Do Men Forget Important Dates?

I have forgotten some of my friends birthdays and I was wondering if that makes me a bad friend or just a typical guy. So, I headed towards my research lab,, and look for information.

Here is what I learned from this video;

Memory Tip #1


For one year in every important day wear something provocative to give him something to remember besides the date.

– Mmh, me like it.

Memory Tip #2

Men tend to put to much information in there brain. Women have nothing else on their mind.

– Just kidding. Please, next time you see me, take it easy with hitting me with your purses … I’m kidding.

Memory Tip #3

Wifes also forget birthdays. – “I knew it was in J month”. Note: We guys suck it up and admit we forgot, women came up with new months.

Memory Tip #4

Women should keep track on husband’s special dates as a “small concession to make to keep life happy at home”. – Wow, that guy is a big macho. He is also the one suggesting memory tip #1.

Memory Tip #5 : Jelly Beans is always the right answer for when a woman ask me about my birthday.

July Birthdays

Here are July birthdays. Let me know if I got your birthday wrong. Did I forget someone? Let me know.

  • Carmen Nelson 7/14
  • Denisse 7/14
  • Katharina 7/14
  • Roberto 7/25
  • Shariff 7/26

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