How to Seduce a Girl Via Texting – Three Principles

Texting (or SMSing) a girl seems to be an easy thing to do – but being good at this game is hard … unless you know these tips and tricks! Read on to discover how to use PSYCHOLOGY tactics to text a girl and get her eating out of your hands, fast!

Principle # 1: ‘First impression’ SMS counts! OK, if you have met this girl and successfully gotten her number, then it is crucial to make the first SMS count.

You will need to come off in the SMS as full of character – you must come across as a person who is interesting to be with. The biggest cardinal sin is being boring – you must sound exciting!

In your text, relate back to what happened when you met her, and associate it with an interesting story. Just sound cheery and positive and you will do fine. If you are able to make her laugh, it’s even better!

Principle # 2: Flirt! Flirt! Flirt! The SMS is designed to do one thing well – which is to flirt ! Be suggestive in your texts and get her to guess your intentions.

Once you have got her hooked on, then you can even go hardcore on her and say you’re going to ‘dump’ her over SMS. Give her drama – she will be yearning for it.

Principle # 3: Go for the kill. Once you have developed the rapport using the two principles above, then casually ask her out.

Don’t say, “Do you want to go out? ” Instead, pre-suppose that she will go out with you – and most of the time she will automatically comply – as long as you have developed rapport with her. Say, “This Saturday we are going to watch the fishes and then to the mall.”

The above three principles should be enough for you to snag a date with her. Now if you want 100% success then you should tool up on hypnosis techniques.

Source by Derek Rake

How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

How many times have you or any other guy you know not have been in this scenario: You are at a friend’s party, at a bar or at a club and meet this gorgeous girl. You talk and dance and enjoy yourselves the entire night until the early morning. Before you go your separate ways you exchange phone numbers.

The day after when you wake up, you remember this girl and you want to text her and ask her out on a date. There is only one major problem: As soon as you begin texting her, you can not think about what to write to her or how to write.

Your mind is completely blank and you don’t know what to do, so you start looking on the Internet for texting advice.

Everything you read is not what you really are looking for, it’s either too too explicit or too vague and you don’t want to send her any of those suggestions, so what will you do?

Luckily for you, there is a helping hand to grab and hold onto. You find one website that stands out from the rest. You send her one of those texts and after some texting, you agree to go out on a date the following day.

Mission accomplished! Not really because you actually need to text her again the same day that you are going on that date and text her some funny things to make her laugh. She does not respond. What can you do about it?

How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

The whole idea when you send her a text should be to get some kind of response. Girls are different from guys because they are using texting as their main source of communication with their friends and family.

They are texting all the time, so it comes naturally for them to text with you too. You are probably just a friend, at least that is where you are right now but you need to move from text buddy to boyfriend. It is not easy unless you read my text flirting tips below.

There are 3 basic rules to get a girl to text you back:

1. Ask questions. Do not be afraid of asking her questions. Before you begin asking her questions though, you should introduce yourself first. If you want to start your texting slow a nice How are you? will work just fine.

2. Entertain her. Girls get tired a lot earlier than guys, so if you want to ask her out on a date, one of the key elements that will grant you success is that you will stand out from the rest of the competition, which in this case means other Guys because if you can make her laugh, that will make her comfortable and she will be more inclined to accept your request. Crack a joke to make her laugh. If you can not think of one when you text her, find one on the Internet.

3. Make her interested in you. Tell her something that happened at the night where you met each other for the first time. If it’s a mutual experience, it’s even better!

There are things you should avoid though when you text her. Don’t be texting her and call her sweetie, honey or some other pet name too early. You will come across as needy and she will run the other way.

Using explicit language is not okay either. Some guys think it is a way of showing her that they are not interested to just be friends. This will make her run the other way too unless you have been intimate already.

Another tip: No pictures of your private parts either or you can end up on a different kind of “date”, the one that includes a lawyer and a judge.

Ambiguous language is fine after a while. I recommend that you wait for a while, at least until you have made it clear that you are not interested in her as a friend and also so you do not seem to eager or a complete jerk.

Mixing some more serious questions and adding some humor too works wonders. You should strive for being perceived as trustworthy and serious yet with a great sense of humor in order to get her out on a date.

Another thing as you might have noticed when you read through this article: I do not use any abbreviations at all and I am very keen on using proper English grammar. The same applies to texting. Do make use of your knowledge of English grammar and avoid contractions too.

Patience is key but if you don’t take action, she will get tired of you and you will become reduced to her “text buddy”. Acting to “cool” can also be devastating.

I have saved the best advice to the end and it consists of two words only: Be yourself. You have to be genuine and you have to find your texting style and do not be afraid of revealing a bit about yourself in the texting conversations.

Text Message Flirting Ideas

Being flirty is one of the keys to getting her to text you back and here I have listed 5 flirting ideas that you can use for text flirting:

1. I had a dream of you last night.

2. You are so hot, I get a tan every time I look at you.

3. I just saw the neighborhood play and thought of you.

4. I love how soft your lips are, I can not wait to kiss them again.

5. I’m so bored! Wanna go on an adventure?

What to Text a Girl You Like

I will finish this article with three examples that you can use to text a girl you like:

1. I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!

2. You looked so cute the last time I saw you that I forgot my pickup line.

3. Something about you seems to make me smile.

Source by Rickard Osterholm

The Dirty Dozen – Top 12 Dating Pet Peeves of Single Women

Here we go. The definitive list of women’s top dozen dating pet peeves, in no particular order. 

  1. Sexual Innuendo. Why do so many men feel it is cute, gentlemanly, intelligent or necessary to start with the sexual conversation right off the bat? Usually before you even know his middle name he is making inquiries about what positions you like or what kind of panties you wear. Some want to brag about how they satisfy women, about their lack of need for Viagra, or their equipment size. Do we really need to know that? Do we care? No and No.

  2. Male Chauvanist or Mysognist.   Anytime a man makes a statement that begins with “you women always…” or “you women are all…” followed by something negative, a woman with high self esteem will exit the budding relationship.  Women want to be with a man that truly loves women. He understands that we are different, but finds those differences fascinating, not a source of material to taunt us or to make himself feel superior.

  3. Being A Cheapskate. I went out once with a guy that took me to an inexpensive pasta place for dinner… our bill was no more than $18. No problem, I liked the food though it was noisy with all those toddlers running around and babies screaming.  But he left our very excellent waiter only a 50 cents tip! I threw down a $5 bill. Being money conscious, especially on first dates and in this economy is fine! But do not EVER be cheap.

  4. Taking Physical Liberties. Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t “accidentally” touch a woman’s breasts, butt, or try to sneak in a kiss. Don’t ask for a kiss, and don’t grab or try to give her a hug if she has given you no such signals. Be respectful of the fact that though you might find your date very attractive, but there is no guarantee the feeling is mutual. Allow women the space to grow comfortable with you as a man before you start touching on anyone’s body.

  5. Suffocating Clinginess. Some people (both men and women) attach themselves too quickly. Meaning, after just one date and maybe a phone call or two, they become unbelievably possessive and jealous; they consider you to be “theirs.” Should you go out with someone else, to them you are cheating and become a whole litany of unattractive adjectives. Someone that moves towards commitment and exclusivity faster than I am comfortable with is someone most people shy away from.

  6. Cell Phone Texting or Talking.  You are not a doctor and you are not on call! There is nothing that is going on in your life that should be more important than the business at hand – getting to know me! Some guys try to act like they are so alla that and must answer every single phone call (talking loudly so everyone can hear!), and respond to every single text message. Such behavior is very rude and doesn’t make a date feel very special or important.  Major no-no!

  7. Tacky, Ill Mannered, or Rude.   A man that can be gracious and respectful to those he feels are “beneath” him is seen as a great human being. Men that think they are better than others due to their profession, car, education, etc. and lord it over waiters and parking attendants is someone most women dump quickly. Bad table manners, chewing with the mouth open, not using a napkin to wipe the face, talking with food in the mouth. Belching, eating fast. Gross! 
  8. Overly Romantic. This is definitely a personal thing because some women just LOVE a guy to write them or recite romantic poetry, love songs, and love letters. But what if your date really isn’t into poetry? Making such overly romantic gestures on the first or second date seems inappropriate. Though he may be sincere, most women would put him in the “I’m gaming with this romantic drivel to get some tail!” category. 

  9. Poor Grooming. Under this umbrella is funky smells, unibrows, teeth that haven’t seen a toothbrush or dental floss in days, wrinkled or holey or mismatched clothes, uncut hair on head or face, dirty nails, unpolished or dirty shoes. At least make an effort in the early phases of dating to look and smell good for your date, otherwise she may feel you aren’t worth putting time and energy into.

  10. Argumentative and Overly Opinionated.  Agree to disagree on social issues that neither one of you has the power to solve. Talking over your date, yelling, or arguing your position repeatedly when she heard you the first time is unnecessary. The goal is not to compete and for you to WIN against her in a discussion dude. Your goal is to enjoy the time together you’re sharing on your date, and get to know each other better.

  11. Talking About Prior Relationships and/or Most Recent Ex. Bottom line, nobody cares about your ex or your relationship with her.  Write it in your diary or tell yo’ momma, because really, no woman you are dating will ever care.  Really.

  12. Flakiness – Not Calling When You Say You Will, Showing up Late or Not Showing Up at All. It’s important that a man do what he says he is going to do, and when he does a woman can build confidence and faith in him. Slowly but surely, step by step the right man can draw a girl in with his steadfastness and dependability. A guy that calls and changes the date time, then calls again because he is running late, then shows up even later than that is not going to win Brownie points. 

Source by Deborrah Cooper

10 First Date Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Does the idea of a first date give you sweaty palms and a racing heart?! Well, it shouldn’t. A first date is no more than an introduction. It’s a chance to meet someone new, expand your horizons, have a good time, even wear that new dress or try out that new shade of blush! Don’t over think it. You might ask yourself, “Is he cute enough?” “Does he make enough money?” “Is he solid, stable, commitment centered, generous and faithful?” Forget about all this! Go out and enjoy your time together, but remember these pointers for a successful first (and second, third, fourth and so on) date:

1. Look your best. Consider wearing a dress or a skirt, wear color and add some feminine touches to your outfit! Try wearing long dangly earrings, sexy stilettos or wedges that show off your pedicured toes, beautiful makeup that suits you and isn’t overly done, and let your hair down and make sure its brushed and shiny. You want to look on point. You want to look feminine. And you want to accentuate your best features.

2. Smell good. Wear perfume. Men notice how women smell, and you’ll make a lasting impression if you smell good! If you’re allergic to perfume, try body spray. VS makes a great line of body sprays. Even your local CVS or Walgreens carries body sprays that smell great!

3. It’s an introduction, not a therapy session. A first date is not the time to get to know a man’s entire life story, his every woe, heart break and disappointment! This is actually the quickest way to put out the sizzle. Keep it light. Don’t reveal too much on your first date. You shouldn’t be discussing your health problems, your greatest fears, your family problems and other personal matters. Go with his lead. Talk about current events, weather, travel, sports, there is a whole world out there to discuss! If your date starts to get too personal with you, remember you don’t have to answer any questions you feel are intrusive. You can ignore the question, or just tell him “That’s private!” (Followed by a smile). If your date divulges personal things about his life or goes into long winded stories about him and his ex, listen but then change the subject the first chance you get. A first date should be light.

4. Listen more. If you are the chatty type, avoid talking too much. Tone it down. A first date gives you the chance to learn a lot about your date. Most of the time, you can learn what a man wants out of a relationship with you on the very first date. His comments that tell you the most will be made in jest (meaning casually spoken). Listen! If he tells you he’s had a girl friend for nine years but has never been engaged (and he’s in his thirties), listen! If he tells you he’s had four girlfriends in the past month, listen! If he says he has no plans to marry, doesn’t want to have kids, doesn’t know how his married friends with children can stand their lives, listen! You will not be the one to change him. People tell you a lot about themselves through their stories, their appearance and how they carry themselves. Actually, language is just one way how people express themselves. If you study their body language, pick up on their energies, and notice their walk and talk, you can learn quite a lot about them.

5. Don’t try too hard. Trying too hard is the kiss of death, and a man can always tell when a woman is trying too hard. Be yourself, be confident. If a man doesn’t like you for YOU he’s not going to like the overly animated, overly flirty, overly funny, overly anything of you! Be yourself. There is someone out there for every body!

6. Keep calm. On the first date things might go wrong. The food might be over cooked, undercooked or just plain horrible! Someone might run late, you might forget and lock your keys in your car, the movie might turn out to be a total dud. The point is, just accept that not everything is going to go perfectly or how you wanted it to! Don’t be overly dramatic. If your food is horrible, if the movie wasn’t funny, if the musical show is delayed, don’t say anything. Give zero comment to the things on the date that are not to your liking, and comment on the positive only. Greatly limit your negative comments, and appreciate and comment on the things going well on the date. The weather, the ambiance, the company, etc.

7. End the date first. If it’s been six hours or more (Dinner dates can be 4-6 hours, drinks dates are between two to three hours) and your date wants to take you to a club and go dancing, decline politely. He can ask you out again if he wants to see you. Remember, men like to rush things in the beginning, especially if they like you, but they also tire easily. It’s like a kid around candy. He will eat as much as he possibly can, but guaranteed he will get sick afterwards. Leave your date wanting more. Smoothly transition into ending the date. Tell him something like, “I have a really big day tomorrow, I have to get my beauty rest!” No need to go into details. Simply express your enjoyment of the date, and nicely excuse yourself.

8. Say thank you at the end of the date. There is no need to send a text message that same night or the next day to thank your date. It’s unnecessary. Avoid unnecessary actions at all costs (because nine times out of 10 they will back fire). Say thank you and mean it sincerely at the end of the date. Fini.

9. Wait for the man to contact you. Again, no thank you texts, Facebook adds or messages, emails or phone calls. Be patient. Wait for him to be in touch with you. If he’s interested, he’ll be in touch.

10. Be responsive. If he contacts you for another date and you like him, you can accept. If it’s last minute (less than 2-3 days in advance), tell him “I’d love to go out with you, but I already have plans for [x] day.” Wait until he counteroffers with another day, and then accept! It’s best when dates are made in advance (this is gone over in my book) because a man treats you as precious when you treat your time as precious. He also doesn’t get bored easily of you. He looks forward to seeing you! If your schedule is impossible, then you must clear it up (especially Saturday nights) if you want to date a man and move forward with a relationship.

Source by Nancy Salim

Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 4 Signs of Attractions From a Guy

As everyone knows, when guys fall for their dream girl, almost 90 percent of the guys will be absolutely shy to express out their own feeling. Either they are afraid of rejection or too ego to move first.

Sometimes, you can feel that a guy has been treating you differently as compared to others but he never tell you that he is interested in you. Then, thousands of questions will pop up in your mind such as ‘does my guy friend like me?’ or ‘is he interested in me?’. Therefore, it is essential for a girl to notice if a guy is interested in you or not so that you can give him some positive responses as an encouragement. So, how to know if your guy friend like you?

His glance

First of all, if your guy friend falls for you, he will always want to look at your beautiful look. Your guy friend would love to stare at you especially when you are not aware of it. And whenever you notice that, he will look away. This is simply because he is shy or anxious. If this happened only once, most probably it is just coincidence. But if you catch him staring at you for more than three times, then the probability that he is interested in you is high.


After knowing that he keeps on looking at you, maybe you can offer him a chat. If he shows interest in talking with you, this shows that he could be possibly attracted to you. In addition, if he is smart, he will grab every single opportunity to get to know you more. At the same time, you can also get to know him better and decide if he is really the one for you or not.

For the first time chatting with you, be alert in the way he talks to you. Does he look nervous? Does his words cluttered up? Is he sweating? If he says out something wrong, does he apologize to you repeatedly? These are the major signs from a guy if he is interested you. Don’t worry; all you have to do is show him some good responses so that he can be more relax.

His action

When your guy friend is interested in you, the next step is to get closer to you. The most powerful communication tools nowadays are via 3G hand-phone and via Internet. He will send lots of text messages to you to show his care and once in a while chat with you through phone calls especially at night. Besides, chatting via instant messaging through Internet also another form of communication. There are a lot of emoticons that can be used and it is easier to express your feeling especially for those who are shy to express through words.

Bring you out

If your guy friend has a crush on you, he will definitely want to bring you out especially when hanging out with his friends. He wants to let his friends know his dream girl and of course he hopes that everyone will be happy for him.

In conclusion, stop asking yourself, ‘does my guy friend like me?’ because it is actually quite easy for you to know if your guy friend is attracted to you. This is because guys will show their intentions from their actions. If you feel that he is someone right for you, give him some hints that you are interested in him as well. Then, he will be motivated to move one step forward.

Source by Sarah Nichols Smith

How to Build Attraction With a Woman Via Email Flirting

Email flirting is pretty much commonplace nowadays, whether it is with a woman in the office, someone you have met online on an internet dating site, or maybe a girl you met in a bar at the weekend and exchanged business cards with. Just like flirting with women in person there are a few things to pay attention to in order to be successful with your efforts in flirting with her.

First of all, as with any situation, you want her to be comfortable with it and not feel like she is being stalked by some complete weirdo. Therefore, just because you fancy a girl you work with, don’t plague her like a virus in her inbox. As you would in person, you want to play it cool, whilst at the same time giving her subtle signals that you like her.

Don’t think that because you’re hiding behind your monitor, you can act how you like without consequences. In fact, be even more careful at work as this could be seen as sexual harassment and even end on you losing your job. It’s always best to keep work and pleasure separate, so I would advise that if you want to flirt with a woman in your office, you get her personal email and not do it on the work system.

Another factor to always remember is to treat her with respect and don’t say anything to her you wouldn’t say to her face. In fact many of the same rules apply as with face to face flirting. You want to make sure that you are confident and humorous, at the same time being complimentary to her and not coming across as insecure of needy.

Now when I say be humorous, also remember what I have said about being respectful, so generally unless you know more about each other and get each others sense of humor, don’t make jokes about her. This is a fast track to it all going horribly wrong as jokes can get lost in translation through text. Therefore, it’s also important not to use sarcasm as it’s very difficult to interpret and will more than likely be taken seriously when she reads it.

That being said, adding easy to understand jokes is a definite must as it will show your lighter side and make her laugh. This is good for you, as she will associate you with laughter and her feeling happy. If you can make her smile or laugh with each email you send, the picture of you in her head will be a very positive image and she will therefore be more likely to see you, either for a first time, or meeting up again if you’ve met before.

Finally as I touched on briefly earlier, also be sure to compliment her in the emails your share too. If she is someone you’ve not met, but you found via an internet dating site, find something in her profile to comment on and again your aim with this is to make her feel happy. If you have met her in person, you can compliment her on something that happened when you met, or maybe what she was wearing at the time and this will show you that you treasure that memory and have been thinking about her.

These are just a few simple pointers on how to go about email flirting to get the best results. For more tips on successfully flirting with women via email visit Flirting for Guys by clicking the link below now.

Source by T Matthews

Millenials, Communication and the Curse of Social Media

So, my iPhone 5 went on the fritz. I called AppleCare and got a really professional, organized, thoughtful millennial who helped me. We did a diagnostic on the phone and it was clear it was fried.

He was so helpful that towards the end I told him about what I do for living. It was clear from the way he responded that something was bothering him. Considering the stellar service he had just given me, I said he could ask me any one question and that I would try to answer it for him.

He said: “I really wonder about my overuse and my friends’ overuse of social media. I feel like we don’t communicate anymore except through Facebook, texting, Etc .. Friendships have been ruined. I find it’s hard to keep friends and if I wanted to approach someone, truthfully, I lack the confidence to do so.

I’m really not sure how we should approach one another. Especially if I want to go on a date. I’m not sure how I should ask a girl out. Text her? Facebook? (I notice he did not consider phoning her). I really believe that relationships are being ruined by social media and I’m not sure what to do about it. What should I do? ”

So many people these days are commenting on the fact that teens and millennials really are losing the ability to know how to communicate in person with each other . What is more alarming is that when you going to a restaurant people of every age are sharing a meal while spending most of the time communicating with people that are not in the room.

I paused for a moment … and then I said to this vexed young man from AppleCare:

“You represent a great quality in millennials these days. You were searching and not accepting the status quo. I think social media is a great tool. But as with everything, things must be in moderation.

Before I talk about some things you could do to deal with the communication, I would suggest we talk about how to deal with the overuse of social media . I would recommend “micro-Sabbaths,” “mini-Sabbaths” and “major-Sabbaths” as a great starting point.

In my definition of “sabbath,” I am referring to the idea of ​​break from everything electronic. No phones, no computers, no means electronic communications or electronic games.

A “micro-Sabbath” would be A 30 minutes up to two hours a day of electronics free time.

A “mini-Sabbath” would be a two to four hour time period on a given day free of electronics.

A “major-Sabbath” would be a full day from waking up to sleep of electronic free time.

The next question is what to do with this time.

You could use it to read (I think they still make books).

You could use it to go for walks.

Paint. Play music. Sing. Dance.

Or you could practice an ancient ritual called … communication.

Communicating with family, friends, business people and loved ones.

Communication is an art. The goal is to learn about someone’s passions, someone’s pleasures and someone’s peccadilloes. In short, Great communication should be about sharing one’s heart.

How do we do that?

Ask them a question about something that is important and meaningful to yourself.

Really listen to their answer. Try to understand their response from their perspective and share how that makes you feel. ”

The gentleman from AppleCare and I were expected to converse on the simple and rudimentary level but upon seeing a fellow human being who cares and is searching I took the opportunity to communicate.

Here is my challenge to you.

Take one of these Micro sabbaths and tweet me how you used that time and I will share it with everyone I know and ask them to do the same.

Let’s see what happens

Source by Ken Rabow

How to Start a Sexual Conversation With a Girl Without Sounding Awkward or Creepy

In this article, I teach you how to start a sexual conversation with a girl without telegraphing sexual intents.

Your conversation with a girl you’re interested in should be geared towards sexually suggestive topics.

In other words, if you’re talking to a girl you feel attraction for and want to get into a romantic relationship with, you will want to make your conversation or interaction with her sexual in nature.

In addition to the friendly conversation you will be having with her, you have to move towards sexual suggestive topics to bring you closer to an intimate bond.

The goal here is to introduce sexual tension and generate attraction with her.

Truth is, if you keep talking to a girl you’re interested in on the level of a friend, she will categorize you as a friend in her mind.

She will see you as just a friend, but not someone she feels sexually attracted to.

Now, the drawback to this is that, women or girls know that men want to have sex with them. So any tentative suggestion or advances from you can cause a woman to raise her defenses.

So how do you go about this? How do you start a sexual conversation with a girl without raising any red flags?

Exactly as the title says, in this article I teach you how to start a sexual conversation with a girl without sounding awkward or creepy.

You’ll learn the 3 best ways to introduce the topic of sex without telegraphing any interests.

Before you begin…

Know that, women love to talk about sex…

But most of them are reluctant to talk about it with men they don’t feel comfortable with, or don’t have an emotional connection with.

So before you initiate sexual topics with a woman or a girl, make sure you’ve gained rapport with her first.

It’s even better if she’s giving you some indications of interest. For instance, when she’s playing with her hair, touching you, or leaning in close when conversing.

With that said, let’s get started… on how to start a sexual conversation with a girl.

Here’s how to start a sexual conversation with a girl:

Tip #1: Talk about things from the sexual perspective

Let’s say you’re talking about a movie.

Don’t tell her how much you liked it for its car chase and how some dude got to kick some more ass.

Instead, tell her about how you liked the love relationship between the characters.

And how you loved the sensuality of their scenes together. And then you ask her if there are any other movies that has affected her that way, and have her explain why.

Tip #2: Feed her mind

Slip in sexually charged words or phrases into your normal conversation with her.

A great way to do this is by using sexual innuendos or double entendre. This is when you say something innocent, yet can be deemed dirty or sexual.

For instance:

  • “Boy, this is really hard.” (When you’re talking about a popsicle.)
  • “I didn’t come with her.” (When you’re talking about a party you went to.)
  • “He almost rear-ended her.” (When you’re talking someone getting hit by a car.)

Another effective way to feed her mind or gradually bring up sexual topics is to use “That’s what she said jokes” and “That’s what he said jokes”.

When she says something like:

  • “Put it inside
  • “It’s much better when it’s wet
  • “Do you want to come inside” (when she’s inviting you into her apartment)

… then you respond with:

  • “That’s what SHE said”

Or when she says something like…

  • “You’re making it hard (for me)”
  • “It’s getting really hard
  • “I want to eat the whole thing”

… then you respond with:

  • “That’s what HE said”

When she says something dirty on purpose, then tease her for having a dirty mind.

Of course, you don’t want to go into this territory during the early stages or when you’ve just met.

You start with superficial conversation, then build it up to a more sexual conversation.

Again, make sure you’ve gained rapport with her first. Then you start using words that are sexually charged in your conversation.

And with time, she’ll be comfortable talking about sexual topics with you.

If she doesn’t play along, then she probably isn’t comfortable with you yet.

Next on how to start a sex conversation with a girl…

Tip #3: Bring up a sexual situation of a friend of yours

For instance:

You can tell her you have a female friend who is complaining that her boyfriend doesn’t like going down south during sex. And she thinks her boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of going down on her or isn’t taking the hints she’s giving him.

Now, ask her how women can suggest things like that to their men.

  • “So how do women hint that sort of thing?”

(You see what you’re doing here… you’re getting her to specifically talk about sex)

Now, if she talks freely on the subject of sex, then she’s comfortable discussing sexual situations with you.

And from here on, she’ll start initiating sexual conversations with you.

So there you have it… how to start a sex conversation with a girl or a woman.

Understand this: Don’t make the girl or woman you’re talking to the subject of sexual conversation. Only talk about other people’s sexual situations.

Conclusion: How to start a sex conversation with a girl

If you can bring up sexual topics or start a sexual conversation with a girl in a way that doesn’t hint you want to sleep with her, she will be more interested and open to talking about sexual topics with you. (Again, women love to talk about sex)

And again, as mentioned earlier, make sure you’ve gained rapport with her first.

Pay attention to her when using the above 3 tactics.

If you can tell she’s comfortable with such conversation and she plays along, take it further. But if not, back off a little and continue with your normal conversation.

When all’s said and done, when a woman is open to talking about sex, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to have sex with you. It means she’s comfortable around you. And it’s a green light to move things into the romantic arena.

So again, that’s how to start a sexual conversation with a girl.

Source by Josh Manuel

How to Text a Girl – 5 Secret Texting Tips to Create Massive Attraction

Ignoring her, and having TONS of fish on the line

A lot of guys will focus only on one girl and at the same time drive her away, why is this? Imagine you are fishing, and only have one “rod” in the water. You will inherently pay too much attention to the line and jump all over it the second it jiggles. Now imagine you have ten rods in the water, one jiggles but you don’t give it the same level of attention because two others are showing interest at the same time. The more fish you have curious about your bait the higher the chances you are going to catch one, not only because of a numbers game but simply because you physically can’t pay too much attention to only one. This is a type of positive self-sabotage to keep your attention divided. This is one of the stranger things about relationships and is exactly why “when it rains, it pours” is a very true adage.

The Art of Push and Pull

Push and pull I have heard in the PUA world a few times but I have never heard a good explanation as to why it works and I have never heard it applied to how to text a girl. Let me explain how to move this useful tool so there is no doubt as to how to text a girl, perfectly. I liken push and pull to self-stimulation (you get what I mean, right?) as you “work” on yourself, you are creating arousal. If you only “pulled” or only “pushed” there would be no “erecting” attraction and certainly no release. In the texting world it might look like this: You: Hey cutie, did you get that job yet? (pull) Her: Don’t know yet kinda worried You: Well, if you weren’t so under qualified (push) Her: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean!? You: I was talking about us (second push) Her: Whatever, you wish you could date me! € You: Sigh, you are right, I am certainly not in your league (pull) Her: Gawd! I know you… so full of yourself You: Sure am, and that’s why you have the hots for me (push) Her: hahaha, not… You: Okay sweetie, got to run, good luck on the job and let me know if you get it (pull) Her: Thanks! Take care… We have just stimulated the situation and because there was no release we have built up the interest for the second interaction, nicely done. (Let me add something, just read another “textpert’s” advice on how to text women. To my lack of surprise, it was relatively rude and about 80% push. This is the most common PUA mistake, they rarely incorporate enough pull and put themselves at risk of being labeled a jerk, or only create attraction based on temporary negative tension)

Why you should be a pain in the A** over text

Being difficult is a killer tool for creating attraction over text because it forces the other person to play by your rules and not theirs. A lot of guys when texting a girl will take a more passive role, since they believe that if she “likes” you she will choose you. Not that simple, does anyone desire something that is not challenging? This comes down to perception of value, if there are a bunch of hurdles in your particular race it certainly makes it more fun to win. We want to make sure that she values you as much as possible and therefore wants to race. Example: Her: Hey when are you going to ask me out… You: I was going to ask you the same question Her: Girls don’t ask guys out You: Well I guess we aren’t going out, so disappointing… Her: Come on, just say it, and don’t worry, I will say yes You: No, and I know you will say yes, I can tell you got it bad for me! Her: Jeeze… Why do you have to be so difficult? You: Because you like it Her: Maybe I do okay… I am free on This text exchange might take place over an hour or a few days but the point is that you didn’t back down. Women love to push boundaries to test what kind of man you are, this is natural this is normal. Being difficult and not bowing to the will of a woman is incredibly attractive and powerful, when texting a girl.

Safety and comfort then sex

Above we talk a lot about pushing her, being difficult, ignoring her and simply raising your value by not being conventional. At the same time it is incredibly important to communicate that you are a safe guy, that you are friendly, that you are decent, and that sex is not your priority. Fortunately, text is a great place to do this, with text you can craft your response rather the knee jerk you might vomit out in person. Not creating safety and comfort is the number one reason she shuts the sex gates on your advances. If you don’t know how to text a girl properly and you send her something that is overly sexual or mildly aggressive, you will set off her flight response. Do you know why women love gay men? Because they get their male fix with zero sexual threat. I am not asking you to be effeminate around women (but it certainly doesn’t hurt) only to understand that even the smallest sexual physical threat sends women running. How does this translate to texing girls? Simple, keep sex talk to a minimum, keep anger totally wrapped up, and present them the safest guy you can. Now mix that with being push/pull, and you have a guy ALL women will be stupid attracted to. (Note, danger is a form of sexual tension, but this is a tight rope of attraction, one that can take a very long time to master)

Your goal is mastery not a bunch of rules and techniques

I teach a ton of rules and techniques for texting girls but I personally don’t need them anymore. Why? Because I understand the secret of relationship balance, something that if understood will launch you success, not only with texting girls but in all relationships. Make sure you continue below to really master texting.

Source by Michael Craig Masters

I just got rejected for the second time by a girl I’ve been dating and really like, and i actually feel okay

Started talking to this girl, conversations were great. After a couple weeks her response time gets longer, eventually she tells me she started seeing someone else and she was sorry. I told her if things change hit me up and we can see where we are. About 6 weeks later she messaged me saying things changed, we started talking again and agreed to meet up to have a drink and watch our favorite hockey team play. Second date we went to a brewery (which she loves), great conversation and afterwards we make out by our cars (we were also both a little tipsy), third date we go walk my dog on a nature trail. We have great, long and in depth conversations about our lives, our past, and our futures.

My last real relationship ended almost 4 years ago after i was cheated on and dumped. It hurt me for so long and i was finally feeling ready to get serious again. This girl was beautiful and i really started picturing us together. The frustrating thing was that she always took so long to reply, like at least 24 hours. Not a huge deal, I’m not a fan of texting all day everyday but constantly waiting 1-2 days got tiring and made me anxious, especially when she told me about all her group chats and how active they are and how she gets mad at her sister for not replying quickly. Oh well, we’re still new to each other’s lives so no big deal. Yesterday i ask her out for a date next week and she responds saying she had fun and loved our talks but didn’t see it progressing beyond friends, due to feeling no romantic connection. Naturally I’m really hurt. But I’m quickly starting to feel better about it. I was more attracted to the idea of this girl i built up in my mind rather than the actual girl. I’ve come to realize what i deserve out of a potential partner, and it’s not waiting 1-2 days for them to even bother to speak with me. I deserve someone who’s excited to see me and takes initiative to do so. I still think my perfect girl is out there, and one day I’ll be laying in bed with her looking back on everything and saying “damn I’m sure glad it never worked with anyone else.” Sure I’m still hurting right now, but i know time heals all wounds. I’ll get better.

To anyone in my shoes, you deserve better. Don’t waste time on someone who won’t spend any time on you 🙂

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Has anyone ever wrestled with guys and be surprised just how much stronger they are?

My guy and I were at the climbing gym this morning and after our session we ended up on the mats where they wrestle while we cooled off and stretched. I started messing with him like I was wrestling and then I put him in a headlock and laughing telling him there’s no way you can get out of this. He says you got me. I guess I was feeling full of myself and told him to at least try. He just stands up with me on his back, pulls my arm off his neck like nothing, then reaches behind and grabs me. Before I knew what happened he has me upside down in a hug asking me “what are you going to do now, tough girl” Then he puts me down and did a flexing thing. I think he thought I was mad cause he asked if I was OK. I was fine, happy, but still processing how easy he overpowered me. I honestly felt really small in that moment (not in a bad way or anything, just a reality check of sorts on how strong guys are.)

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Sensitive Men, what does your girlfriend do that upsets you, unknown to her?

Edit: Yes the phrasing of the question was not the best and i did not mean to upset/offend anyone, so i am apologizing for that. In the comments down below you can find an explanation from me about how that phrasing happened.

Edit 2 for the added explanation from down below:

I read the same question with “hypersensitive women” on askwomen and found it to be super interesting and really wanted a male perspective on it.
i agree that it is unfortunately less common for males to share their feelings. i thought that if i phrase it with sensitive instead of hypersensitive, maybe more males would feel open to talk about it, and don’t feel off for being “unusal” even though they are not.

Also on the female thread a thing i noticed was that alot of the behaviours getting pointed out aren’t hypersensitive, they are just made felt like they are being hypersensitive to push responsibility away from their partners.
That’s why i decided to say ‘sensitive’ instead of hypersensitive, not to make people feel like they are wrong for having feelings etc.

i do agree tho now that it can sound a bit mocking and it was not intended to be this way. Simply wanted shared feelings of getting upset , without silly answers such as ‘she wont suck my dick 24/7 huehuehue’

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My Girlfriend Just Disappeared – Is She Avoiding Me?

So, your relationship is going great. She calls you all of the time just to say she loves you. She texts you throughout the day just to let you know she’s thinking of you with one of those rather corny “someone cares about you” messages that’s obviously been forwarded thousands of times all around the world. But, what’s that? You suddenly haven’t heard from her in the past two days? Are you thinking, “my girlfriend just disappeared?”

Let me tell you first that you are definitely not alone in your thoughts. At any given time, you can search the Internet and find countless guys asking the same kinds of questions on popular relationship forums and answer web sites like Yahoo Answers. Whenever something happens in a relationship that seems completely out of the norm like your girlfriend disappearing from existence in your daily life, people tend to wonder what’s up. But, did she really disappear? Or, could you be getting ahead of yourself?

The first thing you need to keep in mind foremost is that just because your girlfriend hasn’t contacted you in a day or two (or even more) doesn’t necessarily mean there is cause for panic, even if it is completely out of the ordinary. It could be nothing at all. Or, it could be that she is simply busy with some obligation of her own. Maybe something has happened, such as a death of a relative, for example, and she just hasn’t felt like talking to anyone right now. It could be any number of perfectly harmless (where your relationship is concerned) reasons why your girlfriend seems to have disappeared at the moment.

If she is the one that usually calls or texts first, then that alone could be the reason you feel like something is wrong when you suddenly don’t hear from her as expected. For you to have to be the one to make the effort to call seems unnatural to you. Why not break the pattern and contact her for a change? You don’t always have to “play it cool,” and wait around for her to make the first move, you know.

Pick up the phone and call. If she doesn’t answer your call or return your text right away, don’t start jumping the gun, assuming that something is up. The fact that she didn’t respond right away could actually just be reinforcing the idea that she is busy or has something out of the ordinary going on in her life that she has to deal with. It doesn’t have to mean that she is avoiding or ignoring you.

If you leave a voice mail or send a text, make sure you don’t overdo it. In other words, you shouldn’t dive straight into the “where have you been” or “what’s going on” messages. Even if her apparent disappearance does have to do with you or your relationship, sending messages like this certainly isn’t going to help you anyway. What a message like this does do, however, is convey insecurity and desperation to your girlfriend, both of which are generally perceived as unattractive traits. She could even get the feeling that you are accusing her of doing something wrong by not responding to you immediately whenever you snap your fingers.

In your first voice mail or text message, you should say exactly what you would normally say if you didn’t feel like there was something wrong. For example, if you often greet her with some form of “Hello” followed by her favorite pet name, then keep it simple just like that. Then, give her plenty of time to respond. And yes, plenty of time is more than five minutes or even half an hour.

After you have tried to make contact in a way that is typical of your own behavior and given her enough time to get back to you, did she respond? If not, you may be asking yourself “is she avoiding me?” If so, my advice is that you should be careful about contacting your girlfriend further, especially to confront her about her absence. Your best bet would be to exercise a great deal of patience and wait for her to call. Give it a day (or three) at least.

However, if you feel that you must contact her to ask her what’s going on, word your message lightly. Ask her if she is doing okay as opposed to a blunt message like “why are you ignoring me?” Otherwise, you could turn a relatively simple situation into one of complications that are not so easy to fix, such as the break up scenario that you were possibly mistakenly already assuming was taking place.

Source by Anthony S Carter

Confessions of a Serial Dater: Honesty Is the Best Policy

“You’ve had a lot of boyfriends,” said the latest a-hole.

I completely disagree. I’m pretty sure I have had the standard amount of relationships as any other twenty-five-year-old girl … Okay , so maybe more than average, but so what? Isn’t that what life’s all about? Exploring! I’m not trying to sound conceited by any means, but I would be lying if I said meeting guys was an issue for me. Because it was-ever. I was the girl in high school and in college who was always taken. I never went out of my way to meet a boy or even talk to one. It was like I would dream up a scenario of the boy I was secretly crushing on to also be interested in me and talk to me, first of course. It worked like a charm every time-whether that particular boy had a girlfriend or not.

Yes, that’s right folks, I was a bona-fide boyfriend-stealer. Homewrecker is way too dramatic as we are talking about sixteen-year-old babies here! Our brains weren’t even fully developed yet. Am I proud of this? Definitely not. In all honesty, I never went out of my way to seek someone out who was taken-quite the contrary. But too often I found myself in sticky situations anyway: hiding behind basement doors, closets and in backyards; ignoring missed calls and messages from the other girl, stealing glances from the guy I wanted at a party as he hugged his girlfriend. I got involved with guys who I subconsciously knew were all wrong for me (and for society), but more importantly, I was doing things that I was very proud of. I was being the girl we hate . The girl who made the boy choose-choose between her or me. It did not always land in my favor, but when it did, winning over the guy who cheated on his girlfriend (whether it is with me or not) is not and will never be a prize.

And when the good guys did come around, I thought, wow, this is just too easy. I couldn’t help but to take advantage-to take them for granted. I couldn’t really appreciate them, so I continued to walk all over them relentlessly. Not all the time, and not in every relationship, but too often I was turned off by good guys and turned on by bad guys. Cliché, I know. By time I was out of college, everything had changed. I broke up with my boyfriend and assumed another one would follow suit, just like it had always been. “El oh el” is right.

What was actually to follow, you ask? A disarray of degenerates, liars and losers (aka online dating). The term “loser” often gets misconstrued to mean, ” boy broke .” Not always. I have dated my fair share of lawyers (guy who told me I was “too dominant”), CPAs and various other suit-and-tie types-they too were losers. Why? Because when a guy does not text you back after you chose not to sleep with him on the third date, he is a loser. Or when a guy tells you that he’s not the type to “chase a woman,” as his idea of ​​a justification for being a total d-bag, he’s a loser. So don’t make him your loser. Who am I talking to? My-damn-self. And whoever else cares to listen to me rant about the never-ending saga that is my love life. I have been unofficially single for almost four years now. Of course that doesn’t count the mini series of men that have departed from my life just as quickly as they arrived. And until this moment, I have felt as though I’ve been missing out. On what, you ask? Being “in love.” The truth is, I am not the same girl I was in high school or college-nor should I be. (And if you are, then may God bless your soul.) With every day that goes by, I realize that all this major relationship FOMO is bull . I have wasted so much time wishing and wanting love so badly meanwhile, I haven’t even fallen in love with myself yet. I’m single because I need to be. I’m single because I have so much to figure out. I’m single because I have so much I want to do to before I find out what I’m looking for like feeling truly happy with myself. Until then, it’s not my time.

To be fair they weren’t all losers, but either way, they all taught me something. Whether it was about myself or about this oxymoron of a world we live in, I took something away from each and every one of them. Of course, when you’re in it , it certainly doesn’t feel that way. It’s more of a why God? Why are you doing this to me? Why do I continue to get my hopes up, only to be let down every single time? It’s not God, it’s you. It’s me choosing to date bad boys. (You know who you are.) It’s me making the decision to give men, I mean boys a chance who do not deserve it. Now, don’t get me wrong, these boys will (well, at least some) eventually change. That is for one woman and one woman only. It’s difficult for women to swallow their pride and admit that they are not in fact that woman. What us women do instead of realizing not only were we simply not the right woman for that particular man, but more importantly, that particular man was not right for us. We may think so, in fact, we may wish it until the veins pop out of our temples, but rest assured-he was not the one.

Now, don’t think I don’t understand the constant pressures from society (and our mothers) to be in a “serious relationship” by the time we’re of a certain age-specifically (and superficially) women. It is inevitable to feel like we must follow the protocol: fall in love, get married, have kids … However, this scenario is not for everyone. Nor should it be-at least not when you’re twenty-five years old. So as my ovaries shrivel up by the second, my male counterpart’s sperm count increases until the day he dies. I’ve made the conscious decision to no longer worry about it all. About falling in love, (and I mean real love-not these short-lived, passionate, lustful affairs I’ve grown so accustomed to) about finding Mr. Right or about what everyone else is doing. It’s difficult for us ladies not to be fooled by the “candid” first-look photos on Facebook and the corny marriage proposals that you secretly wish you hadn’t seen because now you have to go home and reevaluate your approach to life because if one more girlfriend gets engaged you might jump off a bridge? Remember, it is not our time … yet.

The frustration of dating-actually let’s just use online dating as the universal term for dating since real courtship no longer exists-specifically in my generation is not only real, it tends to mess with your self-esteem. Let’s face it, this is a numbers game, and while you have to be in it to win it, you can’t be too in it, otherwise you will lose your mind. You will find yourself constantly asking the question “why?” Why did he think it was okay to lie to me about being married before or fathering a child? Why did he ghost me after such a great date? Why did he lie to me about where he lives? Why did he turn into a completely different person in (thankfully) only a few short weeks? Then the “is it me phase” kicks in. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I need to change. Maybe, I need to be more this or more that or less this and less that. NOPE. That’s not it either. Of course, we all have things we need and want to change about ourselves, but changing your personality to accommodate and cater to someone else’s opinion of how to be a quality woman is not the way to go about rectifying this disastrous dating trend. Want to snag a man? Here’s what you do. (Feel free to ignore my advice as I am still single as a dollar.)

Forget they exist. Do whatever you want to do in all aspects. Enjoy this time instead of worrying about when it’s going to happen, because the truth is, it may never happen, at least not the way you want it to or when you want it to-it will happen when you’re ready. If there’s one thing my loyal girlfriends have taught me is this: men want independent women-women who don’t need them, but want them. Women who are in control of their own happiness and success are the ones who are truly winners … because whether we fall in love with a sexy, smart and loyal Latin man (still not giving up on the dream) or not, we are in love with the person we are and refuse to let any man appreciate us for anything less.

Source by Chloe Durante

How to Get a Girl to Chase You – 5 Field Tested Secrets

Every guy, whether good with women or not, knows how good it feels to be chased by a woman. But few guys understand that being successful with women requires a chase dynamic during every phases of the relationship- From opening all the way to being boyfriend and girlfriend. There are many ways we can set up the dynamic of a chase. And most guys still subscribe to the ridiculous notion that it’s the man’s job to chase the women. Well, that may work in movies, but it absolutely does not work in real life (not without some chase coming back the other way that is). So let’s talk about some great ways to get a girl chasing you like cat nip.

Let’s start with the simple concept of WIIFM. This stands for “What’s In It For Me?” Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Most people are so into talking about themselves that they’re just waiting for you to shut up so that they can talk about themselves again. When we apply this concept to women it’s extraordinarily powerful for building attraction. So here are five field tested techniques that will help you attract and keep the women you’re gaming by throwing out the WIIFM lewer.

Technique 1 – Tell the girl that you like 3 things about her. Naturally, she’ll ask you what they are. Tell her two, but on the third say: “I want to tell you third because it’s really good. And trust me; it’s not what you think. But I know if I tell you, you’ll stop doing it. So I’m afraid I can’t tell you.”

Technique 2 – When she’s really wants to tell you something, don’t let her. You can even look at the top of her head with a confused look on your face, like she has a poop nugget in her hair. She’ll naturally pause the story to ask you what’s wrong. Say: “Nothing. Continue,” And let her start the story again while you continue to look in her hair. She’ll ask you again, but just keep playing it off: “It’s nothing, drop it down a gear there turbo. Continue the story, I’m interested.” Then, when she finally begins her story, politely excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. When you return, tell a story of your own about how something funny happened to you once. You can even make up a story about how something funny happened while you were in the bathroom. For example, you can tell her a dudes toupee’ flew off when he hit the hand dryer cuz it was facing up and he didn’t know it (I don’t know, make something up). Keep preventing her from telling you her story right up to the point where she’s about to get mad. Then right before she completely loses her shooter marble, let her tell the story and listen intently. This will make her feel like she had to chase you down just to tell you something. Making girls work like this is essential for building attraction.

Technique 3 – When she calls you, let the call go into voicemail and immediately text back: “What’s up?” She’ll likely respond with: “I just wanted to say hi.” Then, you can say: “I can’t talk right now cuz I’m talking to my friend about you and it’s getting juicy… “

Technique 4 – Tell her you saw a movie and the female lead character was kind of a sea donkey, but she did do this one thing that was really cute; so cute in fact that it made up for all the other negative attributes of her personality. Then say: “Come to think of it, it was something that you always do.” When she tries to get it out of you, what do you do? That’s right! Tell her she doesn’t want to know, and make her chase you all the way into the bathroom, I mean the bedroom.

Technique 5 – When you’re getting physical with a girl and it’s starting to get really heavy, suddenly cut it off and say: “You know what, I think we’re going a little bit too fast.” Then move your body slightly off hers and say something like: “You know what’s cute about you?” (This will prevent her from getting hurt about you stopping the physical escalation). Then when she says: “What?” say: “Ah, nevermind, you don’t want to know.” Once you get her to chase a little bit, say it’s a secret and you have to whisper it in her ear. Then when you do, give her a champion compliment like: “I love the way you bite your lip after we kiss,” then back off her again. This push/pull type dynamic of you resisting her physically after she’s all fired up, then giving her a compliment before moving away from her again will definitely get her in chase mode. I guarantee you it will be the first time she’s ever had a guy stop her in the middle of being physical. Needless to say, this creates a perfect chase, and it builds up some heavy attraction to boot.

We’re currently giving away our “50 Most Effective Opening Lines” seminar for free on our website. It’s filled to the brim with tons of great advice that goes way beyond what I was able to get into here. If interested, get it at:

Thanks for reading!

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Flirting SMS: How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text

Flirting SMS (Short Message Service) is synonymous with text flirting for guys. Text flirting is your golden ticket to building attraction quickly. There are 3 main reasons why you should use flirting SMS: 1) you want to be on her mind constantly and texting will remind her of you, 2) texting is very effective for re-establishing or furthering your connection with her and 3) you can almost always get away with teasing or using playful banter with her and more often than not, she will tease or banter with you back.

Flirting SMS, or using text as a flirting medium for guys, has become so popular lately that in their 2010 Sex Survey, Shape and Men’s Fitness Magazine released the following results concerning sex and texting:

– Texting is the number one method of communication couples use to talk to each other.
– Guys text almost 40% more than calling. Girls text almost 150% more that calling.
– Almost 70% of respondents have participated in “sexting”
– Almost 70% of respondents claim that they have been asked out via a text message.
– Almost 50% of girls and 30% of guys admit that they have been dumped via a text message.

So if you’re still wondering if texting is effective for attraction, the answer is YES! If you’re also wondering how to flirt with a girl over text, here is a collection of field tested flirting SMS texts:

Opening: SURPRISE!
Opening: Knock knock…
Opening: How’s my favorite little brat doing?
Opening: I just made you check your phone for no reason. looks like I got you in check:)
Opening: Hey munchkin, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
Opening: What sort of trouble are you causing?
Opening: I am luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer, skittles or m&ms?
Opening: Hey, can you do me a favor and text me right back? Just say Hi or something. All my friends don’t believe me when I say retards can text. We’ll show ’em lil buddy!
Opening: Hey princess, just got back from the aquarium and I saw the cutest fish there and it reminded me of you…
Opening: I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!
Opening: Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking and sexy ass people in the world! Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. I’m just texting you to say goodbye.
Opening: I miss you and want to see you, but this dumb security guard won’t let me in the zoo. Is there any way you can escape?
Opening: Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant?! That’s crazy. Gotta love animal planet during the lunch break…
Opening: I just met your twin
Opening: You just popped into my head so Hi…now please stay out of there
Opening: Every time I see u, I smile. When you walk, I laugh. When you speak, I get excited. For some reason, retarded people amuse the hell out of me!

Same Night: Hey [name], sweet dreams
Same Night: Hey [name] I hope you got home safe.

Attraction: You know, out of all the [first name] [last name]’s I know…I think you’re my favorite.
Attraction: I don’t know who you’re boyfriend is…but he’s sure not spanking you enough!
Attraction: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly
Attraction: Awwww, you’re so sweet. You’re making me get diabetes.
Attraction: I just don’t think we should do this anymore. I’m not just a piece of meat, you know.

Comfort: I was thinking of you…
Comfort: Something about u seems to always make me smile.

Source by Andy Yang

Why a Man Disappears After Saying I Love You

Doesn’t it feel amazing when a man you really care about finally does what you’ve been dreaming about for weeks – and says “I love you” for the first time? It feels like you are in heaven, and unconsciously, you start to imagine a future with him in it. And for awhile, your relationship continues to progress. But suddenly, without a warning, he disappears – no texts, calls, emails or IMs. And for a few days, you rationalize that he’s just busy but when it’s been a week, there’s no denying that he’s really seemed to run off this time.

What happened? Did you do something wrong? Why didn’t you see it coming? And most of all, how can a man just disappear after saying I love you? Was he just leading you on? Was he even telling the truth?

To clarify, there certainly are men out there who are ‘players’, and will chase after a woman just for the thrill. He will do anything to win her over – even saying the words ‘I love you’, and telling her that he wants to marry her and have kids with her. However, once he gets what he wants from her – her affections or sex, he will just leave and disappear. These kind of men are really not worth trying to understand. The best way to avoid such a man is to understand men better and take things slow. Make sure that he proves himself to be a trustworthy person over time – before you even have sex with him.

However, I believe that most men do not fall under the category of a ‘player’. Most men sincerely want to find one woman to be his life-long partner. So why would an average guy behave so unkindly – to disappear after saying he loves you?

A man is genetically programmed to do his best to make a woman happy. And if you are a woman he likes, he will put in even more effort to make you smile and glow. As your relationship progressed, he probably felt very happy with you. And out of the blue, often after an emotionally heightened experience (like sex), he may suddenly say the words “I love you” – because in that moment, he truly feels that way.

This is where the confusion begins because the words “I love you” can mean a lot more to a woman than to a man. To a man, he could be just expressing his current feelings of affection. But to a woman, love often means a desire to have a relationship, something further than what is just happening in the moment.

Source by Joy Martin

We Broke Up and He Hasn’t Called – How to Get Him to Call Back

It is a real dilemma, you broke up with your ex boyfriend and he hasn’t called. You really want him back but you do not want to call him because he might need some space and time away from you. And you can not afford to let him without any kind of contact because you are afraid he might know another girl and start dating.

This is a battle of patience and time, you are right because you do not want to call him, he might find you needy or desperate to get back to him, and at the same time you do not want him to lose hope, start to move on and begin seeing other girls.

The balance is what you need in this situation. You do not want to look like you are so desperate to be with him again, and you do not want him to lose any hope of getting back to you.

So, what you have to do in these situations?

I think the best solution for this is to make your ex call you, opening the lines of communications with your ex is a good sign you could get back together, but you do not want to be the first one to do it. Because that might mean that you are the weaker side, and then your ex will begin to force his rules and conditions on you.

At first it is important to break all the communications with your ex boyfriend, so he might take all the time and space he needs. Some girls actually nag their boyfriends to the limits. A girl keeps calling, sending flowers, going to his place, driving by his office. The boy could not stand it; he might feel surrounded and stalked, it is not a good feeling anyway.

I do not say that girls do it on purpose, but they might see that this is a demonstration of their love and affection. At last their boys understand it like their girlfriends are controlling their lives, boys need to have their own space, hanging out with other boys, watching Super Bowl at Saturday nights, doing some manly activities.

If you left your ex boyfriend alone, he will realize the affection and love you were surrounding him with, he will notice there is something missing in his life. He will start reminiscing about the old days, and how he was the center of your life.

Do you realize the answer for the question “We broke up and he hasn’t called?”

He is now enjoying his personal space, like any new toy, it might be exciting at the beginning, but after a while he will start missing you and all the love and attention you gave him.

When you obey the no contact rule with him for the first few weeks, he will miss you surely. He will be shifted from the “I need space” mode to “I am afraid she might be seeing someone else” mode.

And at that time he might call you.

But, what if he has not called even after the first few weeks? Could you literally force him to call you?

Yes, and there are several methods you can use to make him look like he’s the one who have started calling you, let us discuss some of them.

– Leave him a message on the answering machine ( or send him a text ) that says that I have found something belongs to you and I want you to take it back, you should be honest and give him something valuable when he calls you back.

– Ask about one of his family members. His dad might have undergone a surgery or his little sister can’t decide what college she is going to join. Call him if you are positive he’s not home, so that he might call you back, or just send him a text.

– Congratulate him for his new promotion, birthday, or because his team won the NBA championship. If you know about your ex, you know the things he cares about most, in this case also you can call him when he’s not home to guarantee he will call you back or you can text him.

There are other techniques you can make him call you back, but the most important thing is what to say when he calls back, if you will only repeat the same old arguments or complain because “we broke up and you hasn’t called” you will not get the results you want, and it might be the last time he will call you.

You need to prepare for everything you want to say when he calls, arrange your thought so he will find more reasons to get back to you.

Source by Ayman Dweck

Plant Seeds Of Attraction In Her Mind

Here’s a metaphor from the law of attraction. When you’re baking cookies, you shouldn’t keep opening the oven door to see if they’re done.

Or put another way, if you’re intending to grow an orange tree, you shouldn’t keep digging up the seeds to see if they’ve sprouted yet.

Now, according to the law of attraction, if you’re manifesting something, you should do the work, do the meditations, whatever, and then let go. Let nature do the rest.

If you keep checking to see how your results are coming, you’ll mess everything up.

How is this applicable to seduction?

First, realize that attraction happens on an unconscious basis. She can’t logically decide to become attracted to you any more than you can rationally choose which girls you’d like to sleep with. (Everything else being equal).

Now, this can be a hard concept for a lot of guys to get their minds around. Girls are attracted to guys from completely different reasons that guys are attracted to girls.

When a guy sees a girl, he knows right off the bat if he’s into her or not. It happens in a split second.

But when I girl sees a guy, she doesn’t know yet. If she’s physically attracted, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. In order to really feel deep attraction and emotional longing, she’s going to need to interact with him.

Talk to him, test him a few times, maybe even spend some time away from him.

BUT (and this is crucial) just because it takes time for her to become attracted, this DOES NOT mean it’s a conscious process.

It’s just unconscious as you wanting to bang that big breasted hottie you just saw a split second ago.

It’s just that for girls, that unconscious process is stretched out over time.

Like the cookies in the oven, or the seeds in the ground.

Guys who aren’t sure if she likes him or not will want to force the issue. Like opening the oven door or digging up the seeds.

But if her unconscious hasn’t been triggered yet, forcing the decision up into her conscious mind will ruin the process.

Meaning you’ll kill any chance you’ve got.

This can be the toughest thing to do for a guy. But if her unconscious is in the process of becoming attracted to you, LET IT HAPPEN.

Don’t talk about it, don’t try and get any kind of validation or reassurance.

Think of female attraction like Fight Club.

Remember the first rule of fight club? NEVER talk about Fight Club.

Let the seeds of attraction grow. DON’T ever ask her to agree consciously that she likes you, or she’s becoming attracted to you, or you two had fun the other night.

Just assume it’s happening, and let it happen some more.

When she passes the point of no return, when she’s totally into you, and she can’t get enough of you, YOU WILL KNOW.

If you aren’t sure, IT HASN’T HAPPENED YET.

Until then, just let it happen.

And of course, using the unconscious mind triggers to help her get there will give you a much better chance.

Source by George Hutton

Use Text Messages – The Right Way to Attract Men

Do you use text messages to flirt with guys? Does it work for you? Do you want to learn how to use them to attract men? There’s a lot of good dating advice about how to flirt with guys when you’re face to face with them, but these days, texting is often our primary means of communication. Use text messages the right way and they can be a powerful tool in your arsenal of romantic weapons.

You have to assume that if you’re getting sms’s from a guy regularly, you’ve already got him interested in you. The first thing you need to do is determine just how interested he is. This will determine your strategy. Here are three probable scenarios and the strategies to use in each:

First Date Scenario

You’ve only been on one date, but you get a text msg from the guy first thing in the morning. That’s a great sign, even if he just says something bland like, “Had a grt time.” If the message is something like that, feel free to encourage him with a reply like, “Me 2” with one of those winking smiley faces as your “signature.” To a guy, this is as good as a sexy wink in person, but not too much of a come-on.

Been Dating Awhile Scenario

Things have started to get romantic and you want to take it to the next level and make him fall in love with you. This is when you need to combine flirting with playing hard to get. In this case, you can use text messages to your advantage with careful timing. If he sends you a msg like, “What r u doing?” don’t reply. He’ll start to get nervous and wonder if you’ve lost interest. After awhile, he’ll send you another message. Reply to this one and say, “Sorry, was in the shower. Thinking of you” or something along those lines. That will awaken a million erotic thoughts in his mind.

Hot and Heavy Scenario

This one can either make or break your relationship. If he is already committed to you and you know it, just do what feels right. If he is not, then don’t encourage him too much. If his messages turn you on, act coy and shy, but excited. If they are too suggestive for your taste, then you might want to reconsider your relationship. Either he’s just clumsy, which is forgivable, or he’s a sleaze, which isn’t. Go with your intuition on this one.

These are just a few scenarios you’ll run into with texting. When you use text messages, remember that you’re going to be face-to-face with the guy sooner or later, so don’t say anything in a message that you wouldn’t want to say in person!

Source by Tina L. Jones

Araby – The World of Love, Drab and Frustration

James Joyce (1882-1941) was born in Dublin. Along with W.B Yeats and George Bernard Shaw, he formed the trio. Joyce’s novel, “A Portrait of the Youngman” is a very popular novel, “Dubliners” (1905) his first book. It is the collection of short stories. His other important works are “Ulysses (1922), “Finnegan’s Lake” (1939).

“Araby” by James Joyce is a great and all time’s favorite short story. “Araby” can be criticized from different aspect. It is the story of a boy. James Joyce pregnated the theme of his story with various symbolic overtones, he creates the real world. In real world each and every person has to face the frustration, displeasure, love hatred, reality. This is the truth and universal. “Araby is about dream, happiness, realism, darkness and drab world.

The boy- hero of the story lives in the drab surrounding of Dublin. From the very beginning of the story we get to know that the boy has a secret adoration for a girl. She is the sister of boy-hero’s friend Mangan. The boy nourishes a very deep and pure passion for his dream girl. He waits earnestly every day to have a glimpse of the girl. But the boy never gets the chance to speak with his lady-love. He always carries the image of the girl. He cannot forget her name for a moment. he describes his condition in the following words: “I imagined that I bore the chalice safely through a throng of foes”

The boy-hero pined for the beauty and love of the girl. Very co-incidentally the girl speaks with the boy. It is great moment for the boy. The girl speaks about “Araby”, a great fest, it is the dreamland which is full of glamour and grandeur . For the boy it is a double treat. First his dream girl speaks with her and secondly he is thrilled by the place “Araby”. It is another romantic affair for the boy-hero.

He wants to visit this dreamland along with his girl. But she cannot able to accompany him as she has retreat in her convent. The boy promises that he will bring some gifts for her from that splendid place called — Araby. The boy-hero now wishes to memorize those few moments and very little sweat sentences that they exchanged. This is the only important work for the boy. And on the other hand he wants to go the magical place called Araby. He is anxiously waiting for the day when he will go to Araby. He is very much excited and full of thrill. He is very much happy that he is finally on his way of his dream destination.

But due to some delay, he reached Araby in a very awkward moment. When he reaches the place at that time most of the stalls are closed and moreover the large portion of the gala is ended in darkness. He cannot able to taste the glamour and the grandeur of the place his dream. He finds that all dreams are breaking before his eyes and he cannot able do anything to retain his dreams. There is complete darkness in the hall. He finds out the place is only meant for commercial purpose. And in such place neither his dream nor his love can stand forcefully. He left the place with anger and frustration. The place has no charm for him. He finds out that place is very much inferior. He cannot able to match the place of his dream with the real place where he is standing.

The place is basically place for bargaining and purchasing of different commodities. In such a place all his dream shatters down. Before coming in the place he is in the dream world. In that world he finds the girl and Araby. But from now onwards he can see the hard core reality which is very harsh. He feels frustration and this frustration is universal. It lies deep in the heart of the man. Every one wishes free him out of the drab reality but he fails. Failure, frustration, mechanical manner, anger, anguish are all the universal diseases of every man.

Joyce very nicely and easily through this boy held the idea of today’s living standard. He uses various images and symbols for showing the universal experiences of this universe. Here lies Joyce’s simplicity towards life and his approach to life. Through the love ratio between the boy and the girl he focuses on the point what we wants sometimes we do not get that desired and most wanted object in our life. Then only we suffer from frustration.

Source by Pushpita Ghosh

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 5 Signs of Attraction All Guys Should Look Out For

It’s happened to all of us: you’re in front of a hot girl and you think she likes you but you’re not sure. You think to yourself, “how can I tell if a girl likes me?” And being paralyzed by your not knowing if she likes you or not, you decide not to make a move because you don’t want to risk getting rejected.

Sure, it would be nice if girls just directly told you that they liked you, but things don’t always work out that way. So, it’s your job to make sure you know how to tell if a girl likes you by paying attention to the indirect signs of attraction from her. This way, you reduce your chance at getting rejected if she’s not throwing herself at you, and more importantly, you don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize if she is.

It should go without saying that knowing how to tell if a girl likes you is one of the first things you must learn if you want to be effective at dating and attracting women. So here are some signs for how to tell if a girl likes you:

1. She answers your calls and texts always, and sometimes almost immediately.

You can tell if a girl doesn’t like you when she doesn’t pick up your calls or answer your texts. The opposite is true if she does like you. When she does like you, she’s happy to talk to you on the phone, call you back anytime you call, send you a text message out of the blue and respond to any text messages you send her.

2. She starts talking to you when you stop talking

A good way for how to tell if a girl likes you is when you’re having a conversation with her, stop talking on purpose and see what happens. Resist saying anything for the next five seconds. That awkward silence is a very telling moment. Usually, if a girl likes you, she will be the one that wants to fill the void because she will be the one that doesn’t want the conversation to end.

3. She asks you to hang out when it’s only you, her and another couple.

You’ll get mixed signals when she asks to hang out with just you alone, but when she asks to hang out with you, her and another couple, it’s a reliable indicator that some attraction is brewing. Weird huh? The reason is, usually the other couple will consist of one of her best friends (who she’s most definitely talked with about you already), and she wants her best friend’s opinion of you.

4. She goes out of her way to make time for you.

If you’ve ever asked a girl to do something and she tells you “Well, I had plans to go shopping with some friends…BUT it’s OK I’ll reschedule with them,” it means she likes you. Or at least she considers you more important than the other people she was going to hang out with originally which is definitely a step in the “like” direction.

5. She asks you personal questions about your past or current relationships.

In almost every part of life, it is important to know where you stand in terms of competition. If she likes you, the first thing she will want to know is what she’s up against before making a further commitment with her feelings. Many times, in order to avoid suspicion, she will ask if you have a girlfriend casually or even get one of her friends to ask the same question so be on the lookout for subtlety. If she doesn’t like you, of course she will not even care if you have a girlfriend or not.

Having given you the signs above, know that none of these signs are going to come at the perfect moment that will guarantee that the girl likes you. Don’t hesitate. The perfect moment is just an excuse for “I should have done it sooner.”

The best sign of attraction is the one you make yourself. If you want to know the best way of how to tell if a girl likes you, escalate the interaction with her. Escalating doesn’t have to have the same weight as making a move or getting physical. Escalating can be as simple as suggesting that you go outside for some fresh air if you’re in a crowded place or leading her to the dance floor if you’re at a bar or club. If you do want to add weight, ask for her number or ask her to hang out later in the week.

By escalating you put yourself in a win-win situation. If she follows along with your advances, you will know without a doubt if a girl likes you. If she doesn’t follow along, then you know where you stand with her and you can adjust accordingly. Bottom line: use the signs of attraction to get a feeling for if she likes you but be honest with yourself and escalate to see how she responds.

Source by Andy Yang

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Here’s Why He Won’t Commit To Getting Back Together

When it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back, you’ve probably had your ups and downs. Sometimes he answers the phone when you call, which makes you happy. But then you hear he’s been out with some other girl, and that makes you sad. He might even text you sometimes without you texting him first, and sometimes he even seems like he might want to get back together. But other times days can go by and he won’t call or answer your calls.

The problem with these ups and downs when it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back is that they leave you hanging on. You are thinking about how you want your ex boyfriend back constantly. And some days it seems like you’re making progress, which is the only way you can get through the down times. Why does it seem like sometimes he wants to get back together, while other times he won’t give you the time of day?

The truth about why your ex boyfriend won’t commit to getting back together is this: you aren’t making him work for it. You’ve become the girl he calls when he’s lonely or bored. You’re the one that he knows will always be there! And you prove it every time you answer the phone. Every time he calls you and asks you to come over out of the blue and you go. And every time he needs emotional support for a problem but has no one else to talk to.

You might think that being the girl he can always lean on is a good thing. But clearly, it isn’t working. You aren’t any closer to getting your ex boyfriend back now than you were when you first broke up. It’s not your fault, because you love him and you want to have a connection with him. But he’s going to keep using you for this until someone else comes along. He’s getting to date other people while still treating you like his girlfriend… when it’s convenient for him.

You have to start putting yourself first if you want to have any hope of getting your ex boyfriend back. You have to play a little hard to get. And you have to let him know (through your actions, not your words) that it isn’t okay to treat you like this. That you have a life too, and that he isn’t entitled to taking up so much of your time if he isn’t going to commit to getting back together.

Source by Penny Bartholomew

Flirting Tips For Shy Girls! Here is What Every Shy Girl Should Know Before She Starts Flirting

Contrary to popular belief, even shy ladies can get a guy’s attention, without having to do something they are uncomfortable with. Flirting is a skill that not only liberated women can perform – ladies who are feel awkward about showing interest too forwardly. So what does a bashful lady do about panicking before a handsome new friend? Here are seven flirting tips for shy girls:

Put on a bright smile. You may be the most shy person in the world, but it always works to put on a bright smile especially when you see the man of your dreams. Women who have a contagious smile are guy magnets, and even if you are the shy type, the man you want will come to you in no time.

Take everything slow. Doing a complete turnaround when it comes to your attitude would only make you look desperate. When trying to win the heart of the man you want, take things slow. Show the man you want to flirt with that there is more to you once he gets to know you better than being the shy type, and it will make him crazy for sure.

You can be shy but be approachable. Even if you are the woman who is not fond of getting near people, make it to a point that people can approach you. This is a characteristic that men want with women, instead of dealing with snobs and mean girls.

Do the body language. Sometimes being shy actually works for other men. This is because some men find it hot to have a shy girl with them because they think they have no experience with anything which makes them believe that they are your first. Surprise your man by doing the body language. Make sure you send the message you want him to receive by your actions.

Resort to technology. If you are too shy to tell the man how you feel and to share him your thoughts, you can chat with him online or send him text messages. This will really boost your confidence, and when you and the man you want have already warmed up with each other, everything will follow accordingly.

Flaunt what you have discreetly. Because shy women are reserved, imagine the man of your dreams going crazy by showing him your assets discreetly. Make him use his imagination and he will approach you for more.

Converse properly. Even if you are shy, make sure when he talks to you, you answer him properly. Some girls stutter or lose concentration when they are conversing with the man they like, and this will be a complete turn off.

Source by Russell Jackson

Ex Boyfriend Won’t Call You Back or Answer Your Phone Calls? Here’s Why And How to Fix It

If your ex boyfriend won’t call you back or answer your phone calls anymore, it can be extremely frustrating. You still love him and want to get back together, but how is that ever going to happen if he isn’t talking to you anymore? Here’s why he isn’t talking to you and the first step you need to take if you want to get him back for good.

It can be hard to deal with a break up, and if you want your ex boyfriend back, it can be even harder to let things go. You still want to talk to him every day, and even if you are just friends it is better than losing him completely. So you call him or text him all the time. And at first, he texted you back. Or at least answered sometimes when you called. But now, he’s not calling you back. And he’s not answering the phone anymore. And aside from the occasional one word answer, he’s not texting you anymore either. So how the heck are you supposed to get him back if he’s no longer talking to you?

The problem is, you’ve become that girl. You know, the one he’s talking about to his friends. He’s now trying to avoid you. The two of you are broken up, and you’ve now become the ex girlfriend that won’t leave him alone. And at first he might have felt sorry for you. But now, he just wants you to stop calling him. So he’s going to prove to you that he’s not your boyfriend anymore and he doesn’t have to answer to you. It’s just the way it is when there’s a break up power struggle.

If your ex boyfriend isn’t answering your calls anymore, it doesn’t mean that he hates you, or that he won’t ever want to get back together. It just means that you’ve now activated his control issues. He is going to prove to you that he’s in control. And he’s going to do that by not answering you anymore.

How do you reverse the post break up power struggle? How do you get your ex boyfriend to want to talk to you again? You start by leaving him completely alone. No more calling, no texts, no Facebook messages, and don’t talk to his friends. Just leave him alone. It’s called the No Contact Rule, and it puts you back on a level playing field. It puts you back in control. It shows him that you don’t have to talk to him every day to be happy.

What happens when you use the No Contact Rule? It might take a few days, but eventually your ex will see that you aren’t talking to him. And see, even though he thought he wanted to get away from you, part of him liked the attention. So it’s going to drive him crazy that he isn’t getting it anymore. He’s going to want to know why. And eventually curiosity is going to get the better of him. And then guess what happens? He’s going to call or text you!

Source by Penelope G. Allen

5 Great Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Phone Number

Several articles back, I covered some great ways to ask for a woman’s phone number. Still having trouble asking her?

If so, I’ve got five great ways that you can get her phone number, but I’m going to warn you…

If you still haven’t used the last ones, learning these won’t do you any good! You have to take action, and when it comes to that, the best time to start is right now. So let’s look at five ways that you can ask for her number, starting today…

#1 The Direct Approach

Okay, this is one that every guy needs to use at least once:

“Hey, I’m in a hurry right now, I have to meet a friend… but I’ll be kicking myself later if I don’t ask for your number.”

Bam! Yes, you just walk up to her and say that. Now I know this might not seem very strategic. But this is the quickest way to get over the awkwardness of asking for a girl’s number. Make a commitment to do this at least three times a week.

Believe me, the confidence that it will build will be well worth the rejections… and you’d be surprised at how many women will actually give it to you.

#2 The “No Ask” Technique

This works especially well when you’re having a conversation with a woman that you just met and you’re both busy:

“Hey, I’m in a bit of a hurry right now, I’m meeting a friend of mine for ____, but I’d like to talk to you again tomorrow.”

As you say this, you hand her your phone. She’ll know what to do, and if you’re confident and decisive, she’ll do it. The cool thing about an approach like this is your trusting her by handing your phone over to her, which is a great way to start earning her trust.

Not only that, you also don’t have to actually speak the dreaded words: “Can I have your number.” which have the magical effect of making you and her instantly uncomfortable.

#3 Ask for the Date First

You know, you’ve probably found that asking for a woman’s phone number doesn’t always assure that she’ll answer or call you back. So you’re chances of getting a date are slim. But if you ask her out on a date right away, you get both the date AND the number:

“Hey, I’ve got to run right now, my friend’s are expecting me. What are you doing on ___.”

Once you set the date up, you simply say:

“Okay, now give me your number in case something comes up.”

Okay, so you’ll get less numbers this way, but you’ll also get more women who are actually ready to go on a date with you…which is what you want right?

#4 The Text Approach

This is very sneaky, and VERY effective. Asking if you can text a woman is less intrusive than asking if you can call her. Yes, you’ll still get the number, but using the word “text” will take the edge off of it. Now the best way to do this, is to have a reason to text her.

Here is the plan: during the conversation, ask her what she’s doing later that day, or perhaps what she’s doing right now. Then you show some interest and say:

“Hey, I’ve always wanted to go there/do that, could you do me a favor? It’s a really small one.”

(Most women will say yes)

“Text me and let me know how it was. You can just say like: ‘it was cool’ or ‘it sucked.'”

Then: “Here, I’ll send you a text so all you have to do is respond.”

When she actually texts you, then you can start up a conversation that leads to a phone call and then a meeting……you get the idea.

#5 The Indirect Approach

With this approach, you need to make sure you have a good conversation or you’ll have a hard time following up and getting her to respond to your follow ups. Engage her in a conversation about something that you saw online, it can be anywhere. During the conversation, you tell her that you’re going to send a link to her phone.

Most people these days have phones which have internet access as well, and you can send her the link and ask her to text you back about it and tell you what she thinks. If you do well in the first conversation, you can usually turn this into something.

Source by Mark Sim

How to Move on After a Girl Breaks Your Heart

Are you heartbroken after your girlfriend left you? Do you think about her all the time? Do you feel like life isn’t going to be the same without her in it? Do you want her back and do you wish things could be like they used to be? This is all wishful thinking, but it is time that you learned how to move on.

You need some help to move on after a girl breaks your heart. You are having a hard time getting over this break up and you need some help. You need to be able to move on with your life and to be able to start something new. You need some help to make this happen.

In order to move on from a break up, the first few days are pretty critical. Although all you want to do is call her and ask for her to come back into your life, you have to refrain from this. It is best to cut off all communication with her so you can start to move on. When you talk to her, it reopens your wound and you aren’t going to get over her unless you stop talking to her. Cut off all communication and resist the urge to text and call her. This may be hard to do but it is very necessary.

As well, you have to remove any keepsakes or mementos from her that you are clinging onto. These are constant reminders for her and without getting rid of them; you will never truly get over her. You need to do a cleanse and to get rid of these things if you want to move on. If you don’t, you will never move on and that is a problem.

During this time, you should start thinking about new ways to make yourself happy. You should try to do some things that you were never able to do in your relationship. Now that you are a single man, you have all of the freedom in the world to explore and discover things about yourself that you never even knew existed. You can go wherever you want and whenever you want to go. Now is the time for you to do some exploration and to start taking care of yourself.

Using these tips will definitely help you to move on from a girl. You will be able to mend your broken heart and you can start the process as soon as today.

Source by Hugh Benson

Lesbian Relationships Dating Advice – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

So what exactly can any woman do to make sure they get their lesbian ex girlfriend back?

Perhaps lately you may just have been feeling like not matter what you try everything you do seems to push your ex girlfriend further and further away right?

Can you relate to that?

And right at this minute, and perhaps every minute of the day are you asking yourself the same question of what can you do to get your ex girlfriend back?

I have put together some mini tips that are easy to use and more important that will greatly increase your your chances of making sure that you get back together with your lost love.

Ok, so obviously right at this moment in time, you are deadly serious about saving your old relationship right?

That’s what has ultimately led you to this page in the first place!

But unfortunately your current behaviour could actually be hampering any chances you have of getting back with your ex girlfriend!

In fact, if you are OVER ANXIOUS to get your ex girlfriend back, then it’s almost certain that you are behaving in the wrong way, causing your ex girlfriend to pull away naturally.

You may even be given them more reasons NOT to get back with you, and we certainly don’t want that do we?

I understand that your behavior is simply human nature to behave how you do, we have all been there, but in all honestly it natural for your ex girlfriend to resist this kind of pressure.

So ultimately you are making her struggle against human nature and that is completely pointless, it will push her too far away, beyond a point of no return and it will simply make matters worse.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is phoning your ex girlfriend too much, I know that perhaps you really miss her, and that you think if you keep phoning she will eventually succumb to your advances, but believe me she wont.

If you take an honest look at how you are behaving, do you think you may be calling your ex too much?

Or maybe you have taking the route of constant e-mails?

Or worse still, constantly bombarding her with texts messages?

All this will achieve is to make your ex girlfriend feel sorry for you.

Now you may think that the sympathy vote is better than nothing, but all you are doing is looking needy in your ex girlfriend’s eyes.

This is NOT the way to get your ex girlfriend back.

So what can you do to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to take a step back!

First you have to stop:

Telephoning all the time.

Emailing all the time.

Texting all the time.

You have to stop doing any of the above RIGHT NOW!

Instead you want to take a completely surprising approach, the element of surprise will be your new best friend!

You have to begin by stopping all contact with your ex girlfriend for a short while.

Don’t panic, she wont forget you, in fact by ceasing all contact you will actually make her think about you even more!

Now while she is wondering why you have stopped all contact you are going to be off doing your own thing.

Throughout this period of no contact with your ex girlfriend, you will be focusing on ways that you can improve your own personal life.

You wont be sulking about your current relationship woes.

You are going to become disciplined and take on some new challenges, nothing too tough, just general things that will enhance your life immensely and prevent you from slipping back to your old “constant contact with your ex girlfriend” ways.

Now whilst you are improving your own life, the other side of the coin will see your ex girlfriend is almost sure to be going through an emotional shift in how she feels about you.

Since you are no longer actively pursuing her, all of sudden you have become more mysterious to her, because she has lost the control in knowing your ever move, now she not sure what you are doing or what you are feeling.

You see no contact has now forced your ex think about you even more which is a major step in getting your ex girlfriend back, well done you!

By giving your ex girlfriend some real breathing space, you have given them the chance to miss you again.

Now you must remember to work with human nature and not against it, human nature is going to help you get your ex girlfriend back in no time at all.

So now you know one major mistake to avoid, do not smother your ex, give her time to miss wonderful you!

Here is a quick recap:

Don’t smother your ex girlfriend.

Make yourself appear mysterious.

Play hard to get (but not too hard!).

and above all let her make the first move.

Pretty soon you will have your ex girlfriend back in your arms, where she belongs.

Source by Sally Bern

Book Review – Amrita Suresh's "When a Lawyer Falls in Love"

Amrita Suresh's "When a Lawyer falls in Love" is an exquisite piece of hilarious fiction that brings originality in experience, and truthfulness in expression, to unravel the intricacies that lie beneath human thought and action.

The writer seems to make capturous use of the layering technique, where-in the mind's eye and maturity coincide with the layers of meaning to be expressed. On the visible layer, it is legal campus life, with law graduates-in-pairs are fixed in a 'to be or not to be situation,' with only one couple actually witnessing a real-life wedding, when Jaishree turns Jaishree Bose and ravishingly presents the charms of a Hindu married lady.

The writer quite graphically presents this "For the first time in her life perhaps, Jaishree Subramanian decided to openly assert herself in college. She came for the Farewell wearing sindoor and a mangalsutra. Even some of the guys in the class actually felt their jaws fall to the ground. Even some of the lecturers were shocked. Yet it was the final send off and Jaishree didn't want to do any more hiding. "

The writer presents truthfully the concerns of man for woman's love. Men as children are blessed by the comforts and warmth of the mother's lap, and later in youth shown to be lost in gauging woman's beauty, "Ankur remembered well, the first time his lawyer brain got enmeshed in Sonali's freshly shampooed hair s she swayed with the gay abandon of a seventeen year old, during the Fresher's party. "

A woman appears man's sole concern for all generations to come. She becomes his breath and mind, the lone purpose in life, making life itself worth living. "She is actually the reason behind him actually maintaining a rank in class and not selling his law text books to a recycling unit, which Ankur every other day was tempted to do. Sonali Shah, in a word was his life".

It is action that is celebrated over thought, with Souvik being declared a man of action and Jaishree garlanding him for a whole life ahead. Jaishree wants Souvik to take the first step, giving expression to the Indianness in an Indian lady allowing her to-be-partner to take the first step, inspite of being doubly sure of her boldness to do on her own. At the lake-side finally Jaishree gives Souvik the strength to spell out, before which he confirms
"Will you swim with me?" and then poses the question, a question that jittered the whole of man's world, for the excitement or depression that follows, with her reply. Souvik pulls himself together, symbolically presented as "adjust his pants in an effort to kneel sit" and then Souvik quietly asks "the most beautiful girl in the world, will you marry me?"

If thesis is love at first sight, antithesis is coming close to one's partner, but it is synthesis which as a marriage bonds couples for a life of joy and happiness. All the young legal couples, are shown rather anxiously graduating from thesis to antithesis and later to synthesis. If Jaishree and Souvik have been blessed to achieve synthesis, though "Ankur drove the nervous groom to his final", Ankur is still to graduate, and the writer leaves it open for the readers to decide. Ankur, it appears still seems confused to choose between marriage as "Bossed over for the rest of his life" or "Sonali meanwhile, had different plans up her pretty sleeve. Having known her for over half a decade, Ankur have known."

This indecision in Ankur is carved into Ankur's words to Sonali "a woman's love should never be trusted … since it has no empirical evidence to support it" and Sonali retorting "You ought to find yourself a guy then …" leaving " Ankur turn to be slightly ruffled "and this kit-pit appears to continue for long self-hurdling in escalation towards Synthesis. Indeed, the writer couldn't have drawn a better comparison between the two young legal couples, Jaishrees and Sonalis.

The thesis of 'graveyard' love of Vyas, and his lover-girl Caroline's desperation to reach out to him, rather begins with an ending note. The first chapter announces the death of love even before life actually took birth. This is rather humorously presented, with the criminology Professor Prakash questioning Vyas in the dark of the night "So you have already made plans of meeting in your after life." He continues to faithfully laugh away at the youthful passion rather misplaced "I must say the stress levels of students has seeped through their heads. Imagine hanging out at a graveyard!"

The writer return on accepted belief, that life is full of suffering. As one grows older there is a realization of pain constant due to illness or disease. All make efforts at every age possible to be without pain, and to make fellow humans become free of pain. If we could choose to be without pain we certainly would. Souvik's desperation to give relief to his ailing mother, through his marriage with Jayashree seems to be a cure from all illness that torments her.

By presenting Jaishree to Bose's house-hold, Souvik considers giving it a new lease of life. He faithfully tries to return the care and happiness blessed on him by his mother all through. Jaishree for Souvik is the "Nibbanam paramam sukham", meaning "Nirvana is the highest happiness" and Jaishree is sure to deliver this to her just kidney-transplanted mother-in-law. The announcement in the hospital "A match has been found" awakens Souvik to the realization that Jaishree's coming to the hospital and later into his life will bring fresh rays of hope "Jaishree had come visiting for the fourth consecutive time."

With her care and respect for elders Jaishree "touched the old man's feet and vanished from the room" leaving Souvik to re-affirm himself of how much his mother needs Jaishree, with thoughts of "Jaishree was truly the sunshine of his life" occupying his mind, totally. Even before this, he firmly announces his wedlock with Jaishree, even if it meant upsetting his plans to go abroad. "Ma will approve of Jaishree … I know it."

Astrology and obsession of common human lives to know what is in store for them in the future is very well captured all through the novel. The Leo Sonali sounds very assertive when she lectures her way through the importance of astrology. It really bugs her when Caroline rather sarcastically points out "it doesn't make much sense, does it? … But how can one's future depend on the movement of some star and moon and other such crap?" She starts "Astrology is based on bio-rhythmic cyles … Positive energy and Negative energy … has to come back to you."

By saying that "everything depends on everything else" she confirms that it is focus that is really missing in many human lives, with every scope to create or negate one's life, she says "the cosmic force has ordained, that if a person genuinely wants to make amends, circumstances are arranged to provide for evolution of the soul. " Change and diversion has to be met with consistency and focus.

Sonali wants Caroline-like beings to realize this fast, she says "The human body, as also the world, is in a constant state of flux. Therefore astrology in its truest form, involves going deep within through meditation, to uncover the answers that the soul already knows. " Finally there is a message for all "astrology is all about bringing out the best in a person. Since one's future or career depends on doing something one is inherently good at. After all, most catastrophes are caused due to human failings." This hints at the catastrophe of the love life of Caroline, to leave Vyas as cheated and wreaked, and also to lead a life in an alien land self-imprisoned in a self-imposed heartless marriage in times to come.

Astrology is also employed as an avenue to announce the 'iceberg' in us all. Caroline's rather practical approach towards life, her deserting of Vyas for her Dubai cousin is very well prophesied through the medium of astrology. Sonali notes, "You can try doing some business of your own, working under someone won't suit you … If you run a business it will be successful, since you have rather shrewd business skills." Bringing the 'profit motive' into human lives and relationships is sure to make one materialistic and inhuman, finally to be isolated from people, near and dear, and Caroline is sure to meet her fate.

Sonali's rather frustrated flirtation with Rohit, and his gross misbehavior, much to the anxiety and anger of helpless ankur evokes neither laughter nor sorrow. The writer means to convey that, every individual is a slave of circumstances, which bury us many a time, before we are actually buried. It is not whether Sonali's self-interests have served her internship, but what happens along the way is the causing of intense pain and anxiety in her undecided lover.

Starting from the day when "Sonali called Rohit to come sit next to her … For Ankur, the line between normal and abnormal had begun to blur. He could still be abnormally obsessed with feelings he had for the Sonali he once knew .. .A Paradox. That's just what love was. " No doubt the middle classed Sonali might also have been carried away by the "farm house" charms of Rohit, where all play "Let 'play spin the bottle" game, prophesying Sonali's life is sure to spin from Rohit to Ankur again.

The writer weaves the comic and hilarious intricately into the thick of the plot. Ankur questioning Vyas, as Vyas is busy searching for a gift amongst darkness ridden graves in the first chapter "What did she gift you … a space in this grave yard?" Pavan's ambassador car which breaksdown at the slightest of movements appears to be a perpetual source of humor.

"The car groaning was under understandable, but the collective groans of the lawyers as they tumbled out of the car, was something that even the best mechanics couldn't rectify." Vyas's annoyance on finding that Caroline has been moving closer to her cousin from Dubai evokes more humor than pity in the readers towards him.

On being advised to stop her from doing so, he complains his lost case "she says I am being stupid." Legally Ankur is the most eligible bachelor to suit Sonali. But he is not sure of his singing abilities, rather humoursly he says "forget courtship, if he ever sang to his girl during their honeymoon, she'd make the lawyer himself draft divorce papers."

Even little happenings and the fall-out can evoke laughter, this is what the writer aims to prove when Ankur's teeth-focus is elaborated. Ankur "took good care of, it was teeth.
Infact as a six year old Ankur remembered holding a solemn burial ceremony each time he lost one of his milk teeth. A welcome party would follow, with the first traces of his new tooth. That's why probably his teeth served him well, accentuating the smile on his chubby face. "

At the VJ hunt the comic is compounded by Ankur's spontaneous responses triggered off by his "art of sounding intelligent while speaking nonsense." For the female judge's question "If you are invited for a pool party and you arrive wearing your swimming trunks only to realize it is a billiards game in progress, how would you react and why?" Ankur ventures further to erupt the party to cheers saying "I will pretend like it is my normal outfit … after all presence of mind is what counts the most in life." The expected crowds' cheers may be due to Ankur's pool party outfit like mind, which exposes him dumb, or may be his outfitting to pose smart that ends in an expose of ignorance. Whatever, the end-result is rib-tickling laughter.

Pavan is a world apart. He is typically different from his fellow legal graduates. In one way he is ahead of the generations with whom he shares the same classroom. His humoruous narrative is sure to split all to laughter. "There was this one time when I was seated at a fancy restaurant next to a girl who ordered 'fresh salted crabs,' I was accompanying my dad for a business do and this girl was probably his boss's daughter. Yet she was just so hot !! When her crab arrived, I thought I was being very smart when I said, "Wow! Even the crab still has his yes … probably he wanted to watch you all through dinner! That was it! The girl got delusional! She actually felt the crab was looking at her and probably that's why she simply refused to look at both the crab and me … !! ”

The man and woman relations in the Indian context are to be dominantly decided by the society. The young legal graduates naturally question this state of affairs. They look for an air of change, with Sonali laughingly says "After all a guy and girl alone on a terrace at dusk, is never a good sign!" The system of arranged marriage is debated "the most annoying thing about arranged marriages, thought Jaishree, everybody knew the precise reason for which everybody else was here, yet there was a forced facade of casualness."

All through the novel, the writer's concerns for trust in man-woman relations and for creation of a healthy and positive thinking in the tradition bound Indian society are expressive and evident. Before you convince your elders and society, convince yourself first. This is what the author seems to convey to the rather displaced-minded youth who wish to love, and marry the person of their choice. Many youngsters cannot do this, the resultant is failure in love and of marriage.

The secret to love's marriage success is very well unraveled. If one partner fails, other should stand rescue by offering a helping hand, this is what sustains love, this is what sustains marriage, and this between couples is a blessing for children to have a happy and congenial home environment.

When Jayashree is confused about a marriage proposal, Souvik comes to her mental rescue says supportingly "Listen, I am not going to let them happen … you somehow put off the engagement for a year … we are getting married the first thing after college "that is it, she gets the focus, the inner strength to counter argue her father saying" Appa, I don't want to get married now! " Finally the couples' strength to stand together survives their relationship, and become one forever and ever. When your thought is right, you action is sure to yield the result.

Uniquely, this young writer presents the essential harmony of the mundane and metaphysical, by condemning all intellectual pride says, "Since those who make predictions, begin to believe they are celestial bodies themselves, given the amount of reverence they get. They forget that they are mere post men and that the letter has been drafted by the Highest Power there is. The very Power which has created the mosquito as also the mighty mountains. "

Amrita Suresh employs an idiom which is evidently expressive of her thoughts and beliefs. In addition to strict adherence with the common everyday expression of young legal graduates, she leaves no stone unturned in inventing altogether a new phraseology. This is clearly seen in the description of the Dean's presentation, "IT'S LEGAL of course 'kick start' ed with a lengthy formal speech by the Dean, which the collective crowds wanted to 'kick stop' …"

If the College Festival at AIU heralds the celebration of final year legal graduates' college life, Bhoomika's arrival brings in a wiff of fresh air, for the new graduates to start afresh as legal professionals. Bhoomika rather in a ridiculing tone of male's ego says "A bulb is easy to fix … A male ego isn't." This leaves to the readers thought, that the legal graduates are sure to carry forward with unquestionable pride their irrational and age-old legal practices, giving no scope for creativity or modesty.

The writer sums-up the message even before eight chapters are still to be read, by saying "Ankur would be the best man. The legal and practical aspects that were tickling the lawyerer's conscience could be dealt with later." The message is loud and clear. If life is an opportunity to better one's self, indecision hurdles the process, overcoming which by focus and good efforts means happiness all the way.

Source by Sanjay Nannaparaju

3 Things You Must Do If Your Ex Girlfriend is Ignoring You

She loved you, she constantly called you, you saw each other every day… and now, from seemingly out of nowhere, your ex girlfriend seems like a complete stranger to you. She’s cold, she’s short, and no matter what you do she just won’t give you the time of day. So what exactly happened?

If this situation sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. Your ex girlfriend has adopted one of the most common post-breakup attitudes – one that pushes you away every time you try to get close to her again. Such behaviors make it nearly impossible for you to win your girlfriend back, as long as she’s still keeping you at arm’s length. This is why you need to quickly reconnect with your ex at some fundamentally emotional levels, if you want any chance of keeping her.

If your ex girlfriend is ignoring you right now, there’s actually a lot you can do. But before we get into that, there’s also a lot that you cannot do. Let’s start there first:

* Chasing after your ex girlfriend

* Calling your ex to see where she is

* Excessively contacting, texting, or emailing your ex

* Asking your ex’s friends how she feels about you

* Trying to stop by and see your ex girlfriend, even when she told you not to

* Leaving desperate messages, or writing long letters to change your ex’s mind

All of the above behaviors lead to absolute ruin. Not only won’t they work, but they’ll actually make things worse by causing your ex girlfriend to lose all respect for you. Without such respect, you can never win your girlfriend back.

At the same time though, there are methods and techniques you can use to turn the current situation around. By creating an atmosphere where your ex girlfriend actually starts missing you again, you can seize control, re-open the lines of communication, and pave the way for eventual reconciliation.

To get your ex girlfriend to stop ignoring your every move, make sure you do the following:

Walk Away Cleanly – Following Your Own Path

Nothing’s worse than a clingy ex boyfriend who won’t let go of the past. You can’t get your ex back by holding onto her leg, because eventually she’ll shake you off as she walks away.

For this reason, you need to walk away in your own direction. While it may seem you’re giving up on the relationship, what you’re actually doing is establishing a life of your own. When your ex sees that you’re not chasing her anymore, that’s when her interest will be piqued. Your girlfriend will soon realize that your life goes on without her, and this is something she’s not expecting to happen so soon after the break up.

Break Up With Her As Well

Remember when your ex told you that you’d be better off apart? And you shook your head, begged, pleaded, and did everything you could to get her to reconsider?

All of those actions were bad moves. They made your girlfriend even more sure she was making the right decision, and they reaffirmed her as being correct in breaking things off. After all, why would she want to date someone who needs her more than she needs him?

Instead, the best way to handle being dumped is to dump the dumpee. Sounds confusing, but imagine your ex breaking up with you. Now imagine you nodding your head, telling her she’s right… telling her that you are better off apart, and that you agree that things have been really bad lately. Now imagine giving her a hug, saying goodbye, and walking away as if the breakup really doesn’t bother you at all.

This is the best way to handle an unwanted break up. And even if your breakup already happened? There are still ways you can let your ex know that you’re fully and completely in agreement with her decision to end the relationship. There are some really cool methods for agreeing with the break and moving on, confusing your ex girlfriend and making her think twice about what she’s doing.

Don’t Allow Your Ex To Remain In Your Post-Breakup Life

Finally, one of the biggest tricks a girl will pull when she breaks up with you: keeping you around. A girl will usually do this when she’s unsure of the breakup, because keeping you within easy reach is a reassuring way of being able to go back to how things were, should she feel like it.

Instead of playing the chump, it’s always best to remove yourself completely from your ex girlfriend’s life. Instead of answering her platonic emails, it’s always better to ignore them. Instead of being friends after breaking up, it’s always best to refuse the friendship on the grounds that you’d rather not see her at all.

Losing you is one thing. Losing you all at once? That’s quite another. If your girlfriend broke up with you, chances are good she expected to let go of you little by little. So when you take yourself away all at once? It’s a great way of getting her attention, especially if your ex girlfriend is currently ignoring you.

Don’t risk losing your girlfriend for good by doing nothing. To make your ex miss and want you again, you’ll need a step by step plan. Shrugging your shoulders and hoping for the best is never a good way to approach any breakup, especially if you haven’t had much in the way of ex girlfriend contact.

Source by Anthony Malibu

Oral Fixation Review – Is It Legitimate?

Is Oral Fixation a scam or does it really work? There are many ways to get a girl to give you head, but it is important that you first find out about the type of girl you are dealing with first before doing anything.

This is what the Oral Fixation program has taught me and thousands of men around the world that has drastically improved our sex lives. Many men think that by simply treating their women well and giving them lots of compliments and flowers, they will be able to ask for whatever they want in return from their girl.

What Are Some Strategies That You Can Pick Up From this How to Get Head Program?

Although there is certainly some truth to that statement, doing it the wrong way can be completely disastrous and is the reason why you see some men with great sex lives while others have to put up with non-existent sex lives. Some women also hate the thought of having a penis in their mouths, but there are really easy solutions to this problem highlighted in the program that will deal with it within a matter of days.

One way to teach her how to give fellatio while also subtlety communicating to her to make her want to do it. Another tip is to get rid of all the hair down there in your pubic area.

Review of Some of the Tips and Games Revealed in this How to Get Head Program

Once you fully understand the system, you will know which stage of the process you are in and how close you are to reaching that point where your girl is dying to give you head every time you want it. One of the crucial and fun stages is called the reprogramming stage, whereby your girl’s perception about oral sex will completely change for the better.

There is also a game called What Do You Want Me To Do To You which I thought is really brilliant. This step by step game has transformed the sex lives of many men in as little as 5 days. Also, you will not be doing anything unethical because the end result for your girl is that she will be feeling sexy and want to please you for making her feel certain emotions and feelings.

It is written by sex and relationships expert Michael Fiore who also authored several other best sellers such as the Text The Romance Back and Text Your Wife Into Bed books. His other books were referred to as the sex bibles that taught people how to quickly get the sizzle back into their relationships by using a few simple text messages.

How Can the Oral Fixation Guide Help You?

It is especially helpful for today’s society, whereby people are generally too busy to spend much time on their relationships. This new Oral Fixation program gives a totally new perspective on the subject of oral sex for both men and women. It is written mainly for a male audience to teach them how to make their girlfriends or wife love and get addicted to the idea of oral sex.

Why Is this Oral Fixation Guide Created and Who is it For?

Most of the guys who actually benefited from this program are those who used to have a great sex life. However, their sex lives usually turn for the worse and they never really find out what went wrong with it. This guide aims to expose all that and reveal what really needs to happen to make women love the idea of oral sex.

Source by Andrew Pekar

How to Get a Girl to Like You If You’re a Hopeless Nerd

It is said that nerds don’t get girls as they are nerds. But I think the word “nerd” doesn’t make one ugly or stupid. It’s just they are different and difference is okay.

Now if you are a nerd and willing to have a girlfriend, then the first question comes at your mind is how to get a girl to like you if you’re a hopeless nerd. So here is something useful for you:

Know your reason:

Why do you want a girl? Do you really want to fall in a relationship or just trying to look cool to your friends? If it is justfor showing off, then forget about it. It will hurt you both. If you actually like her, then consider how far you can go for her.

Overcome nervousness:

You may feel nervous when talking to her. It is okay. You haven’t meet tons of girls before, so it is normal to be nervous when she is around. So first of all, you have to overcome this nervousness. You can rehearse your speech in a mirror or with a friend at home to get some confidence.

Take a good look of yours:

Try to feel good about yourself. You are not ugly or nerdy. Consider that you’re likable as you are, perhaps need some sprucing. Get clean yourself. You really don’t think that a girl would like a filthy guy, do you? So wear some clean and fashionable clothes. Take care of your body. If you’re a bit out of shape then do some exercises.

Act smart:

Don’t forget you are intelligent and now it’s time to show her that. Act smart, be funny and be a guy who knows to cope up with situation. Be confident while talking to her. It will attract her more. But don’t be over confident like you know everything or you can’t do anything wrong. Accept it if you are wrong and try to make it better.

Pay attention to her:

Don’t avoid her by any mean. Girls hate that. Don’t hurry; start with casual hi-hello talks. You need to know more about her. You can ask her what she likes to do, which movie she likes more. It will make things easier for you. Don’t get anxious if her interests don’t match yours. It doesn’t make any difference, even sometime diversity is better for a relationship. But you must respect her interests and so is she.

Build up a friendship:

Try to build up a friendly relation with her. Girls don’t just love a stranger. So first let her know you. Share your interests with her, hang out together. But don’t spend your whole day with her as it seems clingy. You can be friends with some of her friends. It will help you to know more about her.

Flirt with her:

Since you are now friends, you are ready to flirt with her. It will keep you safe from friend zone. Do it lightly, otherwise she will think you weird. Give her compliment about her clothes or hair style. Girls really like compliments.

Keep good communication:

Ask her phone number. Call her sometime but not frequently. If she is regular in Facebook, text her in Facebook, comment on her posts. You can ask her out for coffee or movie sometime. It will help to understand each other better. Keep your conversation casual and fun; don’t try stupid ideas to impress her. It can freak her out.

If you successfully follow these methods, you have a chance to be her boyfriend within a short time. However don’t be in hurry, go slow. Over time, you will get to know that she has become soft to you too and you will get your chance to ask her finally. So this is how to get a girl to like you if you’re a hopeless nerd.

Source by Alex J. Stevenson

How To Get Any Girl To Orgasm With Six Easy Tips To Do Tonight

If you do not get your woman to orgasm she will feel something is missing in her life. Sex surveys show that 89% of women, who admitted to being unfaithful to their male partner, said that they had an affair due to their man’s poor performance in bed.

You really need to keep your woman happy and orgasmic. The big advantage of this is that you will get a lot more sex too.

You need to learn the tricks to make a girl orgasm. Making a girl orgasm is not something hard if you follow the method below.

6 Tips to Get Any Woman to Orgasm

One. For most women sex starts 6 to 12 hours before the actual act. So be romantic during the day. Sexy text messages are a great way to turn her on emotionally. You need to turn her on before bed.

A romantic dinner and some foot play under the table are pretty hot. Cuddles and holding her when you meet her after work is a must.

Two: Foreplay, foreplay and more foreplay. A woman’s sexual response is more like water coming to boil on the stove. It takes time to warm up. Do not rush foreplay. I suggest at least 20 to 30 minutes or even longer. All parts of a woman’s body is sensual. From sucking on her toes to her ear lobes, touch, kiss and enjoy her whole body

There are a lot of sensitive zones on a woman’s body, such as breasts, inner thighs, clitoris, neck,spine, armpit, ear lobes, lips, anus etc. Make sure you stimulate all of them.

Slow and sensual is the key to touching. Make sure you begin your touch with sensitivity. No jerky and hard touch please.

The biggest thing to do in foreplay is to enjoy touching your lover. Tell her how much you love touching her and how beautiful her breasts are.

Most women are very sensitive. She will feel your pleasure and feel loved and accepted. Many men are in their heads trying to turn her on. Most women feel this as a lack of presence and this turns them off fast.

Three: Breast Stimulation. By spending time on her heart and breasts, this will stimulate her heart area. This opens her emotions and feelings. Once this opens she will get wet. I suggest spending at least 5 minutes kissing and touching her breasts. Feel the soft feminine energy in her breasts. I tend to such on the nipples later in sex when she is close to orgasm.

Four: Oral stimulation. Once she is wet,go down on her and use your tongue to lick and suck her clitoris. Tune in to her reactions and just continue any moves that she has responded too.

Five: Stimulate her g-spot with your fingers. It is much easier to use a finger on her g spot area than your penis. Sometimes I might give my lover 3 major orgasms with finger g spot stimulation over 20 minutes. You can also alternate g spot touching with clitoris stimulation. Once she has had so many orgasms she is dripping wet and will really want your penis. Not many men spend this much time on g spot stimulation so be the first. A woman can also have a deeper g spot orgasm or even ejaculate.

Six: Last at least 20 minutes during intercourse. If you can’t last 5 minutes during sex, you really need help. Are you lasting long enough to satisfy your girl in bed? Premature ejaculation can break up any relationship or /marriage. Learn to relax more in sex. Sex does not need to be like the porn flicks, hard and fast. Most women like a more slow and connected type of thrusting. Slow down and relax any tight areas in your body. Breathe deeply and you will not come.

Source by Maurice Tate

How to Flirt by Text

New technologies have a significant cultural impact; technologies have even reconstructed our everyday romance experience. In the 19th century, people shared romantic heart notes by, writing, sending, and receiving letters on a regular basis through the US postal system. Now we are living in the Digital Age the use of text messaging has transformed how romantic partners communicate. I would like to give few tips on How to flirt by text.


If you just met a girl and you both exchange numbers, it’s essential that you establish a playing field for flirting and even sexual rapport over text with her as quickly as possible. If you allow things to get formal with a girl over text, it will be challenging to get her in the sexy kind of conversation we’re aiming at. It’s also crucial that you maintain CONTROL of the conversation over text. A big mistake a lot of guys make is sending texts like…

Hey, how are you doing?

To a girl, I would call this the “I’m ok” respond; it’s polite to ask how are you doing in your first text, but this text is NOT what we’re going for…

Instead we are looking for something more enticing, “not over the top”, but something flirty, fun, a text that will throw her a bit off balance. You want your text to be spontaneous making the girl you’re flirting with to feel like she never quite knows what she’s going to get from you. The “Pivot” texts should be you opening text. Having her thinking about you is the objective and this text will certainly get her attention. For instance, in this example let’s assume you met this girl at a dinner party the night before. You both exchanged numbers. It’s around 11am on a weekday…

You: Imagine this?

You: If you could be ANYWHERE right now and be doing ANYTHING where and what would it be?

Note how this isn’t sexual at all. The key at this point is to start having fun with her. If she didn’t respond, no need to worry just let it go and come back fishing later. If she respond, use it to your advantage and find out more about her. It’s complete fantasy fodder for later! If she says she wants to be on the beach in Jamaica you can USE that and then SLOWLY start pursuing the conversation to more sensual places. For instance, once you have a healthy back and forth going…

You: Mmmm

Her: Huh?

You: Oh, just had this thought…well, I guess I’ll tell you another time.

Her: No why wait for later, you can tell me now

You: Was just thinking about your lips…

Her: Ooh, what about them?

And from that stage you can continue to exploit her imagination.



This is a perfect situation to whip out what I call “Private Whispers” texts.

“Private Whispers” are texts you use when you and your man are in the same room but can’t talk or flirt openly. So while you’re all in the house prepping dinner, you send him a message that says.

You: Stop it

When he gets the text, he’ll look at you across the room. Give him a little smile

He’ll say: Stop what?

You: Teasing me

And then slowly raise the heat so by the time you finally DO have a few minutes together you’re both feeling incredibly “romantic” and are ready to go.

Source by Demar Stewart

First Date With Your Ex After A Breakup And How To Handle It

It’s been a month or so after the breakup and things have settled down a bit. With a bit of effort and soul searching, you managed to get her interested enough to hang out with you again for the first time. When you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while, it’s going to feel a bit awkward dating her again, let alone any other woman. This is your first chance at attempting to get her back so make sure you don’t screw it up.

Here are a few tips on what you need to do to make this first date a success and also ensure a better chance of getting more dates with your ex down the road.

This first one is very obvious but a lot of guys totally ignore it. It’s their appearance.

This is going to be the first time she sees you again in quite a while and you want to make sure you come across someone who still has self respect for himself. You need impress her with how good you’ve taken care of yourself.

Obviously, have on something that’s dressy, yet casual. Think dress shirt with jeans and casual dress shoes.

Also pay attention to the little details. If there’s one thing that women complain about the most, it is that men don’t pay enough attention to the little details. Make sure you don’t have any nose hairs sticking out, trim them if you do. Brush and floss your teeth, scrape your tongue. Make sure your belt and shoes match. Put on a little bit of cologne. One or two dabs on the wrist or neck is enough. Get a cool haircut.

You want her to dazzle her the moment she lays eyes on you again.

Now on to the date.

The location should be something that doesn’t involve a lot of commitment. A coffee shop is a great first date idea with your ex.

When you meet her, relax and be cool. Avoid showing negative emotions at all cost. Give her a friendly, detached hug. Treat her as if you’ve only known her for short amount of time. And don’t talk about the breakup just yet. Save that for later.

As for what to do on the date, you need to make it enjoyable and fun for HER. Make fun of her a bit and joke around. Do exciting things that you two once enjoyed doing together. Get positive emotions flowing through her system. Make sure you don’t come across as trying too hard to make her like you. Act like it’s no big deal whether she gets back with you or not. Remember, the hungry don’t get fed.

And then end the date early — especially when she’s enjoying it the most.

She’s going to be wondering “But I was having so much fun!”

“What’s going on here?”

“Doesn’t he like me anymore?”

By implementing what I just shared, you’ll have a much better chance of getting her to get back with you.

Source by Frank Robins

How to Get Him to Text Back – Enticing Ways to Get Him to Reply to You Quickly! Read This Now

Are you frustrated and mad at him for not replying to your messages? Have you ever stopped to wonder if you are doing the right thing by sending him a thousand messages in the first place? If you haven’t, then it is about time you did! These tips will help you to do the right thing and will even make him reply.

Don’t be persistent in messaging

Stop badgering him with your messages. He has started to take you and your messages for granted and will not bother replying to them as he knows that whether he does or not, you will still bombard him with more! If you stop sending him messages he will soon begin to wonder why and will become curious.

Stop sounding desperate

The fact that you are desperately trying to get him to respond to you will be obvious in the tone of your messages. This will make you seem even more clingy and he might pity you instead of want you! If you do want to message him once in a blue moon, you should make sure that you sound just friendly.

Be casual in your tone

If you are just casual and matter of fact in your messages, you will make him feel that you are getting over him and are just being friendly, that’s all! He will begin to miss having your undying and adoring attention and will try to get you interested in him again and that will make him reply to your messages.

Let him know what exciting things you are up to

It would do good if he began to see you as someone who is having the time of her life, not someone who is desperately trying to cling to the past. Let him know that you have your hands full and no time to waste and he will start to wonder who is getting to spend time with you these days. He will text back the next time you send him messages.

Send a message that seems like it was meant for someone else

This is a ruse that could put him on the spot and make a decision about you. If you send him a message that obviously looks like you meant it for someone else and sent it to him by mistake, he is going to wonder who the new guy in your life is. You could call the next day and apologize for the mistake. You can be sure he will start asking you questions.

Make him curious by being vague

One way to make him very curious about you is to be vague and mysteriously abrupt in your messages. Don’t let him know everything about you and make it seem like you are reluctant to let him know what’s going on in your life. Curiosity always kills the cat!

Don’t reply to his messages for a change

One thing he is not going to expect you to do is not reply to his messages. Since you have been plaguing him with desperate messages he feels that there is no way you are going to ignore his! Be silent for a change and don’t get in touch with him. Become unavailable and he will desperately want to know why!

Source by Krista Hiles

The 9 Clues That You He Will Eventually Cheat On You

If you have just started dating a guy, you may already be thinking that he is the one for you. At the very least, you can see the relationship lasting and who knows where that will lead? However, you have to be careful, especially if you have been cheated on before, that he is not going to let his attentions wander. So, how do you know if he is going to cheat on you? You want to find out, as early as possible, to save yourself from a lot of pain and heartache. There is no guarantee that any of these signs means that he will definitely cheat on you, but they are worth considering.

Cheating Sign #1. Did he cheat on his ex-girlfriends?

You may not have got to the stage of asking about previous relationships, but you can still find out from other people. Your friends may know that he has a reputation for dating more than one girl at a time. This should set alarm bells ringing. Of course, if he happened to be cheating on another girl when he first started dating you, then you know that he has definitely done it before, and could do it again.

Cheating Sign #2. Does he seem over friendly with other girls?

When you are out together, is he constantly flirting with waitresses, or other girls? This might just be his way, but it is certainly not something that you can ignore. If his attention is easily distracted by other girls and he is not focusing on you, then that should be taken as a potential problem. You should also see how he acts around female work colleagues and you will soon be able to tell if he is looking at them in another way than just work buddies.

Cheating Sign #3. Is he overly secretive?

Now this can be proof that he already is cheating on you, or that he has it in his nature to do so later in the relationship. The kinds of signs you need to look out for are text messages, phone calls or other type of communication that he seems to be particularly cagey about. These might be from another girl who he is dating at the same time.

Cheating Sign #4. Does he have a lot of nights out with the guys?

These may well be harmless, but they could potentially be used as a cover to see another girl later in your relationship. Of course, if he started out spending more time with you than the guys, and this suddenly changes, you need to find out if he really is telling the truth.

Cheating Sign #5. Does he work late a lot?

Again, just as in the last point, this might be totally innocent. However, if the pattern changes for no apparent reason then he may well be seeing a little more of one of his female colleagues than he should!

Cheating Sign #6. Does your sex change?

This is one that might not happen very early in the relationship, but it can do at any point if he is cheating on you. If you have enjoyed frequent sex, and he suddenly becomes tired, or just doesn’t want to, it can be an indicator of a number of things. He may already be cheating on you and be too worn out from his other love making to have any energy left for you. He might not be enjoying sex with you as much as he should, which may lead to him looking for satisfaction elsewhere. On the other hand, it may be perfectly innocent, and just be a sign that he is tired! You should try and talk about this, as problems relating to sex can often be the catalyst that drives people to find another partner to have sex with.

Cheating Sign #7. Does he only want to see you on set days?

This may be that he has other commitments. They could be perfectly innocent, or he may be freeing up some space to fit in another girl. It might not be that he is already seeing someone else, but he may want to be able to have the opportunity to do so when he wants to.

Cheating Sign #8. Is he open about his female friends?

Yes, guys can have female friends and not necessarily be dating them! However, if he seems to be a little cagey about talking about them, then this might mean that he has more than just friendship in mind. The phrase, ‘She’s just a friend’ can mean exactly the opposite of what it appears to say. It is a good idea to meet his female friends as you will probably get a very good idea of whether they really are just friends, or whether there is the possibility that something else might be a possibility.

Cheating Sign #9. Do you really trust him?

Apart from the other points mentioned, trust is a huge issue. You can often tell, quite early on in a relationship, if a guy is telling you the truth. If he lies about certain trivial things, it could mean that he is naturally deceitful, and completely capable of cheating on you without giving it a second thought. It is worth being a little cautious when you are in the early stages of your relationship. However, don’t become too obsessed with the question of whether he might cheat on you in the future, or you are likely to drive him away when he had no intention of cheating on you. You may end up actually turning him into a cheater by your actions and suspicions!

Source by Kimee Luv

How to Attract and Date Vietnamese Women With the Asian Seduction System

How to Date a Vietnamese Woman.

Vietnamese women tend to be very shy, and not as impressed by western culture as Korean, Chinese or Japanese women. Whereas other places in Asia, a foreigner might be an intriguing sight, it is not as true in Vietnam. The Vietnamese culture is somewhat conservative. Every culture in Asia is so unique, it’s really hard to compare or contrast, but Vietnam in particular is an amazing and unique country with some really interesting and beautiful women.

Any man who travels here should know that they are going to have to make more of an effort than other places in Asia to attract the women in Vietnam, and also go about dating in a slightly different way than what they might be used to.

Because Vietnamese women are more shy, it means that you have to be more aggressive. With Asian women in general, you don’t want to be too aggressive (although most guys are still not persistent enough).

There is a difference between being too dominant, or persisting to get past her initial shyness.

Asian women from China and Vietnam in particular will almost never make the first move. It’s up to you as a man to know how and when to do this.

They aren’t going to kiss you first, and you need to know when the best time is to try and kiss a Vietnamese woman. Now an overly aggressive guy might screw up his chances by trying to shove his tongue down their throat (which is bad, don’t do this!) when they first meet the Vietnamese woman.

Whereas a smart and persistent guy might realize that Vietnamese women are shy, and they still like him, even if they if they turn him down for the very first kiss. Thai women, for example, are very similar and will almost never kiss you on the first date – but expect you to be persistent, and will look at this as a test of how much you like them.

Dating Asian women is different from wherever you come from originally, I can guarantee that, but there are so many different countries and cultures in Asia, and oftentimes these different cultures produce different dating norms. It’s not always easy to seduce a Vietnamese Woman, especially if you aren’t used to her dating norms, and you don’t really know how to attract her.

Good luck and have fun attracting Vietnamese women!

Source by Richard C Zhang