The Lourdes Water Keychain V1

The Lourdes Water Keychain V1

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​More health and well-being

​More love and connection

Lourdes Water contains the healing and supportive healing energy of Our Lady which can help you or a loved one heal any aspect of your life.

Water from the Lourdes Grotto has created some incredible miracles in the last 150 years.

In 2008, Sister Bernadette Moriau got up and walked after a lifetime of being wheelchair-bound with ‘incurable’ back problems.

In 1987, Jean-Pierre Bely got up and walked after being paralyzed with multiple sclerosis for 30 years.

In 2011, Serge Francois regained the use of his paralyzed leg after bathing in the spring water in Lourdes.

All of these miracles had ONE thing in common.‍They all involved the divine intervention of Lourdes Water.

YOU can take this beautiful aluminum key chain anywhere with you.‍The healing energy of its holy essence will always be by your side.

Keep it by your bed for healing and protection while you sleep

​Keep it in your house to bless it with the healing energy of Our Lady

Keep it in your car to always be protected and safe while you travel

Claim your beautiful Lourdes Key Chain Today!

Bless your mind and body…Bless your pets…Bless your friends…Bless your loved ones.You can see miracles in all areas of your life.And best of all, it’s…

5 million believers from all over the world travel to Lourdes each season.However, many others are unable to travel.That’s why we make it available to you and your family, anywhere in the world.

There is no greater gift than divine healing and support for anyone in life.This miraculous key chain shows you really care and are thinking about that someone special.They will appreciate the thought and the power of this water to create real protection and healing in their lives.And you can rest assured…

The holy water inside this aluminum keychain comes straight from the Grotto at Lourdes.It is certified as 100% genuine.The vial on the key chain opens up too…so if you use the water to bless a person, place or pet…you can replace it with holy water.

Bless The SickLourdes water is believed to contain healing properties, making it perfect for blessing the sick (and their living space) at home or in hospital. If you are unwell, run it on a place that is injured or sick.

​​Bless Yourself‍Why should we only bless ourselves on Sundays? You can never have too much grace or blessings in your life.

​​Bless Your FamilyUse the Lourdes water to pray and make the sign of the cross. Keep this by your bedside and use it before going to sleep.

​​Bless Your Home‍Sprinkle holy water in your home for spiritual protection.

​​Bless Your Car‍The car is likely the most unsafe place where we spend a lot of time. Never underestimate the power of holy water in keeping us safe from harm’s way

Bless Your Garden‍During the Middle Ages, it was common for people to sprinkle holy water in their vegetable garden because they believed God’s grace would look after the family’s sustenance.

Bless Your Pets‍Because these beloved members of our family deserve the same blessings as we do.

Just as Lourdes Water is free at the spring in Lourdes, it is free coming from us. There is no charge.…just the donation to cover the shipping cost.

“This charm makes me feel so blessed. I’m experiencing my relationship with God growing day by day because I’m carrying it with me on my keys so that I have it close to me wherever I go. I think everyone should have one!”- Brenda S.

“This key chain was a gift to myself as I felt I needed something to hold onto, to increase my connection with the Lord. I purchased a similar key chain awhile back and ended up finding out that the water was not authentic, so the fact that this comes with the certificate made me feel confident in purchasing. I liked mine so much that I ended up buying one for my good friend as well!”- Angelique R.

“I love this key chain because when I take it with me, I feel God’s love and protection. I’ve always wanted to make the journey to Lourdes, but could never afford it. This key chain made having the holy water and the ability to carry God’s healing with me possible.” Theresa M.

There are only 100 of these special aluminum key chains left.They are going out of stock FAST.You need to act right now to secure yours.…And start to see those miracles of healing and protection flowing into your life.

Yes it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to confirm that the water is from the Miraculous Spring at Lourdes, France.

It is full with water. The vial can hold roughly 2 teaspons of water

We don’t recommend drinking it because the water is in its pure form and exactly as it was obtained from Lourdes. No preservatives or fragrances have been added.

Holy water from your church is probably not from the Miraculous spring at Lourdes, France.

Yes, you can refill the vial as many times as you like. It has a convenient screw top so using the holy water and refilling the vial is easy.

We ship to most countries worldwide.

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