Learn What She Consideres Sexy and Do it with Congruency

1. She “died” that night

The single hottest thing mine has ever said was the other night- we had both had a couple drinks, getting into bed, getting into heavy petting.

He stops and looks at me and just groaned. I said, – What? Did I hurt you? Are you okay? – He kinda looked at me and said, You have the hottest fucking body on the face of the planet and it’s all I can do not to take you right fucking now. -

I died.

2. She does

He’s used these more than once, but oh man;

– You like it when I fuck you from behind? -or

– You like riding that fucking dick? – 

Yes. Yes I do.

3. A sexy growl

Not a something that was exactly said  to me, but a guy I’ve hooked up with a few times once growled in his sleep this extremely hot rumbly sex noise and the next morning he told me he’d had a sex dream about me. I choose to believe that noise and that dream were related …

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