Women May Have Better Orgasms With Funny (Or Rich) Partners

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Why are some orgasms better than others, even when there’s no obvious reason for a difference in quality? A new study has proposed an explanation: A woman’s orgasm helps her determine how good a partner the other person will be.

In other words, the stronger the orgasm, the more eligible the bachelor. Continue reading

10 Relationship Truths Every Woman Needs To Know

Society and our specific environments set us up to believe particular stereotypes and assumptions that make being ourselves, and living our lives moment to moment, quite hard.

This can be especially true when it comes to relationships: all of us were brought up with a strong attachment to the idea of “romance” and/or “falling in love.” This is perhaps especially true for women, who bear the burden of many, many stereotypes and expectations, especially when it comes to heterosexual relationships.

But every person has their own truth, their own desires, needs and thoughts — and can nurture those things in their relationships. To do so, we need to all do some work. Here are 10 truths about relationships all women should know:

1. Nobody is going to “save” you.

Despite the message in Disney movies or our favorite romantic comedies, there is no guy out there that is going to save us. Others can help us and support us in our journey, but it is not their responsibility to “save” us from our problems nor is it anyone else’s responsibility to make us happy. We ourselves are the only ones responsible for our own well-being and happiness. Continue reading

What I’ve Learned About Love From A Decade Of Being A Couples Therapist

When I first started working with couples, I really had no idea what I was doing or how to help couples that were coming to see me. It was truly a baptism by fire because I had to come up with something to help each couple move out of pain and start to make positive changes in their relationship.

One thing I can say for sure is that since then, I’ve learned a lot about relationships from working with hundreds of couples. Here are 10 things I’ve learned about couples from 10 years of being a couples therapist:

1. No two couples are the same.

One of the wonderful things about my job is I have met so many different couples from all walks of life and I have come to the conclusion no two couples are the same. Every couple has a different story and it’s fascinating to hear what attracts people together. If you’re in a relationship, don’t ever forget your own story as it’s unique and can never be replicated. Continue reading

How To Truly Love Someone

All human beings share the same deepest longings: to know and be known, to hold and be held, to love and be loved, to experience connection without walls and expression without censors.

And yet, when real love is staring you in the eyes, when a loving partner stands before you, you may notice a disconcerting urge to withdraw, to put up walls, or even to run. Continue reading

7 Deadly “Texting” Mistakes (and how to avoid them) Part 1

Common Texting Mistakes (includes video below)

One of the most frustrating things is when you get a woman’s number (and she seems to be totally into you). But then after a few texts she seems to list interest, fizzle out, or go cold.

The natural reaction is to blame the woman; – “She’s a flake”

But if you do that, you could be missing a giant crink in YOUR GAME that is easier to fix than you think.

In fact, if you’re like most guys then you’re probably just making one (or a few) of these common “texting” mistakes that will kill your chances with a girl.

The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes

Mistake #1: Confusing Responses for Attraction

Before you’ve had your first date with a girl, she won’t feel much of a connection to you. As unfortunate as it may be, you’re probably not the only guy texting her.

See, a common mistake most guys make when they’re texting a girl is that;

  • they mistake responses for attraction. Often when a guy is getting a response from a girl, he believes that he’s getting closer to getting her on a date or to seducing her.

The exact opposite is true!

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4 Easy Steps To Kiss Her … The Kiss Technique

You’re about to learn, hands down, the best way to successfully get a girl to kiss you without fear of rejection. In the advanced version of this technique, you can even get the girl you’re talking to to lean in to kiss you!

So if you’ve ever been afraid of getting rejected going for a kiss OR you’ve gotten “the cheek” you know why having a rock-solid technique to moving in for the kiss is 100% crucial.

The Worst Place to Face Rejection

Going in for the kiss is probably the worst place to face rejection in an interaction with a girl because:

  1. You’ve invested a lot of TIME by this point in the interaction, and there simply isn’t enough time in your night to get this far and then hit a brick wall and have to move on. Continue reading

3 Steps to Make an Average Looking Guy Instantly Become “Hot”

Hello Seduction Hackers,

My friend Joshua P. has discovered a weird trick to Help You Get Girls Without Trying. This is a skinny guy who used to have a debilitating fear to talk to women. He Discovered secret seduction techniques used by sneaky, manipulative men
to effortlessly attract women. 

He wrote this post about how to become more attractive to women without having to spend months in the gym or tons of money buying her presents and dinners.Learn how to become a “hot” guy.

Introducing Joshua P. Continue reading

How to Make out with a Girl in 40 Seconds or Less – For Real

how to make out quickly

If you’ve ever seen a guy in a bar walk up to a girl he didn’t know and make out with her almost immediately, it can be a completely mind-blowing experience. It may seem like it’s magical or out of reach – a special ability or super-power that someone is born with.

But it’s not …

And it can be broken down into a few simple steps you can follow in order to make the same thing happen for you. In this article, I’m going to break down those steps.

1. Get Into the Mindset – Why Is She Ready to Make Out

The first step is to realize that about 90% of the difference between someone who’s really Continue reading