How to Be A Challenge to Your Girlfriend

how to be a challenge to girfriendThere are all kinds of things that can make a good relationship turn bad. Of course, the word ‘bad’ is subjective, but it’s a rare couple that can maintain that initial excitement for the duration of their relationship. To put it another way: boredom kills relationships. As a guy, it’s important to think of how to be a challenge to your girlfriend. But, just as ‘bad’ is a subjective word, so too is ‘challenge’. Holding on to that thought; let’s explore this idea a bit further.

Challenge Calibration

Assuming that boredom is one of the main enemies of a good relationship, then it only makes sense that you will do whatever you can to keep things interesting. Anything goes, in theory; in reality, you need to be careful that you don’t take your challenges too far. Continue reading

How to Dump Your Girlfriend

how to breakup girlfriendDo you want to dump your girlfriend?

In 3 out of every 4 break ups, the girl does the dumping.  That means that guys often are inexperienced when they want to get out of relationships because in the past, it’s always been their girlfriends who have called it quits.  So here’s a guys’ guide to how to dump your girlfriend.

There are several ways to dump your girlfriend.

The first method is to “drift away.”  You gradually stop calling her.  You don’t go out on dates.  You become emotionally unavailable.  At some point, she’ll get the message.  You may not even have to have a formal scene.  It will be over without any words.

There are many ways to tell her that you are dumping her.  You can take the coward’s way out and write her a letter or text message.  But, don’t expect that you will be able to dump your girlfriend so easily.  She will probably track you down and make a scene anyway. Continue reading

How to Write a Love Letter For Your Girlfriend

1280px-Remains_of_a_burnt_letter_of_loveIf you are wondering about buying the absolute most perfect gifts for your girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s Day, instead of buying something, why not try your hand at writing a love letter or love poem?

Writing love letters or love poems can be the most romantic thing to do for her, she will treasure it forever.

All you have to do is search your heart and soul and let your feelings for her flow through your fingertips onto the page. It really is not a very hard thing to do at all. Continue reading

6 Non Verbal Ways to Tell Your Girlfriend; I love You

6 ways tell girlfriend i love you

  • Have a hard time expressing your feelings?
  • Are you afraid that if you do it will make you seem like less of a man?
  • Are you afraid of coming across as vulnerable?

Saying, “your my girlfriend and I love you” will show her that you are secure in your feelings and, frankly, are more of a man because you can express your feelings.

Conveying your feelings to her is easy and you will feel better for having done it. There are many other ways of saying, “your my girlfriend” beside the words you speak. Read on to find out what they are.

Be Welcoming

Pay attention to how your react when she enters the room. Do you smile and rush to greet her with a hug and a kiss? If you do then she can see and feel that you love her. This shows her that she makes you happy when she is around.

Cook for Her

Everyone has to eat and if you put forth the effort to make her a romantic dinner once in a while she will know that you think fondly of her and want to see her happy. Include some candlelight and wine and you may just be rewarded for your efforts later. Continue reading

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back When She Needs Space

how to get your exgirlfriend backBreak ups are, to put it mildly, a pain in the neck. The causes of splitting up vary, but whatever the cause, it is quite common for one person to want to get back together. Let’s assume that you are reading this because you’re a guy, and you have already tried to work things out. However, she brushed you off and now you’re asking yourself, “how can I get my ex-girlfriend back when she needs space?


First, you need to accept the fact that she needs space. Emotions can get chaotic after a break up, and you both need some space so you can get things back under control. Perhaps you have already reached that point, but your ex-girlfriend hasn’t. On the other hand, maybe you haven’t calmed down all that much and you are reacting too quickly. If this is the case, then the best thing to do is nothing. Just wait for a while and give yourself a chance to manage your feelings.

Continue reading

4 Steps to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

exgirlfriend how back upset woman in bedHaving your relationship come to an end can be difficult. Even though it is something everybody has to go through, it does not seem to make it any easier. But even though your relationship is over, it does not mean you stop loving that person and are willing to let it remain broken apart.

There are a lot of ways to get your ex-girlfriend back. If you are not quite ready to lose the love of your life, there are so many methods you can try to win her back. It comes down to finding which method works best for you. While I cannot list every possible route you can take, there are four main steps you should try when trying to entice your girlfriend into returning to you.

1. Acknowledgment

The first step in your road to winning your girl back is to acknowledge that your relationship is over. Seems a bit off but it makes sense. If you live in your little world and deny reality, you cannot be objective and fix what needs fixing.

Only by accepting the truth can you then go and look at your relationship and find where it failed. Try to see things from her point of view, what made her decide to call it quits. Once you figure all this out, you can make the necessary changes in order to fix the problems she may have had. Continue reading

Why She Only Knows What She Doesn’t Want

dating shopping

Why She Only Knows What She Doesn’t Want

Most Women Don’t Know What They Want; They Only Know What They Don’t Want. Let me give you an example; have you ever gone to a shopping center with a woman?

Notice the way they go about buying things. They try every-freaking-thing on.

– “oh, a free Cinnabon sample? I’m on a diet but I’ll try it” –

Have you gone to a shopping center with a man? Probably not. Why? Because men try to avoid going to a shopping center. The best invention known to all men is internet shopping. Thank you Geek God!

The Biology behind This Phenomenon

Men have been hunters for thousands of years. Back then, men will look a prey and hunt it down. They had to stare at potential dinner preys. Be quite and focus for hours. In the modern day this has translated into the dating dance of the male hunter and the female prey. A man sees something he likes, he goes and gets it or at least try. Continue reading

How Women Avoid You Breaking Up with Them, with This Trick

How Women Avoid You Breaking Up with Them

How Women Avoid You Breaking Up with Them, her trick

This is the first part of a new blog series titled; “What I have Learned From Women“. Here I will explain what I have noticed and observed about female behavior and psychology. Hopefully, I’ll stick long enough to be able to make it interesting for all of you readers of the blog.

LESSON #1 – Avoid Girlfriend Breaking Up with You with This Trick

This is something I have observed every time I had to break up with a woman for whatever reason.

Have you tried to break up with a girlfriend and noticed they always asked you; – so you are giving up on us? –

Notice she is asking in present participle tense. If you forgot what is present participle is, let me refresh your mind.

From using we get;

“A Present Participle is used with the verbTo Be‘ to indicate an action that is incomplete: Continue reading

The Eternality Of The In Love Experience

The eternality of the in-love experience is fiction not fact.

  • After two years of been in love little traits that we overlook when we were in love now become huge mountains.
  • By nature we are egocentric. Our world revolve around us.
  • Love is an illusion by which we get tricked into signing under line for better or worse.

When we come back to the real world there are two options;

  1. We are destined to a life of mystery with our spouse . Earlier generation, our parents
  2. We must jump ship and try again . Our Generation, us

There is a third and better alternative

3. Recognize the love high and pursuit genuine love. A love that is born from effort and discipline


Why Would She Call If She Thinks I’m Cute

Allan R – they say that women mature faster than men, but why is it that most men don’t play games like women do, example: you are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute, call me really soon, you call them, and they never call you back.

If I hear 1000 POSITIVE comments from women, then I’ll change my opinion for SURE!!!

Me – 95% of the time women are very mood oriented. Whenever you call, tell (don’t ask) them you are doing something fun and she is invited. Most women don’t know what they want, they only know what they don’t want once the figure they don’t w…ant it. NUTS !! It is the nature of the beast. Remember they don’t have to go looking for guys or relationships. Those have been offered to them since they were in their teens. They had to develop a mechanism to screen you out (80/20 rule). Make an irresistible offer twice. If it doesn’t work out or she calls back, move on.

My FourSquare (Bizarro) GirlFriend

Foursquare is an web application that helps you find new ways to explore the city. The more you check into your favorite restaurant, coffee shop or gym, the more points you earn. Every restaurant, coffee shop or favorite place will have special discounts or freebies for those who check-in the most and eventually become the mayor of the place.

Free side at Burgers House, Free beer at Southern Bar, Ann Taylor: 15% off for checking in and 25% off if you’re mayor for example.

My Bizarro FourSquare Girlfriend

I began to think; “How this Foursquare has it all wrong if I use my girlfriend point of view about relationships and couple’s communication”. Here are my findings;

  • I DO have to check in with my girlfriend and tell her where, when and with Whom at least twice per day
  • SHE doesn’t necessarily have to check in with me. Even if I asked her to
  • I DO have to invite her to whatever I’m doing after I have Checked In.
  • SHE will not be interested in joining me 80% of the time
  • I DO NOT get a discount or freeby or points after check-in with her several times per day
  • SHE just don’t want to have sex, have a headache, pay for anything and it is always my fault

Instead of using Foursquare to define your relationship use it to pick people up

Foursquare has a Ratio Finder is a map showing men/women or women/men ration for different places. There is something to be said avoid basic rules of marketing; high demand, low competition.

Here are some findings;

  • Yoga places have a 89% female attendance.
  • Museums across the board tend to have more guys checking in (surprisingly)
  • Ben and Jerry’s has a 75% attendance of women. Especially during those days
  • Nearly every Hotel Bar has more Guys

Are You Using Foursquare To Avoid Your Ex? Well that is a topic for another day

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The Best Compliment

– The Best Compliment – Today I received the best compliment a stranger has given me. I went to the UMC (CU cafeteria) today to buy a banana. The cashier (around 50 yo) told me; “It is $42.00” – I said; “sure charge it”. She then asked me if my parents get the bill and that’s why I don’t care. She tought I was 24 years old. LOL and thank you lady

How To Be An Asshole

The Ass' Ass

I WAS CALLED AN ASSHOLE the other day … but then I noticed that person insults and swears a lot.
Mmmh … I’m not an asshole, that person just likes to insults everybody and swear like a sailor.

We are not friends anymore.

I just don’t see the value in being friends with people that insult for no useful reason.

How To Be an Asshole

Later on, a friend of my confessed she finds this selfish asshole very attractive. She said;

She – “The problem is that I find him very attractive but he doesn’t do what I want him to do” –

Me – “Didn’t you said he tell you he is kind of an asshole?” –

She – “Yes, he did” –

Me – “I think the problem here is you” –

Air Sex

I don’t think air sex is going to catch on as fast as air guitar did

Air Sex is a performance activity invented in Japan; clothed men and women simulate sexual activity with an invisible partner, often in an exaggerated manner, set to music, and in a competition before an audience. This is somewhat akin to playing air guitar, explaining the name. The creator, J-Taro Sugisaku, says that it was invented in Tokyo in 2006 by a group of bored men without girlfriends.

9 Things I Did While Facebook Was Down


1. Wonder about what’s on my mind

2. Share something with my co-worker

3. Tweeted; “Facebook is down”

4. Discovered I have a window in my office and half a sandwich in a drawer. WFT ??

5. Check if Facebook was back on. Nope …. checked again …. nope !!

6. Pee

7. Went to to watch the daily show. Steward, you are a funny mofo

8. Talked to a stranger and then discover we work in the same office. Just a few feet away from each other

9.  I actually did some work

Things Men Don’t Know about Real American Women

I think this the most important one; – Don’t try to figure out what will make us happy. We have been trying to get to the bottom of that mystery since the beginning of time and we have no clue either.

1. We Can Be Beer Snobs

No. 660: Don’t ask me why my Stella is in a wine glass. It’s not. Get your beers straight.

– Leigh Metherell, 22, Brooklyn

2. We Notice Sex Appeal, Too

No. 867: We think at least two of your friends are hot.

- Lauren Cusimano, 24, Phoenix

3. Our Daily Intake

No. 477: Men don’t know how much we really eat. Really.

- Natalia Angel, 22, London

4. Things That Make Us Go “Aww”

No. 908: Despite what we say, you holding a baby with complete confidence is an absolute aphrodisiac. Put the baby down and come touch me.

- Jennifer Trinh, 24, Irvine, California

5. We Like How You Get When You Explain Things

No. 220: We may say we enjoy watching Top Gear or the Lakers, but really more than anything we enjoy seeing how teaching us about Top Gear and the Lakers boosts your confidence.

– Courtney Harper, 23, Sherman Oaks, California

6. Fashion Failures Are Not Sexy

No. 47: Never. Wear. Neon.

- Carolynn Johnson, 26, Brooklyn

7. Subtle Can Be Very Sexy

No. 732: We’ll take nice forearms over six-pack abs any day.

- Jennie Engelhardt, 26, New York

8. Don’t Compare Us to Our Mothers

No. 22: Turning into our mothers is an inevitable fear we live with on a daily basis. Calling this to our attention at any point is a terrible idea. Just don’t do it.

– Maura E. McGill, 29, New York

9. Avoidance Tactics

No. 18: Sometimes we just complain about “that time of the month” so you’ll leave us alone.

- Kt McBratney, 27, Omaha

10. We Try To Let You Down Easily

No. 388: If you ask for our number a second time and we don’t give it to you, there’s a good chance we can’t remember the first number we gave you.

- Megan McDonnell, 30, Los Angeles

11. We Can’t Figure Ourselves Out, Either

No. 314: Don’t try to figure out what will make us happy. We have been trying to get to the bottom of that mystery since the beginning of time and we have no clue either.

- Michele Pepio, 35, Staten Island, New York

12. Make That a Double

No. 497: We like whiskey. And beer.

– Maura E. McGill, 29, New York

13. Being Metrosexual Is Fine, To A Point

No. 730: We find it creepy when your fingernails are longer and/or shinier than ours. You may get a manicure, but don’t admit it, and don’t enjoy it.

– Eva Meszaros, 25, Brooklyn

14. You Don’t Know What We’re Thinking

No. 642: Men see what women do, but they never know what women think while they are doing it.

-Verena Michaeler, 18, Brixen, Italy

15. Keep Telling Us We Look Hot

No. 616: If you stop with the compliments, then so might our efforts to look as hot as we did when we started dating. Why should we spend time and money that we don’t have in excess when our target audience doesn’t even notice?

- Haiyen Chin, 33, Brooklyn

16. Take a Hint

No. 644: If we offer you gum, it means we want to kiss you later. It’s not an insult. Just take the gum.

– Rhiannon Falzone, 26, Chicago

17. Don’t Be Too Obvious

No. 524: That low-cut top - we wouldn’t wear it if we didn’t want you to look. Just be discrete about it.

- Whitney Webb, 22, Blacksburg, Virginia

18. Don’t Talk Behind Your Friends’ Backs

No. 85: Women hate when men talk badly about their friends. No matter how bad a friend they are, be supportive. Listen to the drama without being too opinionated. That what we do.

- Danielle Scotti, 23, Pittsburgh

read the top 10 at the original article at;

Words Women Use

words women use

The other day, I received this email about Words Women Use. I couldn’t find who the original author is, therefore I’m NOT taking credit for it.

1. FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when theyare right, and you need to shut up.

2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means half an hour. Five Minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

3. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine (see #1).

4. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don’t Do It!

5. Loud Sigh: This is not actually a word but a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.)

6. That’s Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. “That’s okay” means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

7. Thanks: A woman is thanking you – do not question or faint. Just say you’re welcome.

8. Whatever: Is a women’s way of saying “%@&* YOU!”

9. Don’t worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking “what’s wrong” – for the woman’s response refer to #3.

How To Avoid Dating Wonder Woman

totally free dating

As I mentioned before, men often than not, will go on a date and pull out the salesman script.

– Sure, dude. That’s how you get the girl –

Wrong … dude.

I never like planning a date or going out on dates. It seems to me that as soon as the dreaded “date” word comes up, shields and walls are up and ready to block any attempts to real communication. All scripts and communication misdirection are put on the table. Suddenly, couples seem very stiff. The male begins to work his; “list of potential questions to get her to bed” item by item and the woman becomes wonder woman. Swinging her wrists left and right on a circular path, blocking any kind of bullet-fast-attempt-to-get-in-her-pants approach.

Diffusing Wonder Woman

Women are all about; anticipation, being mysterious, and connections. Let’s begin with anticipation.

  • Don’t ask a woman on a date. Ask her to go out and do something fun. Horse back riding, yoga, dancing lessons, tango lessons, hike, comedy show, etc. This will diffuse her defense mechanism and you won’t have to find topics to talk about. If she anticipates your intentions you are not fun to her unless she is literally throwing herself at you. Otherwise, just keep it casual, relax and fun.
  • Don’t Interview Her. Avoid pulling out a script to ask her what does she do, where does she live, etc. It is a very boring conversation and she already knows what to answer. Yes, it is important to establish the fundamentals but don’t spend to much time analyzing them. Try to mix actions, fun and conversation. Women are multidimensional in nature. Remember – she has five senses and they are ready to be stimulated. Use music, smells, chocolate, lotions, movement, etc.
  • Connect. I never go out with someone I have not established a connection with. Therefore, I have never gone on a blind date. Blind dates don’t make sense to me since the connection has to be established under unpredictable circunstances. Then, you have to stick around until the date is iver. It is much better to take a few days to build interest and anticipation. Connect before your meeting. Once you have met, the connection becomes more personal and visual. Therefore, really pay attention to her bosy language and be comfortable with silence. It shows you are confident and don’t want to rush. This creates a calming effect and a much better communication.

I will write more about body language later on. Sign up to our totally free dating tips newsletter

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Signs of Passive Aggressive Behavior

signs of passive aggressive behavior

Unfortunately, it is only after a few months into a relationship when we start to notice irrational or even contradictory behavior in our partner. This behavior of cold and hot is known as passive-aggressive. The book Living with the Passive-Aggressive Man lists 11 responses that may help identify passive-aggressive behavior. [2]

  • Ambiguity or speaking cryptically: a means of engendering a feeling of insecurity in others
  • Chronically being late and forgetting things: another way to exert control.
  • Fear of competition
  • Fear of dependency
  • Fear of intimacy as a means to act out anger: The passive aggressive often can’t trust. Because of this, they guard themselves against becoming intimately attached to someone.
  • Making chaotic situations
  • Making excuses
  • Obstructionism
  • Sulking
  • Victimization response: instead of recognizing one’s own weaknesses.

A passive-aggressive person may not have all of these behaviors, and may have other non-passive-aggressive traits.

Reference :

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Why Women Have More Tendencies to Cheat

Cheating Myself

Scientists have now looked at MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) compatibility among romantic couples and they report that the more genes in this system that a couple share, the more sexually unfaithful the woman is and the more she is attracted to other men during in the middle of her menstrual cycle—when she is ovulating and likely to get pregnant.

Scientist now have hard proven data that shows women are more likely to cheat on men the more compatible genes they have. In a smelling t-shirt test women chose men’s t-shirt based on BO. I can only imagine women sitting next to each other along a long table passing sweaty t-shirts and comparing notes … (vomit);

Test Subject Woman #5 – “Mmmhh … this one smells like cheese … wait a minute, it actually smells like sour lipton soup with a hint of sweaty balls. Yes, I’m attracted to this one t-shirt”

Of course the menstrual cycle plays a role in increasing the chances for a woman to cheat especially in the middle of her menstrual cycle – when she is ovulating and likely to get pregnant.
Summarizing, women are more likely to cheat on their partners when;

  • She has highly compatible genes to her partner and
  • In the middle of her cycle
  • When there is exotic foreign man sweating while lifting weights or salsa dancing

These observations leads me to the next topic;
How to Avoid Having Your Wife Cheat on You
Here are a few points to remember;

  1. Very important; DON’T MARRY YOUR COUSIN
  2. Tell her you love her in the middle of her cycle and have crazy sex with her
  3. Don’t let her go salsa dancing at that club. Her nose is going to drive her crazy
  4. Sign her up to an all women gym. This one is optional

Reference :

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How to Ruin a Date by Having an Amazing Memory

totally free dating

Most people read tons of magazines and books. Most guys read about literature, cars, newspapers, science, technology, psychology, philosophy, Greek philosophy, European philosophy, politics, who thinks this or that, and what’s happening here and there.

Information, information, information

Unfortunately, our society teaches us to consume information; useful and useless information.

We are taught to accumulate knowledge whether it is interesting to us or not. We stop listening when we fill our brains with information.

Most men accumulate great quantities of information, these are the good guys. They want to be praised and admired by how much information they know even if it is not actionable.

Where am I going with this? Having an amazing memory not necessarily means that you gonna get the girl. Remember the bad boy? How does he do it? He does know nothing, he has no conversation topics but he still gets the girl.

STOP selling your memory and start taking action.

Which action?

Talk a little 20%, Listen 80%

6 Rules to Improve your Relationships, Dating and Dancing

totally free dating - Six Rules to Improve your Relationships
We all want to improve our relationships and dating. Most likely, if you are a guy, you also want to improve your dancing – Believe me … you do –

By accident, I have found six common rules to relationships, dating and dancing that have simplified and improved my social life tremendously.

First, let’s look at how I got there after a period of depression and human misery.

Is Human Misery Funny?

Trying to snap out of a depression I decided to take and a basic improvisation class at the end of 2007.

During class exercises most students found me funny. Of course, I wasn’t even trying to be funny. I really wanted to cry and smoke cigarettes to treat my depression.

Curiously, those who tried to be funny didn’t get many laughs. By the end of the class they were naturally funny and have even improved their quality of social life.

– I guess human misery is funny; Pass me the whiskey bottle –

Six Basic Rules of Improvisation

In the second improvisation class the teacher introduced, six basic rules of improvisation.

Life is an art, very much like improvisation, and also a craft. A craft is something that is learned through practice, repetition, trial, error and oh, yes, hard work.

As with any art form, you can break all of the rules and still have a quality life. However, those best able to break the rules are those who first learn and understand them.

So, let’s look at some of the basic rules of The Art of Life Improvisation – The leader follows the follower and the follower follows the leader;

  • Say “Yes!”. For a story to be built, whether it is short form or long form, the players have to agree to the basic situation and set-up. The who, what, and where have to be developed for a scene to work.
By saying yes, we accept the reality created by our partners and begin the collaborative process from the start of a scene. The collaborative process or group mind helps make us giants, animals, villains, saints and more importantly put us in situations that we would normally avoid.
Add new information. An improvised scene can’t move forward or advance unless we add new information. That is why new information is added after the “Yes” of “Yes ‘and!”


– Hey honey, would you like to try that position tonight?
– You know what? Sure, let me get a shot of tequila … and remember the secret word is; uncle.

  • Don’t Block. The opposite of saying “yes” is saying “no”, blocking or denial. Denial destroys or stops the addition of new information or worse negates what has already been established.
Blocking is a way of minimizing the impact of new information. It is also a method for the performer to play it safe. The performer maintains control and avoids vulnerability by blocking. But in improvisation we say the opposite of what we would say in real life, “go there.”, rather than don’t go there.

Blocking at its simplest levels involves saying “no,”.

  • Avoid Repeating Questions. Another form of blocking (in its more subtle form) is asking constant questions. Questions force our partners to fill in the information or do the work.
It is a way of avoiding committing to a choice or a detail. It is playing it safe. However, on more advanced levels, questions can be used to add information or tell your partner the direction to go in.

Example: I know you’ve been seeing Jenny for four years.
Rather than: Are you going to tell me about her?

Example: I can see how excited you are about going to Pirates Isle in the ghost ship, me too!
Rather than: Are how do you feel about going to Pirates Isle in that ship?

  • Focus on the Here and Now. Another useful rule is to keep the focus on the here and now. A scene is about the people in the scene. The change, the struggle, the win or loss will happen to the characters on the stage.
  • Focus on what is going on right this at this moment.
  • Why is your partner moving away from you?
  • Why did she use a questioning tone?
  • What did the slight smile mean?
  • How do you, as your character, feel about what she is doing?

Remember, it isn’t just about the words; it is about what is happening. The words are tools used to accomplish or to pursue a goal (objective or need).

  • Be Specific. Details are the lifeblood of moving a scene forward. Each detail provides clues to what is important. Details help provide beat objectives and flesh out characters.
Example One: You’re the best brain surgeon in all of West Valley, Mark. That’s why I chose you to operate on mom.
Rather than:
You’re the best doctor in this town, which is why I chose you.
  • Change, Change, Change! Improvisation is about character change. The characters in a scene must experience some type of change for the scene to be interesting.
Characters need to go on journeys, be altered by revelations, experience the ramifications of their choices and be moved by emotional moments. We go to the theater to see the unusual days characters have, not the everyday moments of ecstasy and stagnation.


Relationships and Dating are like dancing; The leader follows the follower’s body language and the follower follows the leader. It is a beautiful lifelong dance.

Improve your communication skills, relationship, friendships, dating and dancing by saying yes, being specific, focus, keeping the flow and change, change, change.

Keep it on your tip toes always fun and interesting.