Dating Tips for Men

Difficulty: Moderately challenging (especially for some guys out there; geeks, frat boys, for example).

1. Timing is everything – There will be certain days of the month in which you are going to be a jerk anyways, no matter what. Therefore, always wait until she decides when to go on a date. Be her friend in the meantime, and never push for a date.

2. Dress nicely – The average woman changes her clothes four times before she leaves the house. Don’t embarrass your date by showing up mismatched.

3. Be considerate – Call if you’ll be late. If you don’t show up, don’t expect another chance. You are screwed.

4. Be careful with the compliments -“You look nice,” gives a woman no information. “I love your shoes,” wins extra points.

5. Keep it to yourself – Avoid talking about your ex, her ex, your mother (or how much she reminds you of your mother), how many beers and/or how wasted you got the other day with your buddies, your medications (especially, what are they for), sexual fantasies, or that you enjoy “recreational” drugs.

6. Be yourself – Not really. What I really mean is; be your best. Meaning, keep your mouth shut unless asked otherwise. You will tend to impress her or sell yourself with big stories of money, beer drinking, kicking someone’s butt, or fast car driving stories. In fact, the less you talk about yourself, the better. Remember that she has changed three to four times before leaving her house. Get the hint?

Frat boy – “Which hint? What is he talking about? “ –
Never mind. Just stop reading this article, frat boy. Go back to your TV and beer burping.

7. Stop staring – at her breasts or other women’s breasts. I know it’s difficult but, you could try some exercises for a week before you date her. Download pictures of Pamela Anderson into your computer’s screen saver. Set the Wait minutes feature to one minute and give your date a call to ask about her day. When the screen saver of Pamela and her twin friends show up – Focus damn it, Focus !!!

8. Don’t drink too much – You should always consume a little less alcohol than her. Otherwise reading this article will be a waste of time.

9. Never Beg – never beg for sex after the night is over that is a clear indication that you are really bad in bed.


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