Ask a woman out without getting nervous

Ask a woman out without getting nervous

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Everyone gets nervous, rather it be staying home by yourself or running in gym class. But in this case, asking out a woman, you can get extremely nervous. Here are some ways to keep your cool while asking someone out.

[edit] Steps

  1. Before you do it:
    1. Think of ways to relax all that tension. Meditate, singing, and reading are some good ways to ease some stress for the upcoming event.
    2. Don’t think too much about asking her out. It just freaks you out more.
    3. Calm Down while asking.
    4. As you’re pulling her aside for the question, take a few deep breaths and think only positively.
    5. Don’t fear rejection. This adds onto pressure, and you just might back down.
    6. If you feel shaky, lean against something. Not only will you not fall, but you’ll look a little more casual.
    7. Breathe normally. Otherwise it will also make your speech irregular and awkward.
    8. If you feel your hands get sweaty, put them behind your back.
  2. After the big moment:
    1. Contain yourself. It’s 100 percent normal to feel excited, a common mistake some make is to scream and run around. You will look like an idiot.
    2. Take some more deep breaths.

[edit] Tips

  • To feel less nervous, have a good friend close by: just not close enough to hear everything you two are saying.
  • Make sure you’ve gotten to know the person a little before you ask. Pulling aside your secret-as in no one but YOU knows-crush will not only be awkward for you, but them too. This will also reduce nerves because you have at least talked with them before.

[edit] Warnings

  • Be serious. Don’t be all like “heeeey, lets go out,” and playfully hit them. They’ll think that’s creepy.
  • . Absolutely do not ask someone out with their friends around. If things go bad, there goes your reputation. Or, they might try to look cool and blow you off.

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