Why Women Lie

Why women lie

“Men lie the most, women tell the biggest lies” – Chris Rock

She Aikido Lies to you


Once, I dated a woman who said she doesn’t like people lying to her because she doesn’t lie. Instead of lying she will avoid answering the question or ask me back what do I think. She will also say; “I don’t want to talk about” and dismiss me.


Cute!! I always wondered if she thought I was that stupid so I lied my pants on fire about a bunch of bull shit. Well, can you blame me?


She is horny but won’t admit it


Society puts a lot of pressure on women. How they are suppose to behave, what they are suppose to do, and even what they are suppose to feel. Will a woman stand up and say; “I’m horny and just want you to take me to the back of a high school and do the dirty, dirty”? Probably, not.


It is only after they have reached their thirties that they realize they don’t have to lie about been superficial about their need for a very good hanky panky or a whats-that-a-hurricane type of sex.


She doesn’t trust you


Most women will say that this is actually the main reason for why they lie because … let’s admit it, it is our fault no matter how you as a guy want to see it.


She may have information she considers sensitive and isn’t sure whether to tell you about it. If you don’t know each other well yet, this could be a legitimate lie to protect others’ interests. As such, it should be seen as a relatively loyal gesture toward those she’s protecting. However, if you’re well into your relationship and she’s still hiding all sorts of information from you, she might have major trust issues.


She’s manipulative


Sometimes a liar justifies herself by saying that she only embellished the truth. Some people can win arguments and influence people just by emphasizing the right points — without really lying. On the other hand, she may lie outright in order to control the way you think or feel (typical woman’s behavior). If she tells white lies to win arguments or to twist you around her finger, you should watch out, because manipulation is a powerful tool.


Wait until she starts controlling sex. Manipulation is a bitch!!


She doesn’t want you to worry

If you’re concerned about that male coworker she’s been spending so much time with, she might lie about the time they spend together. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything going on (cough, cough !); she’s just doing what she wants without having you fret about it. How considered …


Him – “Honey what are you doing having sex with him?” –

Her – “It is nothing. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you but what is important is where my heart is and my heart is with you”. –


She’s testing you


My favorite. If she’s unsure of your temperament or intentions, she might try to test the waters. She could tell you a false story about a past relationship to see how you react. She might tell you her best friend thinks you’re cute to see if your eye wanders. This type of testing is meant to catch the bad guys before they get too close.

Remember; women give you drama to see if you can handle it. It is a unconscious mental challenge for them. Never loose or change who you are just to please someone. Make a real attempt to find your inner self and then change. Consider others’ opinions and read from the experts.
Women will love you if change for them and then they want more.

She wants to keep the upper hand

She might withhold information to maintain a sense power over you. For instance, if a mutual friend tells her something important, she may keep it from you so that she has the inside scoop. Or she might just keep things from you to keep you at a disadvantage; that way, she can pick and choose what to tell you and when.

Final Thought

In summary, men are bad liers because women are so freaking good at it.
Reference: http://www.askmen.com/dating/heidi_150/167_dating_girl.html


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    YY says:

    Does your article on why men lie go over the same points? Seems like they apply to both sexes not just women…

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    admin says:


    Thank you for your comment.

    All humans have the same reasons for lying the difference is that women are planners and men are more into short term accomplishments. Women will plan lies for weeks and men will try to lie about what they remember from the last three days. At the end, they are all the same points and reasons.


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