How Women Avoid You Breaking Up with Them, with This Trick

How Women Avoid You Breaking Up with Them
How Women Avoid You Breaking Up with Them, her trick

This is the first part of a new blog series titled; “What I have Learned From Women“. Here I will explain what I have noticed and observed about female behavior and psychology. Hopefully, I’ll stick long enough to be able to make it interesting for all of you readers of the blog.

LESSON #1 – Avoid Girlfriend Breaking Up with You with This Trick

This is something I have observed every time I had to break up with a woman for whatever reason.

Have you tried to break up with a girlfriend and noticed they always asked you; – so you are giving up on us? –

Notice she is asking in present participle tense. If you forgot what is present participle is, let me refresh your mind.

From using we get;

“A Present Participle is used with the verbTo Be‘ to indicate an action that is incomplete:Eg: I am reading / I was reading

By establishing a questionable action that is incomplete she makes you reconsider your intentions to quit something.

It has been scientifically proven that most people will reconsider giving up something when the word quit is involved. Humans have more difficulty giving up something they have already invested time in, than to face uncertainty.

It is manipulation, don’t get me wrong, but it is sweet female manipulation. So next time you want someone to stick around appeal to the “losing or quitter side of their brain”.

No one wants to be a quitter, especially men.

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