no smooching signals

After my Smooch Signals blog post I received an email from a Guest Writer. I thought it will be great to share what she has to say. Read the following article about written by our guest writer Denise. She has a comedic and interesting angle on what’s women’s reaction to his advances and attempts to kiss you.

She begins describing her pop observations from films, movies and TV shows;

“I have been watching the TV technique…not that that’s any reflection of reality. But anyway, most of the time in the movies, the woman puts her lips very close to the man’s lips (after some appropriate pause in the conversation).

He gets the clue (how could he not?) and completes the last inch required for contact. For me, I have never had to be that assertive and if I really like the guy, would probably be too shy to move in before he does. If we are both shy, well, I guess we’ll have to get really drunk first, stumble into each other and bump our lips together by accident before one of us blushes and pulls away. But according to your blog, the guys are never shy and are basically going to give it a try no matter what.

So maybe you should find out what women do to give out the signal that they DON’T want to be kissed?

Here are some obvious clues;

  • She throws up.
  • She leaves the party w/out saying good-bye
  • She talks about having a cold or the flu
  • She hides in the bathroom until you wander away
  • She initiates a short and sweet peck on the cheek and turns her back on you.
  • She doesn’t answer the phone when you call
  • She doesn’t call back
  • She lets you kiss her while firmly keeping you at a distance with her hand on your chest …
  • She starts eating a slice of pizza … or anything
  • She checks her phone for messages
  • She belches like a truck driver
  • She talks about how much you would like her friend Bambi (unless she is into some other arrangements we won’t discuss here)”


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