Why She Only Knows What She Doesn’t Want

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Why She Only Knows What She Doesn’t Want

Most Women Don’t Know What They Want; They Only Know What They Don’t Want. Let me give you an example; have you ever gone to a shopping center with a woman?

Notice the way they go about buying things. They try every-freaking-thing on.

– “oh, a free Cinnabon sample? I’m on a diet but I’ll try it” –

Have you gone to a shopping center with a man? Probably not. Why? Because men try to avoid going to a shopping center. The best invention known to all men is internet shopping. Thank you Geek God!

The Biology behind This Phenomenon

Men have been hunters for thousands of years. Back then, men will look a prey and hunt it down. They had to stare at potential dinner preys. Be quite and focus for hours. In the modern day this has translated into the dating dance of the male hunter and the female prey. A man sees something he likes, he goes and gets it or at least try. Continue reading

No Low Fat

no low fat

Female intuition … I could write book about it.

The sixth sense we guys haven’t developed because we are so preoccupied thinking about sex we missed the sometimes too obvious signals.

On the other hand, women are never pre-occupied with sex. They know is not really a challenge. Now, the challenge for women is; from who are they gonna get their next mind blowing orgasm followed by tender spooning, soft kisses and caresses. Instead, they usually get a snoring guy after two minutes performance of fireworks sex. Some snap, crackle, pop for him. Some guys might deliver the lite version; snap and pop. Continue reading