4 Tips for clueless men with girlfriends for Valentine’s Day

Most men have a hard time picking up a gift for the dreaded Valentine’s day. Women like to be surprised in Valentine’s day. Last Valentine’s day I invited my significant other to go out for dinner at a Latin restaurant and then go dancing for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, I had to stay late at work and didn’t have time to shave.

Despite looking sexy rough (at least that what I thought) she complained about of not bringing chocolates and roses.

– “Where is your tie? You didn’t shaved. Where are the chocolates? –

For a moment, I felt my efforts to spend a special night with her were not appreciated.

We men, have a hard time trying to figure women out. We don’t read minds and it seems the expectations for this day are really high.

What to give her on Valentine’s day?

No, that set of cooking pots will not do.

It’s often recommended that guys should not ask their significant other what she wants for Valentine’s Day because it will ruin the suspense. Women love anticipation, it gets them excited. For men struggling how to decode her mixed signals we provide with the following tips.

No Money Down

An immaterial gesture or expression could be a thoughtful one.

  • Bring her breakfast in bed or prepare a light but elegant dinner.
  • Offer a massage but not the type of massage you are thinking; a real massage. Buy a book if necessary, candles and massage oil.
  • Some websites might recommend a hand-made love coupon … forget it. Love coupon screams last minute
  • Don’t send emails or ecards. Put the extra effort and write something by hand, a hand written letter. For inspiration think about of things she pays special attention about her looks, interests and personality. Remember the reasons why you are attracted to her and write it down. Stay witty and romantic, not vulgar.

Simple but Meaningful

If your lady is simple, she will appreciate any small and simple gift.

  • Glass of wine in romantic set with live bossanova or jazz music
  • A simple rose or an orchid
  • A framed picture of each other

Valentine’s Day Fever

Most women adore Valentine’s Day and are very enthusiastic about all the romance that it brings. These women enjoy;

  • Flowers and chocolate
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Tickets to a cruiseGifts delivered to her work
  • Expensive or very romantic dinner
  • Dinner at the beach
  • Gift certificate to a spa

Sexy Valentine’s

If she has some hinted a more intimated escapade then you are in for a great night. For her, a night of romance and Valentines Day is just another excuse for intimacy. Seduction, seduction, seduction. If your wife or girlfriend is excited about been intimated on Valentine’s begin working on her mind five days before. Send her messages or leave her notes hinting what might happen that night. Don’t be explicit, be subtle.

Wives and girlfriends who see this day as a night of seduction and passion will want to explore their desires and will enjoy gifts that will fire up their passions.

  • Lingerie, chocolate covered strawberries
  • Bed of rose petals
  • Bubble bath and oiled massage
  • Candlelit dinner with wine at home
  • Kama sutra related gift
  • Naughty toys
  • Resort getaway

Instead of asking her what to get her for February 14, look for clues and consider her over all personality … and don’t forget to shave.

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