Vixen: Poison for Your Relationship

Vixen: Poison for Your Relationship is a comic that evolved out of conversation at “Girls’ Night” at the Southern Sun in Boulder.

My friend Karen* had an ex in town with whom she was trying to make a decision about moving forward. He was from out of town and she was considering moving to be closer to him. He flew out for the weekend and on Saturday night they partied a little too hard. The next day he was violently ill. He retched for three hours non-stop until Karen eventually had to take him to the emergency room. Karen had to run an borrow a car as they had left hers downtown the night before, too drunk to drive home. In some ways this left her in a position of power as he was debilitated and she was taking care of him.

It was from this place that the idea of Vixen: Poison for Your Relationship evolved. In the end of Karen’s story, the ex told her it would be too much pressure on him if she were to move closer, so the idea of “Vixen” became even more delicious.

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