i Love YouWe already discuss in our previous post; 7 Ways She Says I Love You. Today, we are going over a few ways He says I love you. Women usually look for the actual phrase and expect their partners will say it; “I love you”. But men are usually not very communicative or expressive when ever it comes to their emotions. Therefore, they find other ways to express love.

  1. “No, you don’t look fat in those jeans”
  2. “I love your short hair cut”
  3. “No it’s perfectly fine that you cut off your long, silky waist length hair”
  4. “I was only noticing how fat she looks in those jeans”
  5. “I lit the match and the toilet seat is down, darling”
  6. “You choose the movie”
  7. “You flip channels for a while”
  8. “I’m here for you; tell me everything you’re feeling”
  9. “Come here. You need a hug.”
  10. “Were there other women there? I only saw you.”
  11. “What are you thinking? a pedicure? sure, I’ll try it.”
  12. “Dancing lessons? sounds like fun”
  13. “You thought I forgot our 3-and-a-half-month anniversary, didn’t you?”
  14. “I’ll hop out and ask this guy for directions.”
  15. “OK ‘ soy milk, eggs, M&M’s, frozen organic edamame, nail polish remover, Clearasil, a box of tampons and Yoga Journal – Did I forget anything? I’m on my way.”

By a Guest Collaborator


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