Spring Basic Attraction (If you like this post then “Like” it and share with friends) Last night I was watching Sharon Stone flashing a detective in the movie Basic Instinct. Naughty, naughty girl. This movie was a big hit in its time because of that scene. I asked myself; What is it about mini skirts and going commando we guys like so much? What are those features we find so attractive? It was kind of a trivial task to me. So, I decided to do my research about what women find attractive in men. WHAT WOMEN FIND ATTRACTIVE IN MEN part 1 Dancing Women love subtle physical contact. Think about it, dancing is a feast for the senses. That subtle, after shave smell, looking into your partner’s eyes, the taste of your chewing gum, the music and the touch of the bodies along with the rhythms. Women find guys who can dance, confident, romantic and fun. But please, dance to the rhythm; 1 … 2 … cha, cha, cha! … 3 … 4 …. cha, cha, cha! … continue reading this article at; http://girlfriendpedia.com/spring-basic-attraction/

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