No Low Fat

no low fat

Female intuition … I could write book about it.

The sixth sense we guys haven’t developed because we are so preoccupied thinking about sex we missed the sometimes too obvious signals.

On the other hand, women are never pre-occupied with sex. They know is not really a challenge. Now, the challenge for women is; from who are they gonna get their next mind blowing orgasm followed by tender spooning, soft kisses and caresses. Instead, they usually get a snoring guy after two minutes performance of fireworks sex. Some snap, crackle, pop for him. Some guys might deliver the lite version; snap and pop.

That is one thing women don’t want a lite version of sex. They can handle salads, tofu and organic wheat grass shots and some other “plastic” tasting foods. But in sex, no, they want the whole nine yards (well, in my case a few inches at a time).

It is not just sex that they want, it is a whole buffet starting with sexual appetizers and finishing with sexual desert. The sensual activities are the lite appetizers for the senses; candles, aromatic scents, romantic music, and soft dancing. Then some salad; bathing together in a Jacuzzi with bath oils, salts and bubbles. Then, the main dish. But not before a glass of wine and some more foreplay to, you know, “get things going”.

By the time women are almost done with the main dish they are already impatient for desert; “Yeah, baby give it to me. Give me that banana flambĂ©.

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