as much as he should, which may lead to him looking for satisfaction elsewhere. On the other hand, it may be perfectly innocent, and just be a sign that he is tired! You should try and talk about this, as problems relating to sex can often be the catalyst that drives people to find another partner to have sex with.

Cheating Sign #7. Does he only want to see you on set days?

This may be that he has other commitments. They could be perfectly innocent, or he may be freeing up some space to fit in another girl. It might not be that he is already seeing someone else, but he may want to be able to have the opportunity to do so when he wants to.

Cheating Sign #8. Is he open about his female friends?

Yes, guys can have female friends and not necessarily be dating them! However, if he seems to be a little cagey about talking about them, then this might mean that he has more than just friendship in mind. The phrase, ‘She’s just a friend’ can mean exactly the opposite of what it appears to say. It is a good idea to meet his female friends as you will probably get a very good idea of whether they really are just friends, or whether there is the possibility that something else might be a possibility.

Cheating Sign #9. Do you really trust him?

Apart from the other points mentioned, trust is a huge issue. You can often tell, quite early on in a relationship, if a guy is telling you the truth. If he lies about certain trivial things, it could mean that he is naturally deceitful, and completely capable of cheating on you without giving it a second thought. It is worth being a little cautious when you are in the early stages of your relationship. However, don’t become too obsessed with the question of whether he might cheat on you in the future, or you are likely to drive him away when he had no intention of cheating on you. You may end up actually turning him into a cheater by your actions and suspicions!

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