PMS, Pre-Historic Monster Syndrome, is a once a month emotionally changed situation all men fear. To avoid been emotionally destroyed by your lovely partner follow the following tips. Remember, you can’t and won’t be able to change this by talking to her might as well learn how to prevent, avoid and live with PMS, her PMS.

1. Keep a calendar. A calendar is important to know when is the next cycle of transformation. Recognize the sign. Questions such as;

  • Do you still love me
  • Am I still pretty

2. Soothe the Beast Within. Once the calendar has helped you identify those upcoming emotional days and she has asked you the questions shown in step 1 it is time to soothe the beast. Offer her a Hot Bath, with candles and Tell Her You Love Her and get ready to spend your Friday night watching some chick flick instead of getting wasted with your buddies.



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