The Wheel Paradox

Eating 70% cocoa chocolate on a Saturday night while letting my couch adapt to my laziness, I began to think. Yes, I like living dangerously. I know the government doesn’t want me to figure it out …
“you are suppose to watch reality TV crap and pay your taxes, that’s it!”

I guess I just refuse to become another hyped robot … robots everywhere. So, I wondered;

What is the most important human invention?

The wheel always comes up first. I think the written word, or the alphabet, is the second most important and guess what the third one is … No, it is not YouTube, Google or the Internet.

It is the Printing Press! Why did we invent Printing Press?

The printed word has been a such an important factor in the establishment of communities of philosophers (also known as wine snobs and drunks) and scientists who wanted to communicate their bla, bla, blas and important discoveries, respectively. Their ideas were easily shared through widely disseminated magazines and journals.

Therefore scientists were able to spread their knowdlege, discoveries and inventions, avoiding then to re-inventing the wheel.

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